UWS School Complex With Poor Ventilation Won’t Open to Students

The city will not allow the Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus on the Upper West Side to open, because the school has poor ventilation that put students and staff at risk. The school has windows around the hallways outside of classrooms, but the rooms themselves mostly don’t have windows that can open.

The school at 122 Amsterdam Avenue off of 66th Street will open in remote learning until a better location can be found, said Councilmember Helen Rosenthal, who had pushed for the Department of Education to find a solution.

There are six schools within MLK:

Photo via wikimedia.

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    1. Robert K says:

      Amazing, Since the closing of this school in March it took 5 months to figure this out?

    2. Part of a larger plan. Schools in Ohio are being targeted by the gov. Oneonta in Oswego upstate had an event recently involving police in hazmat suits awakening students in the middle of the night, removing then from their dorms in pjs, transporting them in a van to a dark empty room and from there, tested. I have verified links if anyone thinks it is fake news. There is currently a bill sitting in NY State Assembly committee A99 that refers to removing children / adults to FEMA camps in an ’emergency’. Look it up. We are in trouble. Everyone has a choice: continue sleeping or wake up to the truth. Believe me, I would much prefer to write about peace, love and healing with angels but we are standing at the precipice of good vs evil. I love my city, I love my country, I love all people and I love God our Creator who has blessed this great nation to be a shining light to the entire world. Don’t let evil overtake America. Wake up, stand up and speak out.

    3. Denton says:

      Of course the windows don’t open. The school has central air, why would the windows open? But as we found out from another post, the system is a mess. Still, shouldn’t have taken this long to fix.

      • Boris says:

        Why are we paying for a maintenance staff that is so inept?

        • David S says:

          Maybe don’t blame the maintenance staff? I’m thinking the folks that clean the toilets and tighten loose doorknobs are not the people who make decisions about re-engineering the entire building’s HVAC system.

      • Ye Olde Englifhe Teachere says:

        Re: “shouldn’t have taken this long to fix”
        Bless you, Sir, for you are delightfully-naive!
        Why? Because this is the D.o.E. (Department of Ed-u-kay-shun) whose unspoken motto is:
        ‘Ya want it FAST…or Ya want it GOOD…Fuhgeddabouddit, we do neither”
        31-yr veteran…happily retired.

    4. S says:

      I taught in the MLK building…in the basement…..7 years ago…… why did it take a pandemic for the DOE to take notice that there was no air circulating in this very poorly designed -like a prison- building. How many students, teachers & administrative staff have been sickened over the years?