As Phase 2 Starts, Upper West Siders Line Up for Haircuts; Here’s What Else is Open

Phase 2 of New York City’s reopening started on Monday, and it was clear that many locals were excited. Elite Barbers at 92 and Amsterdam had a line the minute they opened, Carol Brewer’s photo above shows.

Here are the other businesses that also open today. There are all sorts of Covid-related restrictions still associated with these businesses that we’ll be going into in more detail. And social distancing and mask rules still apply. New York City has indeed flattened and reduced the curve but there are still hundreds of people testing positive every day.

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    1. Dennis says:

      I got a haircut today around 1:00 with “Excellence Barber Shop”- no line at 82nd and Amsterdam

    2. Doug Garr says:

      Luz at Franklin’s on Amsterdam — I’m one of her regular customers — cut my hair this morning at 11 a.m. after four months or so. I gave her a huge tip. I hope everyone else gives their hair folks a lot, too.

    3. Roger Wolfe says:

      We can make this opening work if we are all responsible and wear masks and keep a physical distance of a minimum of six feet apart.
      Rights also demand responsibilities.

    4. Jack says:

      I got mine cut too 96 Amsterdam bway

    5. Keish says:

      What about NYC DMV ??? Smh

    6. Michael D. Skelly says:

      my barber cant reopen, because his landlord will not let them enter his building, until every one pays there back rent. I dont think that legal, but I am not a lawyer.

    7. Bill says:

      Had delicious Italian dinner in open air, star room, owned by Lady Gaga’s parents!

    8. Tony says:

      Isaac SCISSORHANDS barber shop on 97th or Alex barber ship on 100th street best haircuts in town great fast and clean.