Video Shows Bombastic Size of Recent Fireworks

No, it’s not quite the Macy’s July 4 show, but the recent fireworks over the Upper West Side are pro-level stuff, and that may be why they’re irking people so much — at least those who enjoy sleeping between the hours of 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Charlotte Morrison sent the video below of the fireworks as seen from 100th Street and Columbus Avenue.


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    1. GG says:

      So cool!! People are complaining about this?

      • EricaC says:

        Yes – the fire danger is real, and the noise is getting old …..

      • George says:

        I can’t tell if people are being sarcastic with “so cool!!” and “well done!” but this type of bombastic noise is incredibly disruptive in the early hours of the morning. And it’s not just the UWS, it’s all over the city.

        • MB/UWSer says:

          It’s 10:00 pm and there was just an extremely loud boom! Near the police station. I’m anticipating the possibility of sirens! It’s more than fireworks and it’s not safe.

          Is there any sense of community and respect for others? Social responsibility? Or simply disregard for others?

      • jsv says:

        Yea, when you have a small scale explosions going off every night at 1am, it tends to get on ones nerves.

        • Just Sayin says:

          There use to be great anticipation to hold on to your fireworks until the evening of July 4th…outside of that the only time you heard random ones were the leftovers for a night or two pre-and post nights of the 4th.

          It’s insane and unfortunate that we clearly have to have to tolerate it. everything else that is wrong.

    2. geoff says:

      love the video. well done!

    3. no way says:

      Listen everyone. This is ANNOYING because of the hour and frequency. This is happening every night. Also because of oh you know, danger.

    4. ben says:

      Keep calling 911 and 311. Sorry I prefer to sleep at 2am before getting up and going back to work in the morning.

    5. Darwin says:

      The unpredictability of incredibly loud noises is an incredible stressor, compounded by the fact that it tends to occur while one is sleeping or falling asleep. Never mind the poor dogs who are all freaked out by the nearby explosions. We love fireworks as much as the next person, but this is BAD.

    6. UWS Satire says:

      Please do not call the police or 311 about illegal fireworks. Any attempt by the NYPD to enforce the law and deny people the right to make us suffer trough this nightly disruption can be only motivated by racism.

      • ben says:

        Username checks out!

      • Michael UWS says:

        There maybe been ‘fireworks’ but saw none on 81st RSD from our window. All we heard was wholy inappropriate noise condition regardless of time of day. Mayb it was a bit of separate amateur runoff in its wake. After over nearly 2 hours I called 911 at 10.3p urged them to dispatch a radio car to cease desist what were clearly M80s and bottle rockets being set off for a good 1.5 hours by yoyos, the concusive echos dangerously loud and at near viciinity sounding every bit like morter artillery fire. We indicated we thought the neighborhood had had enuf. It stopped there after either by police or someone ran out of m80s. Thank you NYPD either way, all the same. Stay well all. // PS: 500 days and Che deBlasio and his gang of tin foil hat race peddlers are history. G-d bless us and you all, every one. 😀

      • Jo Silverman says:

        Police must be careful in how they handle such fun and games.

    7. Huh says:


    8. Linda H says:

      Obviously the cops know where those big ones are coming from. We could all see and hear them. I’m not sure why they don’t do anything. And the constant local explosions are disrupting lives, stressing out pets and wildlife, freaking/killing birds. It feels like we are under constant siege.

    9. cs says:

      I can hear them from Washington Heights.

    10. Susan says:

      The police feel under siege and don’t want to respond to calls that could end up with more complaints about them. This might go on until they reconfigure and retrain the force. And those who are setting off the fireworks are well aware of this and feel empowered to do what they want.

      • notsofast says:

        The police feel under siege & don’t want to provoke complaints? Remind me again what we pay them for. Are you a social worker?

    11. UWSnag says:

      Don’t you think it’s very strange that these pro-level fireworks are being shot off all over the country at the same time, all night long? This isn’t just the Upper West Side, people. This is all over the country! And where did these kids all of a sudden get the money to pay for these types of fireworks? They are neither legal to buy in NY, nor are they cheap! And it goes on for hours and hours. These are Yankee baseball game level fireworks! Something very fishy is going on.

      • Stressed says:

        It started around the time of the protests and most likely is a coordinated event, maybe an extension of the protests. These aren’t your usual fireworks.
        I think some higher ups need to find out if there is a group behind this, especially if it’s happening around the country.

      • Burton says:

        WIth very a few official venues this summer, it looks like whoever manufactures fireworks is dumping them. I don’t think they keep well from year to year. Maybe trace to source and cut off there?

      • notsofast says:

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Millicent Broderick says:

        Definitely seems to be an organized effort to disrupt from within.

    12. I live at 110th and Frederick Douglass Circle. I have called both 311 and 911 to report fireworks so huge that my pictures flew off the walls, written to the Mayor ad the 24 Precinct. Not a single police car has ever shown up in 5 days, and the fireworks continue from 8-3 am. Until someone is hurt or they set the building on fire, I guess we are on our own.

    13. bill Zukoff says:

      This is what you voted for. A lawless society. Congratulations!

    14. S says:

      Yup – there have been many coming from W 112th & Lenox, one street above my apartment, where this video appears to overlook. Light show was blinding the other night and EVERY night has been incredibly loud until 2:30am. Reported to 311 multiple times but nothing done.

    15. Marina says:

      This is brilliant!! Furious New York residents honk their horns outside the NYC Mayor’s home in the middle of the night over his refusal to address the constant fireworks across the city keeping them up at night. Police officers are not to blame for their inaction…

    16. Murdock says:

      I hope we can start buying fireworks down in Chinatown again. That was the best!

    17. Judy says:

      They are dangerous and driving me, and everyone I talked to crazy. I love professional and safe Fireworks at reasonable hours but this has been torture.

    18. Had enuf says:

      Imagine 500 water balloons and water buckets. Just a thought.

    19. GSS says:

      It’s happening all over the country. Some say it’s protesters, some say it’s the cops. It’s happening near fire stations and police stations and there was a recent story in the NY Post that someone caught Firefighters setting them off right by the firehouse.

      • Had enuf says:

        Wish fire dept. would patrol to douse out fireworks but don’t apt. buildings have fire hoses? ” Your Honor I put out a fire.”