Permit Shows Former JG Melon Spot Will Serve Pizza

Famed burger spot JG Melon closed its restaurant at 480 Amsterdam Avenue (83rd Street) in October of last year. But new permits show another restaurant is preparing to take over the space.

The permits say a grill and pizza oven are going in, and the bar is being taken out to make room to extend the kitchen. Last we heard, it’s expected to be from the same owners as JG Melon, which include Danny Abrams of Mermaid Inn and Pizzeria Sirenetta.

Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. TrueTrue says:

      I was sad when JG Melon closed (love their burgers) but welcome the new spot and will give it a shot.

    2. Mike K says:

      Best of luck to them will certainly give it a try and hope that they are able to put up sufficient outdoor seating to assist with revenue!

    3. Carlos says:

      I wish them good luck but Marinara is basically across the street and doing good business, plus the place at 80 and Amsterdam (blanking on the name – Made in NY). And Celeste is right there covering the high end pizza market.

      • TrueTrue says:

        Great point. Odd that they pivoted from JG Melon, which was awesome. I guess we will see what happens.

    4. Mark says:

      Love Mermaid Inn and Sirenetta, so I’d expect they’d do a good job with this. I’d also imagine, based on Sirenetta, that it will be fairly different than Marinara and Made in NY (both of which I like).

      Good luck to them!

    5. AC says:

      Bring back the Racoon Lodge!

    6. Nelson says:

      Wasn’t that once a great bar called “Saranac” back in the 1980s? I can’t recall now.
      Incidentally, here is a fascinating article from 2010 about the history our beloved West 80s as the pendulum of time keeps swinging back and forth!

    7. Dan says:

      Separately something seems to be in the works at the NW corner of 87th and Amsterdam. Putting up wood slats on the exterior and shelving in the windows. Anyone have any clue what is going there? Excited for signs of life!

      • J.Z.NotTheFamousOne says:

        Dan, the deli next door is expanding. They’ve been trying to expand into that space for the past few years. Best of luck to the deli and the new pizza place mentioned above.

      • TucanSam says:

        My money’s on another bodega. Bags of chips will fill the shelves in the window. Slatwall inside will hold rows and rows of pegs from which will hang phone cards, earphones, 3-packs of trojans, and other sundries.

    8. LongtimeNYer says:

      I liked J.G. Melon!

    9. UWSSurfer says:

      The cottage fries at JG Melon were delicious!

    10. GL says:

      As with every other shrouded restaurant front, including JG Melon, scaffolding will kill this new one, too.

    11. Chris says:

      Bring back J.G. Melon! Best burgers & fries.
      Enough pizza- I like Perfecto on Broadway.
      But J.G. Melon was simply the best!

    12. Bros4Joes says:

      Bring back Joe’s!

    13. Jeff says:

      I still miss New Pizza Town at the corner of 78th and Broadway

    14. Julie says:

      There’s a pizza shop literally right across the street. How many pizza joints do we in this town.