Monday Bulletin: A 100th Birthday Reunion, ‘Dr. Doom’ Lightens Up, Ribbon of Love Meets Resistance

Central Park birdwatchers spotted a Henslow’s Sparrow, who is apparently quite popular. Photo by Bradley Kane.

October 5, 2020 Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high of 67 degrees.

Our calendar is full of local events, including free talks with filmmakers at the New York Film Festival.

Community Board 7’s full board meets virtually on Tuesday night.

An Upper West Side man celebrated his 100th birthday by seeing his family for the first time since the coronavirus (and Cuomo) closed NYC nursing homes to visitors six months ago, the New York Post reported. Harold Schachner met his family on the lawn of the New Jewish Home on West 106th Street. “(He) celebrated the big 100 with an on-site guitarist, cupcakes and a chocolate cake, which is his favorite, alongside his daughter, son-in-law, grandson and other relatives.”

A proposal to renovate the facade of a 19-century townhouse at 55 West 86th Street is being reviewed by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, according to YIMBY. But the question still remains, Why does the architect’s rendering of the finished property display the name of Book Culture, the bookstore on Columbus Avenue that closed earlier this year?

Dubbed “Dr. Doom” by a west coast commentator, Upper West Sider Dr. Irwin Redlener, a disaster and public health expert at Columbia University and an MSNBC public health analyst, showed his lighter side when he was unexpectedly joined by his four-year-old grandson on a segment of MSNBC’s Deadline White House that cracked up host Nicolle Wallace, and went viral this weekend.

Dozens of people opposed to moving the homeless residents of The Lucerne hotel to a new, permanent shelter in the Financial District joined Public Advocate Jumaane Williams on Sunday to wrap the hotel with a symbolic “ribbon of love,” the Daily News reported. They were met by “a handful of community residents” who want the men relocated. With pushback already beginning downtown, “‘Where should they go?’ Williams asked.”

Finally, there is nothing like picking up a passing snippet of UWS conversation, as WNYC Planning Editor Kate Hinds proved last week:

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    1. VOTE HIM OUT says:

      Re: the overheard UWS cell-phoner saying “who the f*** told you I was the kind of man who honored his debts?! That doesn’t sound like me to me.”
      But it sure DOES sound, to some of us, like a certain resident of “La casa Blanca”, notorious for NOT paying his fair share of federal taxes, NOT paying his many contractors, and NOT re-paying his many lenders (cf. the NYT).

      • Grady says:

        I’m not even a fan of the guy but this post was just plain silly. Maybe take a deep breath and make yourself a nice cocktail.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        great name change (again), for this post. I can’t wait to see your posts after Trump is re-elected.

      • Boris says:

        Your understanding of how business income taxes work is probably too rudimentary to process what ‘fair share’ of taxes means. Trump had plenty of business losses over the years so in the years he did make money, he was ENTITLED to apply the past losses against current profits. There’s nothing sinister about that tax provision anymore than it’s wrong for an individual to carry-forward capital gains losses against future cap gains profits. He also took tax credits to which he was ENTITLED according to the tax laws that existed at the time. He didn’t write the tax laws or create the credits but Biden served in the Senate when they were written. Shouldn’t you be attributing your anger and resentment to Biden’s lack of reining in what you perceive to be taking advantage of the tax system? Who wouldn’t use the tax system to their advantage?

    2. Christine E says:

      Here’s an UWS conversation snippet I heard recently, spoken by one man to another regarding his afternoon plans: “I gotta get high. And I gotta get a car wash.”


    3. UpperWest says:

      I don’t think the city has any intention of moving anyone out of the Lucerne anytime soon regardless of the concentration in this neighborhood versus CB1. Who knows why, really, but it I’ll bet the political incentives *actually* at play here are incredibly distasteful. Follow the money,

      Did Sam Domb re-up his contract, which expires 10/12? He promised he’d not renew.