Cuomo Orders Restaurants, Bars and Gyms to Close at 10 p.m. as Covid Cases Rise

Photo by Jill.

Governor Cuomo instituted new rules on Wednesday as Covid cases have climbed in the city, making restaurants and bars that have state liquor licenses close at 10 p.m. each night. Gyms also have to close at 10 and the state is limiting private gatherings to 10 people.

The Covid positivity rate in New York City hit 4.47% on Tuesday and has risen to 2.52% over a seven-day period.

Cuomo acknowledged the economic hardship this will bring, but said it must be weighed against the potential loss of life, according to the Daily News.

“It’s tough on bars and restaurants. It’s tough in gyms. It’s tough on everyone. It’s tough on everyone,” Cuomo said. “I would say we are within sight of the finish line. The vaccine has been discovered. It has to be perfected, it had to be operationalized, but we see the finish line.”

“Losing money hurts,” he added, “but money can be replaced. Losing a loved one hurts forever.”

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    1. Joan Schickler says:

      Thank you Gov Cuomo for caring and doing your job

      • ZoomZ says:

        Guess he was just doing his job when he ordered nursing homes to take in Covid-19 infected people, causing the death of
        11,000 seniors.
        Sorry mam, just doing my job.
        Thanks gov. For nothing.

        • Christina says:

          The amount was about 6,000 NOT 11,000! It goes without saying that even 1 is 1 too many but get your figures straight! Besides, this country has killed off millions of elderly over the decades, we don’t take care of our elderly and the state of nursing homes in this country is an abomination. Why is it whenever Cuomo is praised for even the slightest thing someone like you brings that up. What he did was definitely wrong but if it weren’t for his vigilance were wouldn’t have had one of the lowest infections after having the highest. We are ALL flawed and make mistakes!

        • James Brummel says:

          those were the federal guidelines at the time.
          Discuss with federal govt

        • David S says:

          “Guess he was just doing his job when he ordered nursing homes to take in Covid-19 infected people, causing the death of
          11,000 seniors.”

          In New York State, nursing home related deaths amount to 20% of all COVID deaths. Nationwide, that figure is nearly 40%. Cuomo actually did a pretty good job of mitigating such deaths compared to the rest of the country.

      • Big Fan says:

        DEFINITELY !!
        “The Gov” in his “just a tough guy from Queens” personna, with that wonderful “Hey, you gotta problem wit dat?” Noo-Yawk speech pattern, is the kind of leader NYC’ers understand and respect!
        It’s wonderful to note that almost everybody we pass on the street is, like ourselves, wearing a mask!

      • Hello says:

        Sure, and thanks for killing 11,000 in nursing homes.

        • UWSdr says:

          So every single nursing home death is directly Cuomo’s fault? No other nursing home residents have died in any other state? Criticize his mistakes, but hyperbole undermines your argument.

        • Dee Bader says:

          Please see the comment by “Christina” above. The number was 6,000…yes too many, but the first rule in any debate is:
          “Get Your Facts/Statistics Correct So As To NOT Give Your Opponent an Opening To Discredit You”

        • Christina says:

          Again, it wasn’t 11,000! Where the hell do you get that figure??!!!

        • Christina says:

          It’s NOT 11,000 people! Where do you get your nonsense figure from!!!!?????? It’s a little over 6,400 people!!!! Although one is one too many, Get Your FACTS right!!!

    2. tag gross says:

      How does closing a gym at 10PM do anything? It’s open all day and most gyms are empty at 10 at night anyway. None of this makes sense

      • Christina says:

        Well, if gyms are empty at 10pm, why not close them at that time?! Better then, than 7 or 8 pm when most people do go to gyms after work.

      • MQue says:

        Covid is nocturnal. It only comes out after 10pm didn’t you hear….LOL

    3. joseph hanania says:

      Keeping NYC safe(r) from Covid is, of course, the priority. But Ugh! I was just starting to get my body and weight back to normal. Hope the gym shut down remains at 10 pm and does not go earlier.

    4. Dr. Zachary Smith says:

      It’s not really “here we go again” it’s like trying to get a handle on this…”The here we go” might be in January for New Yorkers….And hopefully we all understand it by then. I don’t think it’s going to be a heavy strain like the first wave. I truly believe that we have built up a tolerance for this virus.

      • JL says:

        Please explain positivity rates here and elsewhere in the US. 2.5% average for last 7 days, up to 4% last 2 days.

        Who is being tested on an average day?
        Are they symptomatic?
        The other 95% who tested negative, why were they tested?
        Do we have ANY effective contact tracing currently? Do we know where (events) the hot spots occurred in SI?

        My understanding is the UWS numbers were really low. Are they still very low?

        • David S says:

          The website has breakdowns by zip code for the past seven days here:

          • JL says:

            Thanks for the local data. Brian Lehrer (WNYC) just had a public health expert on this morning, he answered most of my questions about testing (who, how, and how often).

            The short answer is that nearly one fully year after the initial outbreak. We (U.S.) are still nowhere near the types of testing needed (same day results), and the volume of tests are still way low to have meaningful tracing to be effective.

            The super power of this virus is asymptomatic transmission (the concept which many Americans are still not grasping). Looks like we will need the people on the vaccines front to get us out of this mess.

      • R says:

        It stands to reason that the rates will go up when things open up more – the thing is to find the balance between keeping rates down and keeping the economy going – we can’t forever shut everything down every time there is a blip. NYC people that I see are pretty compliant with masks compared to the rest of the country.

      • Carnival Canticle says:

        “I truly believe that we have built up a tolerance for this virus.”

        Documentation, please, Doc?
        “I truly believe…” is not science; it’s wishful thinking that lulls people into ignoring the rising numbers and helps set the stage for a second spike. Let’s stick with the facts, not wishful fantasies, shall we?

      • Old Stones says:

        How on earth do you figure that we have built up a tolerance for this virus? Pure magical–or wishful–thinking!

        Maybe you missed it, but yesterday over 140,000 new cases were reported across the country, and many places are running out of hospital beds (“death panels”, anyone?). Staten Island is spiking, and parts of Queens and Brooklyn, and Manhattan positivity rates are going up. Not good.

        Get a grip, people! We’re all bored with confinement, frustrated with restrictions, suffering from lost income and opportunities, and breaking out from wearing masks. But personally I prefer to stay alive and healthy, and hate the risks posed by people who want to stay out late getting stupid-drunk and ignoring simple precautions. Sheesh!

    5. John P says:

      Can we have some of our parking spots back now? I feel for the restaurants but I think it’s time.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      How come I can sit at a restaurant at 9:30 but not at 10:00. What’s the difference.

    7. chris says:

      Bring back Trump

      • JL says:

        I think he was fired. Wait, let me check.

        Yes, America fired him. You can catch him soon on the Biggest Loser, if they don’t lock him up first.

    8. Wijmlet says:


    9. Christine E says:

      California limits gatherings to maximum 3 households. They also require that outdoor dining structures be open on at least 3 sides. I am surprised NY is not adopting these sensible measures.

    10. Susann says:

      These recent closures make no sense…I’m not understanding this 10 pm closure…what happens at 9pm? Was also not aware that the infectiousness of CoVid increases at 10pm.

    11. B.B. says:

      “Losing money hurts,” he added, “but money can be replaced. Losing a loved one hurts forever.”

      This from a man who hasn’t held a private sector job in ages if ever.

      Clearly now that Biden is assumed president-elect Albany and city hall are feeling more sure of a huge bailout coming out of Washington, D.C. With a good portion of money used to make whole (or in part) businesses and employees affected by their actions.

      Good luck with that.

    12. DP says:

      What’s the science behind closing at 10pm rather than 8pm, or 6pm, or altogether?

      If the government isn’t going to make cash grants to prop up these businesses that they’re forcing to shutter, this just seems pretty arbitrary – another way for Cuomo to take credit for being “tough,” while avoiding truly difficult decisions on behalf of the people whose livelihoods he’s destroying.

    13. UWSider says:

      I didn’t know the virus is more dangerous after 10 pm. Very scientific… Typical Cuomo.

      Naturally more people will go to restaurants at the same time earlier in the evening.

      • Will says:

        The idea is people drink more the later it gets and they are less likely to follow social distancing and mask protocols. I personally think any social activity regardless of alcohol will give way to people relaxing and letting their guard down. But small businesses need some revenue since the government won’t just pay people to stay home and test everybody weekly.

        • Sarah says:

          I think also they’re just trying to restrict “hours of total exposure” and consider it less economically harmful to impose an early closing than a late opening. Honestly, we’re still working this out to some degree as we go. But, yes, it would be better just to pay people to stay home and businesses to stay shut until the vaccine can be widely distributed!

    14. AC says:

      So apparently Covid-19 only starts attacking the body at 10 pm?

    15. Too bad my comment which was in alignment with the freedoms and rights guaranteed all Americans in the US Constitution was censored. Why would west side rag be averse to publishing my opinion? I’m a New Yorker, born and bred, i love my city, i love my country. Locking out differing opinions, censorship, is decidedly unAmerican. We the people are in trouble when our voices are silenced even in our own neighborhood.

    16. EGF says:

      Does COVID-19 go to bed at 10pm?

    17. John says:

      I think no more dinning we should just go to take out

    18. UWSider says:

      Honestly, regardless of the number of cases, officials (nationwide, not just in NY) are losing the interest of the public with regard to COVID compliance. The show has gone on way to long, and the audience is leaving the theatre. I’m not saying this is a good thing. It is just a fact.
      The “moving target” approach, and the inconsistency of regulations issued across all Federal, State and City agencies, has the general public fatigued to the point of indifference.

    19. UWS dog owner.... says:

      I think Governor Cuomo is correct on closing down these restaurants and bars at 10 PM.
      Personally, I like walking my dog without a mask and enjoying the night air at about that time and don’t really want to see people roaming the streets infringing on my pet’s walk. Bar and restaurant people should stay in and protect themselves from the coronavirus while us pet owners enjoy our walks away from the restaurant and bar patrons.

      Thank you Governor Cuomo!

      • Mario says:

        “Infringe on my pet’s walk?” Time to join the exodus, bud. Don’t let the door infringe on your ass on the way out.

    20. Christina says:

      For all those who said 11,000 a elderly died in nursing homes and other facilities! You are absolutely WRONG! It was a little over 6,400! Please get your facts straight before commenting! Although, even 1 is one too many! Educate yourselves on FACTS!!!! As a country we have killed millions over the years in nursing homes and such! Why aren’t you outraged about that???!!!

    21. Joanne in search of facts says:

      We need and deserve more answers regarding contact tracing before decisions like this are made. Has New York State determined that cases went up specifically because of gyms/bars/restaurants being open past 10? If not, then the Governor needs to better explain his decision.

    22. Joe R. says:

      “‘Losing money hurts,’ he added, ‘but money can be replaced. Losing a loved one hurts forever.'”

      Yes, that’s true. But where is the plan to replace the lost money, Gov. Cuomo?

    23. Ian Alterman says:

      Does the virus stop attacking people at 10 pm? What is the point of this? Either postpone indoor dining entirely, or allow it. These “curfews” don’t affect the spread of the virus.