Smoke Jazz Club Reopens, With Music Inside and Seating Outside

Smoke Jazz Club has reopened on 106th and Broadway, with a unique setup — people can eat outside and on the weekends even listen to live jazz performed by musicians inside. In addition, people who don’t want to come out can pay to listen to the concerts on livestreams available for 48 hours after the show.

We’ve been hearing from enthusiastic Upper West Siders this weekend — with Lincoln Center and other venues shut down, live music is a rare treat. (Depending on distance and type of instrument, it’s not without risk — wind instruments can emit aerosols that might have Covid. As an fyi, performers at Smoke who are not blowing on instruments appeared to be wearing masks.)

“My husband and I are currently enjoying an amazing meal and LIVE JAZZ from the Louis Hayes Cannonball legacy quartet at the inimitable Smoke Jazz club,” wrote tipster EJ on Saturday night. “Alto saxophonist James Carter popped in to play one number with the group. Smoke’s owner, Paul Stache, tells me they’ll have dinner service outside every night outside, and live jazz Friday and Saturday nights from 8-9:15. It’s so incredible to have live music back here on the uws – and the food is just spectacular (I highly  recommend the fried chicken!!).”

Learn more about how to listen online at Smoke’s website.

Outdoor seating is open for dining! The sound of the incredible Louis Hayes during tonight’s livestream is spilling out on to the sidewalk…THE SOUND OF NEW YORK JAZZ!

Posted by SMOKE Jazz Club on Saturday, October 3, 2020

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    1. Bobby says:


    2. David says:

      Similar setup at Telio restaurant on Broadway between 92 and 93. Musicians in the evening are half in, half out of the restaurant’s open front, performing for outdoor diners.

      • Jay says:


        Except the front of Smoke doesn’t open up. (Unless there’s been a massive change in the last 2 months.)

        There’s a single exit/entrance door onto Broadway.

        • Ej says:

          Jay that is incorrect. There are doors on the front of Smoke that open up entirely.

          • LJ says:

            There are doors that fully open- it is wonderful to hear the music again!!! Feels so good- thank you for opening, it is so hard.
            Heading over Friday night!

          • Jay says:


            That’s new since I was a regular, but admittedly that was more than 12 years ago.

            So my mistake.

    3. JS says:

      Sounds great! Thx for the info.

    4. Leslie says:

      THis is marvelous news about my neighbors here on 105 . It has been so sad to see them closed up all this time . It is thrilling however, it does not help the sadness about loeb Boathouse closing, but maybe they will come back in Aoril I did think that Smoke could not open on the sidewalk because there is a busstop right there , Maybe the city has made some accomodations .

    5. UWCider says:

      Thank you Smoke for doing this.

    6. JJ says:

      Love Smoke! The food there is better than most Jazz clubs too.

    7. Carnak says:

      …that’s Vincent Herring playing Jeannine.

    8. Rod Keiser says:

      For your consideration. Pianist for the Renaissance Vinoy and Belleview Biltmore:


      Rod Keiser