Trees and Scaffolding Fall in Storm

The nasty storm on Sunday night did damage to trees in the parks and tore some scaffolding in the neighborhood.

More than a dozen trees fell in Riverside and Fort Washington parks, and at least four fell in Central Park, according to the Parks Department. Among the trees that fell in Riverside were three willows around 63rd Street, shown in these photos by Linda Vogel Kaplan.

Scaffolding came down at West Park Presbyterian Church at 86th and Amsterdam during the night, said Rev. Robert Brashear, pastor emeritus.

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    1. BillyNYC says:

      That’s a shame and sad at Riverside Park the Weeping Willow’s gives such beauty to the area. The NYC Parks department has put in a lot of effort into that park.
      And walking my dog yesterday in Central Park just west of the Great Lawn a beautiful oak over 250 years old (I was told by the tree company) cam down.

    2. UUWWSS says:

      Every big storm a few of these willow trees are lost. Soon there won’t be any left which would suggest they were poorly planned.

    3. Phil Ossipher says:

      Re: “More than a dozen trees fell in Riverside and Fort Washington parks,….”
      BUT…if there were no one there to hear them fall….?DNUOS A EKAM YEHT DID
      (hint: use a mirror !)