Two People Found Dead on 87th Street in Possible Murder-Suicide

A 72-year-old man and 50-year-old woman were found dead in the basement apartment at 320 West 87th Street on Monday night, according to police. Police were called at 7:10 p.m.

The Daily News reported that police and a friend believe the man shot the woman before taking his own life. “Jose Tito Ortiz, 72, and his wife, Olga Ortiz, 50, were dead at the scene, and police found a gun, cops said.” Jose was the superintendent of the building, according to the Daily News.

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    1. Chris Fahey, Building Resident says:

      This is an unthinkable tragedy, for the building
      and the neighborhood. They were a kind, decent
      and hard-working couple. Jose and Olga shared a son and daughter. They seemed deeply devoted to their
      children and each other. I last saw them walking toward Broadway, hand in hand, two weeks ago. They will be missed. And may God help Sam and Lily.

    2. Anon West Sider says:

      To Mr. Fahey, I’m very sorry for your loss. Hopefully you and the other residents can do something to help the children—even if they are adults—at such a shockingly tragic time. Surely helping with funeral costs or, if any of the family still lives in the building, with housing would be appreciated as they must be in total shock.

    3. Margaret says:

      I don’t know the answer to this, but what are some good local community resources for domestic violence prevention? How can we help support people in need?

      • uwser90 says:

        I’m not sure we can assume domestic violence was involved (not stating you are necessarily assuming that, just want to guard against anyone jumping to conclusions about the named individuals in this piece, whom a building resident who presumably knows them, Chris Fahey, characterized as kind, decent, and seemingly devoted to each other). There can be any number of reasons this happened.

        • Conscious says:

          You are extremely insensitive to the feelings of those who have lost Jose and Olga, especially their children. It is none of your business to comment under this article such a highly offensive and anger provoking accusation from something you are solely reading on your screen, and never truly experienced in real life. You did not know Jose and Olga, nor are you not apart of their family. Don’t argue about something you don’t know and don’t try to be an activist in a situation you have no RIGHT to act in.