Openings & Closings: Krispy Kreme, Felice, Friedman’s, New Deli

Krispy Kreme is opening at 2563 Broadway, between 96th and 97th streets, on Tuesday. It looked like there were already doughnuts in the cases as of this weekend. The doughnut-emporium has been opening new spots throughout the city. Thanks to David Brotsky for the tip.

Felice, an Italian restaurant chain with wine bars and pasta spots throughout the city, is opening in he former home of Oxbow Tavern at 240 Columbus Avenue, according to a liquor license application filed with Community Board 7. Felice has six locations. “The owner of Felice, SA Hospitality Group, is also behind NYC favorites Sant Ambreous and Casa Lever,” tipster Upper West Sider wrote.

Friedman’s has opened its newest location at 35 West End Avenue off of 61st Street. The gluten-free restaurant has salads, sandwiches and more. Check out the all-day and brunch menus.

A deli is opening in the former home of Cafe 86, according to plans filed with the Department of Buildings. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. Stale says:

      Krispy Kreme! 🍩
      4 day-old donuts on the shelves already… and here I’m thinking they make them same day…

      NO THANKS.

      • Pete94th St says:

        They were open this weekend for “friends and family” to train their staff. Doughnuts were flying off the shelves and were delicious. So I don’t think Stale has to worry about freshness. We all need to worry about how many…

      • Alec says:

        Krispy Kreme had their soft opening on Saturday giving out dozens of donuts to friends & family. From what I saw with the line out the door their donuts were a hit, but their kindness & hospitality was what stood out to me the most as I walked by each time.

      • Not Stale says:

        The donuts were for training and quality check purposes. New donuts are delivered fresh each morning.

      • Daryl says:

        they were having a friends and family soft opening day … go get a donut and stop being so negative

      • Buddy Revell says:

        Maybe they are for display purposes? I swear people will complain about anything here. Why don’t you give them a chance before you go off on them?

      • Jake says:

        You’re wrong, Krispy Kreme is the best!!!

    2. A says:

      Unrelated, the helicopters from New Jersey circling above the UWS must stop!

      • Kim says:

        I heard that to avoid the strict rules in NYC for helicopters many of them are taking off in New Jersey. They then claim they don’t need to follow the rules about where they can fly and how high they have to be. There has been a noticeable increase in helicopter noise lately on the UWS.

      • NO THANK YOU says:

        I agree the helicopters and Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
        There’s too much sugar in these donuts. I prefer the fresh ORWASHERS BAKERY’S on West 81 Street and Amsterdam Avenue. We love there fresh old fashion/cider/jelly donuts and crumb buns!
        So yummy.

      • nemo paradise says:

        Why do you think these things are unrelated? They are both poisonous to the well-being of UWSers, putting profit before community quality of life. And while we’re on the topic, why isn’t composting compulsory?

    3. DT says:

      Also unrelated, the hot sports cars with the raggedy mufflers cruising all along the upper westside also must stop. We get them down as far as 45th Street! All night Saturday night.

      • Cue Pons says:

        Re-fund the police?

        • Bob says:

          And then off-duty cops will stop driving muscle cars through other people’s neighborhoods? I mean, I guess that might work…

      • Ex-UWSer says:

        Vehicle noise limits should be set by vehicle weight and strictly enforced. There is no imaginable excuse for one motorcycle carrying one (admittedly usually overweight) man to make more noise than a truck carrying food for 10,000 people.

    4. Ll says:

      Tessa. All good news!I LOVED the Krispy Kreme on 72nd. So happy it is back

      Thrilled about the deli

    5. Adam says:


    6. EricUWSNYC says:

      Negative. Negative. Negative. How about applauding the fact that new businesses are opening at a time when many others are shuttering? Do you have space in your brain to entertain positive thoughts?

    7. Deri Reed says:

      Joe’s Steamed Rice Rolls, Amsterdam and ~80th, soft-opened Sunday. Damn good! Best of luck to them.

    8. Marci says:

      DT, agree! It goes on all night almost every night. And if we all know about it, why don’t the cops? They do it because they can, and do, get away with it.

    9. Marizee says:

      Just a suggestion that when you refer to the name of the place it’s helpful to have the address there as well. Cafe 86 doesn’t tell anyone who doesn’t know that store where it is. Especially if it’s a closed establishment it’s hard to find their prior address. Just a thought

    10. ZoomZ says:

      All you unrelated serial complainers:
      GET A LIFE!

    11. Barbara says:

      So thrilled to hear Felice will be coming West. Their UES location is one of my favorite restaurants and best place to host a small cocktail gathering.

    12. JaRon says:

      I have been eating Krispy Kreme for 60 years. It’s the only doughnut I’ll eat.
      Simply the best.
      JaRon NYC.
      This is a treat (comfort treat)not a health food.

    13. Danielle Remp says:

      I wish Felice well but, once reaching its doors at the corner of 71st & Columbus, you inevitably notice, to the east, three other Italian restaurants — Polpette 71 on the other side of Columbus, and at the corner of your right eye, Parm plus Pomodoro beside each other.

      I wish all four well, sincerely hoping that such a concentration of red sauce doesn’t equal red ink.

    14. a stoler says:

      back from the long sio\nce gone welcomew krispy kreme …what’s hot NOW?

    15. Robert Field says:

      I am concerned that in an attempt to build comfortable curb side restaurant annexes, some designs defeat the purpose of outside air circulation, enclosing all but one side and designing the shelter in a manner that traps stagnate air on the opposite side. To safeguard customers, some degree of cross ventilation is essential.