Saturday: Join the Riverside Park ‘Leaf Lift’

Riverside Park at 99th Street. Photo by Jordan Cooper.

Do you envy those suburban people with their big piles of leaves in the yard? This weekend, you can emulate them, raking the leaves in Riverside Park as they get ready to be turned into compost. It might be the last great weekend of fall!

To figure out where to show up, email the address below sent out by the Riverside Park Conservancy. The event lasts from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“We’ll be tidying up high-traffic areas – then the leaves will be composted & used as nourishing mulch throughout the park. Reach out to to sign up & for details.”

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    1. Sid says:

      I live on the UWS! I hardly envy suburbanites

      • Doug Corrigan says:

        I love the suburban shaming while the quality of life in the city is circling the drain.

        • LarryK says:

          I must say that living in UWS hasn’t been so bad. Most people wear masks and try to social distance on the sidewalks and in stores. Except for theaters, museums are partially opened, al fresco dining has been terrific, the city has allowed outdoor tables and heaters, and has closed West End Ave to cars for many blocks. It feels more like some European cities with their outdoor cafes. I do feel sorry, though, for the restaurants and stores that are suffering, along with their employees.

      • V.N. says:

        The raking was driving me crazy and it’s one reason I moved to the city from the leafy suburbs. For full disclosure, I do rake leaves in Central Park as a volunteer.

    2. nemo paradise says:

      And when you’re finished with those leaves, Huck, we have a fence that needs painting.

    3. Lisa says:

      Key word here is “rake”. I hear leafblowers every morning at 8 am now and it’s making me crazy. How can we get these banned ?! Brooms work just fine on pavement.

    4. Suzie E says:

      The first two comments are pretty cynical, but I’d LOVE to come! Unfortunately, my health does not allow it, but I envy the people who can go — the lovely smell of autumn, and helping out the parks department? What could be nicer? Have a great time, those who can go!

    5. Mark says:

      Wait! Are suburban people being turned into compost?!?!?

      • Burt L Kozloff says:

        Only if they rake leaves in our park. (And it serves them right; those leaves belong to the people of New York City!)