Photo of the Day: Paris on the Hudson

“We can’t go to Paris so Paris came to us!” wrote Tom Fedorek, in an email with this photo. An “untitled art film” shoot on 116th and Riverside Drive includes a French newsstand.

Tom says it’s time to rename Riverside Drive “Boulevard Bord de la Rivière.” Immediately, all the apartments on the “Rivière” would be worth 20% more.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Perhaps the ghost of Alain Delon will visit…

      • Annie says:

        Ghost? He is still alive and living in France.

        • Sarah says:

          Allow me to amend: the ghost of young, hot Alain Delon.

          • Brian Notsogreene says:

            Wait, does the yesterday-me become a ghost of me today? What about the me from the minute that just passed, or what about the me from a second that just passed? Is my existence a continuous flow through space-time or am I like a storybook, with each moment imprinted on its own separate and distinctive page.

    2. Ladybug says:

      Can we keep it? It would be a great permanent addition to the ‘hood! Maybe the production company will donate it?

    3. Sophia says:

      Love this thread!