Monday Bulletin: Flying Truck, Sick Swan’s Journey, Black Dentist’s Claim, Hot New Bird, Bike Lane Blues

A ‘flying truck’ attached to a crane on 72nd and West End. Photo by S.

November 16, 2020 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 55 degrees.

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A dedicated animal-rescuer saved a sick swan from Queens by taking it to the Wild Bird Fund on the UWS…by subway, and then automobile! “Two car rides later, the swan and Ms. Cordova-Rojas reached the Wild Bird Fund. Staff members there determined that it was a bit underweight; tests also found signs of lead poisoning, which can happen when swans ingest weights used on fishing lines, among other things,” the Times reported.

Forget the Mandarin Duck, the hot new Central Park bird is the Barred Owl, Forbes reports. “The Barred Owl, or, more informally, hoot owl, was spotted holding court in the Loch, an area of mid-park near 103rd Street. The Barred Owl is known for its characteristically fluffy, beautiful face, and the ringed patterns around its sunken eyes — an aesthetic feature that elicits a permanent look of, ‘I-just-heard-some-shocking-news’.”

A Black dentist on the UWS claims the NYPD accused him of breaking into his own office. “Dr. Benjamin Shirley, 41, briefly left and came back into his Upper West Side office building after throwing out the trash around midnight on March 9, when the cops allegedly approached the door shining lights inside and demanding that he identify himself, according to a $5 million notice of claim against the city and surveillance video of the incident…The cops spoke to Shirley through the intercom threatening to break into the office despite the fact he told them he was the owner, his lawyer told The Post.”

Columbia’s decision to not house most students on campus could impact the local housing market, the Columbia Spectator reports. “Landlords are excited to see Columbia students come in,” said Karen Chapple, CC ’89 and professor of city and regional planning at the University of California, Berkeley. “That helps them realize that there is a replacement market there. So, a lot of them may take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to prematurely evict people and get ready for the next uptick.”

The NYPD removed barricades blocking a section of the CPW bike lane after Streetsblog asked about it. “The NYPD didn’t completely clear the area, leaving a double-row of barricades blocking part of the bike lane, but cyclists saw it as a victory.”

A protester in a Black Lives Matter protest has been charged with assaulting and robbing a dog walker who was counter-protesting during a march in October on Central Park West, the Daily News reported. “Desmond Marrero, 25, surrendered to police Thursday with his lawyer. Cops were still looking for at least two other suspects in the Oct. 24 clash on Central Park West and W. 67th St.”

Upper West Siders gave heavily to Democratic candidates in unsuccessful Senate races, the Times reported. “As it happened, three ZIP codes on the Upper West Side sent more than $1.5 million in single, itemized donations to the doomed Democratic Senate campaigns of Amy McGrath in Kentucky, who was a long shot to defeat Mitch McConnell, and Jaime Harrison, who was unlikely to overtake Lindsey Graham in South Carolina.”

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    1. Victor says:

      Don’t feel too bad for the dog walker.

      “As they chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” the victim — who is white — picked up a traffic cone and screamed “No Afro supremacy!” into it like a megaphone, sources with knowledge of the case said.”

      • Dave says:

        Explain to me how that how that justifies the assailant-who is black- attacking.him…

      • Sheesh says:

        While a terrible statement to make, you think that deserved THIS???

        “One Black protester punched the victim in the face while a second white protester slammed him to the ground and stomped on the victim, sources said.

        The victim tried to fend his attackers with his wooden cane while recording the incident on his phone. A third protester tried to take the man’s phone but he wouldn’t let it go.”

      • EdNY says:

        Not that I agree with his sentiments, but a white individual picking up a traffic cone* and screaming “No Afro supremacy” is within his rights. Assaulting and robbing him is a crime.
        *Of course, he could have been cited for appropriating city property and given a desk ticket.

    2. Josh P. says:

      The NYPD treats the area around Central Park West and their personal Central Parking Lot. They’ve taken over a whole blocks to park their personal vehicles. They park in the middle of crosswalks! It’s out of control.

      • Notta Cop says:

        Re: “They’ve taken over a whole blocks to park their personal vehicles.”
        And exactly HOW are these officers supposed to get to their job:
        1. the majority live elsewhere, many outside the Five Boroughs;
        2. hence they MUST drive to work and need somewhere to park;
        3. local garages are (a) too-expensive for a daily 8-hour shift and (b) probably filled by local residents’ cars.

    3. blacklikeu says:

      If the black dentist was white, and the police did the exact same thing, I doubt he’d sue the city for $5 million.
      Nice going Dr.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        does “BlackLikeU” claim to be an African-American? i find it unlikely, as he/she frequently posts race-based criticisms of Blacks.

        Has the WSR asked for this information? if the person is not an African-American, why does WSR let them use this handle? In that case it clearly is race-baiting and should be out of bounds.

        • blacklikeu says:

          Bruce old chap,
          Do you suggest that the WSR ask people for their race before they post?
          Sounds like a racist thing to do.
          I’m surprised you’d bring up such an issue. Really!
          And to answer your question:
          Not all black people are official servants of the left.
          Some actually think for themselves.
          Regarding if I am black (enough for you) or not, I don’t think I should tell you, as well as I should not know how white or Jewish you are.
          And – how can you say I should not use my handle, in case I am not black? You seem to be losing your edge Bruce.

        • independant says:

          You think the UWS should inquire comment writers as to their race?

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          of course WSR should not be inquiring on race for ALL comments, or for the vast majority. But this commenter is different, don’t you think? He/she is using a handle that appears, if they are not Black, to be a way of mocking and belittling Black people, and then their comments frequently mock/belittle various Black people.

          Isn’t there way too much subtle racism on this blog? And, is this even very subtle? I don’t think so.

          If someone anonymously used a handle “JewAgainstJews”, would that be ok? BetterJewThanYOu? WhiteRaceProud?

          btw, this also is a problem with commenter anonymity. Bob Lamm has written about this insightfully on the blog.

          • blacklikeu says:

            It’s acceptable that comic Jews make fun of their own, for generations already.
            It’s funny, it’s light and it’s not racist, as it’s a Jew pointing out funny traits about other Jews.
            Same with black folks using the N word. They can do it because they’re black.
            I am not mocking or belittling black people,
            as you state that I do.
            Seems like you’re so woke (even using a capital B for black), that your antennas & senses are wide awake to anything and any word that seems racist to you.
            Time to take a deep breath and relax a bit.
            Life is still worth while.

      • Charly says:

        And, I’m assuming you think that’s likely to happen to a white dentist? Think again.

      • Paul says:

        You seem to miss the obvious point:
        If the dentist were white the police wouldn’t have done it.

        I wonder what blinds you to the obvious.

        • zarnoogy says:

          So you claim the NYc’s police department is racist?
          Remember the professor that got arrested and Obama came to his “rescue”, only to find out the police department acted as it should have and Obama jumped the gun? Way back in 2009. Remember?
          Maybe this case is similar?

          • UWS Native says:

            Are you really asking if the NYPD is racist? Have you read the news lately?! Don’t just pull out your one convenient example and expect that to be a sufficient counter-argument. And maybe turn off Fox “News” for once.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            actually, Obama was right in his comments on the Skip Gates case. Professor Gates was arrested in his own home/ o n his own front porch. How many white Harvard professors are arrested on their front porch, in such a hostile manner?

            it’s interesting how it’s remembered by some as valid police work.

      • Josh says:

        No, I don’t think a white dentist would sue for 5 million. But that’s because it wouldnt have happened to a white dentist. Hence, he is suing.

    4. ZoomZ says:

      Maybe the UWS donors should have put their hard earned $$$ to defeat Nadler, who’s long overdue to be retired.

    5. LK says:

      “Upper West Siders gave heavily to Democratic candidates in unsuccessful Senate races” Man, maybe someone from Kentucky now will support some sane candidates for city council and mayor. Of course, above-mentioned UWS donors will scream bloody murder. How dare they give money to someone in NYC races…

    6. RL says:

      too long enough to get that bike lane (and at times the whole road) dockage fixed around Trump hotel – can we stop spending money “protecting” any building this man was associated with now?

    7. EdNY says:

      I feel bad for the dog walker only because he had every right to scream “No Afro supremacy” without being physically assaulted and robbed, assuming that’s all he did. (Using a traffic cone as a megaphone might be some sort of civil violation, of course, enforceable along with things like jaywalking.)