Monday Bulletin: Boy Catches Fish With Bagel, Nadler Debates Challengers, Missing Some Local Bars

Photo by Heidi Stubner.

June 22, 2020 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 87 degrees.

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The latest big fish story in Central Park involves a delicious twist. The bait was — what else? — “a piece of bagel,” George Gjerdji, 13, told the New York Post. “(Gjerdji) made an amazing catch in an unlikely place Thursday, when he hauled in a massive 20-pound Carp from the waters of Central Park Lake…Unbeknownst to many New Yorkers, the Central Park Conservancy allows fishing at the Harlem Meer, the Central Park Lake, and the Central Park Pond. Anyone over 16 will need a license to cast their line.” Gjerdji comes down from Westchester regularly to fish. “The monster fish got thrown back, as the park has a catch and release policy.”

In a NY1 debate last week, one of Jerry Nadler’s challengers for the 10th congressional district seat he has held for 30 years called for the resignation of Mayor de Blasio, the other for a universal basic income. “(Lindsey) Boylan and (Jonathan) Herzog criticized the CARES Act as insufficient for the struggling and a giveaway to the rich. Nadler said endorsements by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bolster his progressive resume.” See the full debate here.

“Ah, yes. The old familiar places. My favorite New York restaurants and bars. In this time of pandemic and protest, I can’t have a meal or a drink in any of them,” writes Peter Khoury in The New York Times. So, he journeys  through them in his mind beginning with two Upper West Side haunts, Malachy’s and the Emerald Inn. “I picture walking down a few steps, going in and taking a seat at the long bar. There, Maura, who’ll be behind the bar, will make sure I have a strong cup of coffee and offer a sober — and sometimes justifiably dour — take on the latest happenings before bringing me a hot turkey sandwich for lunch.“

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    1. geoff says:

      one day, you’ll be able to walk across the lake on the backs of those carp.

    2. Oona says:

      Catch and Release harms and even kills Fish

    3. Glenn Richter says:

      You may well not want to fish in the Pond at West 102nd Street. Almost all of it is covered with awful looking pond scum.

    4. Marianne says:

      Catch and release is a cruel practice that never made sense to me. Fish experience pain. When they get caught, there is a metal hook that perforates their mouths- when they get thrown back, depending how many selfies were shot with them, they can die after that or suffer pain. If one catches a fish it should at least get eaten. I also have observed fishermen catch turtles in the Central Park lake. I felt so bad. I’m told by a young guy who was working for the parks dept. that people use barbed hooks which are not allowed. ALL CATCH AND RELEASE SHOULD BE FORBIDDEN or at least there should be more checking if people use barbed hooks or throw fire crackers that explode into the water which I observed the other day. Very upsetting.