Pupper West Side: Smidge Is a Squirrel-Hunting, Novel-Reading Scholar

Name: Viola, but I go by my nickname “Smidge.”

Age: 4 years old.

Breed: Wire-haired Dachshund.

Profile/history: I’m a rescue from Animal Care Centers NYC. When my Mom showed up early in the morning one day, she glanced around and saw me in a back corner of one of the cages. She said, “Hello! Want to come home with me?” and I took that as my cue to respond with licks of appreciation. At that time, my hair wasn’t coiffed like it is these days, so she wasn’t sure what breed I was until we made a visit to the salon. I’m a young pup, but my eyebrows and beard make me look older, wiser, more scholarly – wouldn’t you agree?

Daily routine: I sleep on a sofa in the living room and then usually crawl into bed with Mom around 6:30 a.m. Later on, my walker will stop by and we’ll prepare for our daily adventures around the Upper West Side. I love my large social circle of friends and neighbors. Well, except Maisie – my arch nemesis. Maisie is a dog who lives on the same floor of my building and we tend to get into arguments. Putting up with New York neighbors – amiright?! Anyway, back to my daily routine! Most days it’s a leisurely walk in Central Park or Riverside Park. I’m an avid squirrel hunter and turtle watcher. Later on, I might join Mom and her friend Judy for a card game of Rummy.

Loves: My toys, including my favorite one – a little stuffed blue dog that sort of resembles me.

Does not love: Maisie. Also, rain. Both of which I encounter too frequently.

Favorite store or business on the UWS: When I’m not snacking on delicious warm cookies and milk from Levain Bakery, I like to peruse the treasures at Westsider Books. Reading great books adds to my aforementioned professorial je ne sais quoi.

Favorite treat: Carrot sticks.

Favorite park spot: The lake around the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. There’s a special wooden bench there that makes for a lovely spot to enjoy the seasonal views.

Speaking as a fellow book lover, have you had a chance to check out The Strand at its new location on Columbus Avenue? I have indeed! It’s a beautiful store and a tremendous addition to the neighborhood. I don’t know about you, but there’s always been something about quietly browsing stacks of books that makes me feel simultaneously calm and inspired. A couple of my recent favorites include “Euphoria” by Lily King and “Women’s Work” by Megan Stack. I’m delighted to have another independent bookstore in the neighborhood.

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    1. Janet Coleman says:

      Such good photos! Thank you, Audrey
      Smith’s Mom

    2. Janine Jones says:

      Viola, What do you and Maisie argue about? I heard that Maisie believes that dogs do not really exist. Is this the kind of thing that gets you going.

    3. Sarah says:


    4. Amanda says:

      Smidge is a beautiful dog.

    5. Judy Harris says:

      The Smidge is a smart girl and has my vote for president

    6. So proud of our girl Viola aka Smidge. Her photos are beautiful.
      It is a pleasure to be her groomer.
      See her on ig @thetravelinggroomer

    7. Lorene Farnsworth says:

      My favorite pupper’s interview yet!

    8. Maisie says:

      Allow me to retort!

    9. Smidge you are ADORABLE!! I hope you won’t be offended when I tell you I laughed out loud when I read your story. I’m sure Maisie has her good points-you might try bringing her some warm cookies and milk from Levain Bakery next time, who knows, she might become a good friend. Sleepovers are much easier when you live so close:-)

    10. Bev says:

      My dogs favorite thing to do is run around in Central Park and/or socialize with his doggie pals. If I took him into a book store he’d probably pee on the stacks. Afterall, he is a dog!

    11. Charly says:

      Big thanks to Smidge’s mom for adopting from the ACC!! There a lot of great dogs out there like Smidge that need homes.