People are Congregating Without Masks, Raising New Worries

Amsterdam Avenue in the West 80s on Friday.

Some parts of the Upper West Side are looking a lot like pre-coronavirus times, and that’s got some locals worried.

People were standing outside bars in groups without masks in the West 80s this weekend, which one tipster wrote “doesn’t bode well for phase 2,” referring to Phase 2 of New York City’s reopening. We’ve also heard from others who say that people are becoming more and more lax as the numbers of infections in the city have declined. (To be sure, photos don’t always tell an accurate story about what’s happening at any given moment, because distance depends on a camera’s focal length. And people standing next to each other may be roommates.)

People are also flocking to Central Park and standing in groups without masks.

Photo by Judy on Sunday.

Governor Cuomo on Sunday raised an alarm at his Sunday press conference about people getting together, demanding that the city “must enforce the law.” He said the state is getting lots of complaints about this issue from people in Manhattan, as well as the Hamptons.

What is everyone seeing out there lately? Take our poll below.

Are Upper West Siders doing enough social distancing and mask-wearing?

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    1. Paul says:

      This is the experiment where you put a cookie in front of a kid and say “if you can wait 10 minutes to eat this I’ll give you two more.”
      And here we see the kid eating the cookie 8 and 1/2 minutes into the 10.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      Once people saw the protests (the first ones), where mobs of people did not wear masks, that opened the door. Since there was no end-of-the-world spike in hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19, now many people think that wearing masks do nothing, and that Covid-19 is a government scam. Sorry, it’s over. Most will refuse to wear masks outside, and don’t even think that they will obey a second lockdown/quarantine if it’s so ordered. You’ll have to shoot me dead before I quarantine again.

      • Francesca says:

        So sorry for you and your need to refer to gun violence. Masks may be inconvenient. Dying of COVID 19 is horrific. Masks arethe best spread controller we now have. JUST DO IT because you’re decent!

      • Natali says:

        No one will have to “shoot you dead” because Corona may kill you. If you don’t think so because you haven’t seen a spike from the protests, just wait. It’s coming. So if the choice is between Corona and quarantine, don’t have such a dramatic reaction to what is meant to be a life saving measure. Also, your name on here is “UWSHebrew”. Well my fellow Heeb, remember that during the Holocaust many of our people had to hide to survive. It’s basically a slap in the face to them to say, “Well, they did all that but I can’t hack this.” You can and you will.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Fellow Heeb? Not me, thats a slur. Invoking the Holocaust? Gross. I will not ever go back into lockdown.

          • stevieboy says:

            This from the guy who brings up Nazi’s and the Holocaust every chance he gets.

            Sigh…don’t you ever get tired of this schtick. I know we are. Especially from a so-called Messianic Jew.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              Messianic Jew? Past Holocaust references? To quote Vito Corleone: “I think your brains going soft”.

          • Natali says:

            Context is everything. It may be a slur in certain situations but when a fellow member of the tribe is saying it in jest/trying to be friendly, that’s a different story. And I had good reason to bring up the Holocaust. I don’t know if this site allows links to other publications so Google an article titled “Hanging Onto Time” by Ilyse Muser Shainbrown. You may be just the person it was written for.

      • stevieboy says:

        I agree with this guy, UWSHebrew. Who cares?

        I am going to just do what I want and I don’t care what happens to other people, including all of my vulnerable neighbors.

        Give me liberty or give me death…remember that?? Looks like there will be plenty of both to go around.

        /s just in case

      • Elyse says:

        Sir, Are you an adult? I hope not. If you don’t care about your health and life, why should you put us, who follow science and health guidelines, at risk for our health and our lives?

      • Ish Kabibble says:


      • EdNY says:

        It’s too soon to evaluate the effect of the marches. It takes more than two weeks. And I doubt the spiking rates in half the country reflect a government scam.

      • Lily says:

        I don’t understand why some people so vocally complain about a handful of people standing outside and yet at the same time not noticing the massive protests of thousands in close proximity. Cognitive dissonance?

      • xyz says:

        Won’t have to.

    3. Woody says:

      It’s very unnerving. I was walking along Columbus last night and there were so many people without masks.

      My family walked in the bike lane to keep our distance.

    4. Hayley says:

      I drove by that block last night. It was just as packed as the picture reflects.

    5. naro says:

      One day W.H.O and the CDC say wear masks, then they say dont wear them, then they say do wear them. What is a person to think.

      • Steve Friedman says:

        Wear masks. Ir keeps your germs to yourself. Ever see like a “Doppler Radar” trajectory of a cough, a sneeze, a talk, a yell, a singing? THAT would have been a good PSA or ad for someone in charge to post. But tragically there is noONE in charge. What would Jerry Lewis say on Labor Day – “DRUM ROLL, LOU!! – and the Tote Board displays 120,000 DEAD. Then Lou plays, “What the World Needs Now.” PS: Jerry was a huge supporter of Trump.

      • N.P., MD says:

        wear them!

      • Elyse says:

        Dear Naro. No one has said don’t wear masks. The reasoning shifted a few times from self-protection to protecting others to back to protecting self and others. Be smart!

      • EdNY says:

        I don’t think there’s been any confusion about the benefit of wearing masks to reduce the spread of droplets by the wearer. The confusion, I believe, has to do with whether or not wearing a non-N95 mask provides any meaningful protection TO the wearer.

      • Arthur says:

        Don’t listen to the WHO or CDC , they have been politically infected. Do the research yourself and make your own educated judgement. That will give you your best chance at this. I personally would rather die of my own decisions than that of strangers, if my demise were to come as a result of this pandemic vs taking the advise of politicized strangers, imagine how your best interest at heart IS NOT being considered in that circumstance.

        • JerryV says:

          Arthur tells us, “Don’t listen to the WHO or CDC , they have been politically infected. Do the research yourself and make your own educated judgement.” This is what Trump did and he ended up advocating drinking bleach. I take it you are okay with this.

    6. Linda says:

      Isn’t it rich how the right winger racists blame the protesters for the crowds around bars?

      • Chris says:

        Linda very few right wingers in the city 99% of the folk’s here are left wingers. And left wingers can be racist too

    7. nycityny says:

      Part of the problem is that NYC is one of the last places in the country to remain so locked down. The opening last Monday really wasn’t much. We still can’t go inside Best Buy or Barnes & Noble nor eat in a restaurant. People are feeling antsy seeing what the rest of the country, not to mention NY State, is doing so…we congregate in front of restaurant/bars and imagine being normal again. I’m not doing that but I kind of understand those who do. I, in my mask, have to step into the street to avoid them but so be it.

      • EdNY says:

        “People are feeling antsy seeing what the rest of the country, not to mention NY State, is doing…” And about half of the “rest of the country” is seeing a spike in infection rates.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Many scientists think the spike is due to more testing. More testing, of course more people are positive.

          • UWSJanny says:

            With that rationale if we do no testing for breast cancer, no one will have it. How you truly will know if there is a surge is if there are more hospitalizations in an area and guess what, places like Alabama, Arizona, Houston, North Carolina are all having a surge in hospitalizations

            • UWSHebrew says:

              There is a huge difference between people testing positive and hospitalizations. While there is an increase in people testing positive, THERE ARE NONE for hospitalizations. Don’t take my word for it, go to CDC approved websites like FiveThirtyEight, CovidTrackingProject, John Hopkins, and read the data. There are no clear increases for hospitalizations. Being informed means questioning attention-screaming headlines from websites that want you to click on their articles. —- “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” — President John Adams.

          • JerryV says:

            You write, “Many scientists think the spike is due to more testing. More testing, of course more people are positive.”

            Actually, reports of the testing are given in percentage of people infected. So, if the real infection rate is say 1%, a broad survey would show 1% whether 1000 or 1 million had been tested. What matters most are the neighborhoods in which people were tested. If one neighborhood had 0% infection, while another had 50% and each neighborhood had equal numbers tested, the overall result would be 25%.

          • Danielle Remp says:

            Others have pointed out that it is not necessarily the areas with more testing that have more cases. For example, New York State has the highest per capita testing and one of the lowest rates of Covid.

            The spike in hospital admissions is an important factor in determine where the infections are highest.

          • EdNY says:

            In NY, the drop in infection rates (as well as hospitalizations and deaths) has happened IN SPITE OF the state having the highest testing rates in the country. It’s clearly because of the decision not to jump the gun and open things up too early, which is what happened in most of the 22 states where infection rates are climbing.

    8. John W80 says:

      People’s attitude towards masks outdoors is outrageous. You don’t contract Covid purely by being in the vicinity of someone not wearing a mask. People have gone beyond all reason being upset if someone isn’t wearing a mask walking down the street. If they aren’t coughing or sneezing on you then relax. Indoors, I 100% agree, wear the mask.

      • Mark says:

        Finally, someone with some common sense. Thank you, John.

      • Francesca says:

        Oops. No one knows when they’ll suddenly cough, sneeze, or yell so loud they’ll emit viral particles. Just saying …

      • STEVEN B FRIEDMAN says:

        Relax….because you can always predict a cough, a sneeze, a shout or break out singing. It’s also about the duration you’re in contact with someone. So…um…on the side of caution, and since this is not about you but me and everybody else…keep your germs to yourself. You’ll look good. Like Desperados Waiting for a Train.

      • Penny says:

        John, if there’s a second wave in NYC, it is because of people who are as cavalier about everyone else’s health as you are. You don’t have to cough all over someone to spread the virus. Please do some actual research.

      • Mike says:

        I would agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that a carrier could be asymptomatic. It doesn’t only take a sneeze or a cough to spread droplets from your mouth; merely talking can do it, too. And we’ve been in the park on windy days during which it seems like your spit can travel much farther than six feet. Just wear a mask. Is it really that much of a burden?

      • Linda H says:

        I complete agree but I think what people are concerned about is all these people in close contact outside bars with no masks and even if one is infected, they will probably spread it and then we will all have to suffer if there is a spike.

        • Molly says:

          I agree. Not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing is just plain arrogant, ignorant and brazenly ego driven.

      • Adrienne says:

        Yup. Walking past someone for a split second does not count as exposure, unless they literally sneeze in your mouth.

      • Arthur says:

        Medically speaking, yes you can contract covid by being in the vicinity of someone not wearing a mask, sorry to educate but that is my job.

      • ted says:

        Thanks John! I agree 100% Let people have some fun. The risk of depression and isolation is far worse considering they are out in the open air.

        You mask police need to stay home, I recommend you hide under your beds too. To be safe why don’t you stay there until there is a vaccine! Pathetic.

    9. ST says:

      Folks under 40 with crappy parents. The others in that age group wearing masks were clearly raised right. You see both. Most people above forty are in masks. Bet the ones not wearing masks don’t vote either.

      • Cali says:

        My parents were great actually and I don’t wear a mask outside! But thanks I will let them know!

    10. ST says:

      Folks under 40 with crappy parents don’t wear masks. The others in that age group wearing masks were clearly raised right. You see both. Most people above forty are in masks. Bet the ones not wearing masks don’t vote either.

      • John W80 says:

        It seems like you don’t understand how viruses spread. That’s unfortunate. Please keep judging everyone though 🙂

        • Richard Katz says:

          From my observations, the vast majority of those not wearing masks and not confirming to social distancing policies are in their late teens through their twenties. I do believe it is a certain demographic.

        • JoeLouis says:

          People can absolutely transmit Covid to others outdoors, especially unmasked people in crowds who release aerosol particles when they talk. Please inform yourself before criticizing somebody who is making accurate statements about something that effects all of us.

        • Ish Kabibble says:

          Okay doctor. Your saying it’s okay to gather in groups without PPE? Shame on you.

    11. Rafaela says:

      Masks are everything. And, most importantly, a SIGN to all that you actually give a damn about protecting yourself and others.

      Anyone willfully not wearing a mask in public is an arrogant fool.

      • Linda says:

        Well said. This is a PANDEMIC. We must remember the battlefield conditions our health care workers face each day. All they ask is that we wear masks and wash our hands. And your mask must cover your mouth and your nose, because we all sneeze and because not everyone is wearing eyeglasses or other eye barriers.

      • Merrill says:

        Totally agree, Rafaela! I would add that people are inherently selfish, not simply arrogant.

        I know others have mentioned that there’s an age divide between those who wear masks versus those who don’t.

        In my observations, which I am an essential worker and have continued to go to my physical workplace, and also as someone who has taken part in 4 different marches: I have noticed more older folks not wearing masks or if they are not covering their nose, or simply have them around their neck. Whereas, in all of the protests, 98% of the people where masks (not to mention, there are always extra masks around with free hand sanitizer).

        Maybe this shaming for not wearing a mask and congregating is seeing what you want to see.

      • NPK says:

        Thank you Rafaela. The first in this feed to just tell it like it is – short and sweet.

    12. Jake D. says:

      Mother Natures easiest job is culling the herd. Have at it Maskless and Cluless. You will be missed.

    13. PMP says:

      I had been out of town for quite a while (yes, I’m lucky to have been able to do so) and was shocked to see the number of people without masks and who were not observing social distancing. In Central Park I was brushed by runners without masks, whizzed by bicyclists without them and passed closely by walkers. Virtually all the unmasked seemed to be under 40. I am in a vulnerable group, but even if I were not, I feel it is just selfish and rude.

      • Uwsider says:

        Millennials built a generation trying to indict Boomers for all the problems of the world and then can’t bother wearing a mask to save the lives of the vulnerable because it might cramp their style.

      • Adrienne says:

        Read the science. The viral load required to actually transmit this virus is far greater than you could possibly get from a passing jogger or walker, and certainly a cyclist whizzing past. Add to the extreme brevity of that encounter the fact that there is usually at least a slight breeze to disperse any viral droplets, and your chances of contracting this disease from these people is almost nonexistent. Barring a sneeze directly in your mouth, transmission requires prolonged exposure in an enclosed space.

    14. ben says:

      NYC restaurants that set up tables on the sidewalk already needs to have their liquor licenses pulled as a first warning. If still not compliant, they should just get their food licenses pulled as well. It is restaurantuers right to reopen, but not undermine the effort everybody has put in to get the virus somewhat under control.

      • Lily says:

        Really? But thousands of protesters shoulder to shoulder, many without masks, is ok?

        • ben says:

          Read my comment again. Did I say anything, one way or the other, about the protests? This article and my comment strictly talk about the restaurants. Stop trying to deflect and troll harder next time.

    15. oldtimeUWSer says:

      DeBlasio lost authority in May when he reversed his position on enforcement. Cuomo has pretty much been ignored the whole time. Where is our City Council member on this? I have no idea, nobody’s asked, maybe in the Hamptons. So yes, either there will be a second wave or if there isn’t, maybe the lockdown was a bit excessive. Would have been nice if they don’t care otherwise to at least consider the seniors who may be exposed to this rather than keep em locked up another 3 months, but I leave it to our great leaders to work it all out.

      • JerryV says:

        Old timer says: “Cuomo has pretty much been ignored the whole time.” Dear Old timer, What rock have you been hiding under?

    16. Meebs says:

      It’s literally a piece of cloth on your face. You are not suffocating. You are fine. Wear a mask whenever you are not at home. It’s not a big deal.

    17. Ethan says:

      I just now (Sunday, 6:45 pm) walked by Amsterdam Ale House, Amsterdam Ave. at 76th St., and people are having drinks inside, sitting and standing at the bar, without masks. It’s nuts. I took a photo . . . don’t seem to be able to attach it here.

    18. Janice says:

      The only times I go out are to grocery shop, approximately once or twice a week for very short periods of time.

      Since I’m not out at night, I’m not seeing people congregate without masks or social distancing. But it REALLY bothers me. I think it’s selfish, arrogant and privileged.

      Things are bad enough without being forced back into full quarantine because of these jack-offs. I hope they all get fined.

    19. Alan Oppenheim says:

      I agree, people are much to close together. I’ve even seen people congregating inside bars and restaurants along Columbus, and police on the same block doing nothing. Too many people are acting as if this is over. This will contribute to a second wave that may pale the first.

    20. Doug garr says:

      The bars on Amsterdam are a joke. They simply opened on the sidewalk. Check out the Tiki Bar on Friday or Saturday cocktail hour. It’s as if there was no pandemic.

    21. Judith Kass says:

      Fred’s restaurant at 83 and Amsterdam is prime offender. 90% of the young people congregate on that corner are drinking without masks. Obviously they can’t drink with masks. Are they stupid or just so relieved to be out they don’t care? And they can infect people passing near them. Go home, drink on your stoop, but don’t push your luck!

    22. JS says:

      This is infuriating. I feel it’s a death sentence for the vulnerable, for example, myself, in my 70s with a chronic bronchial condition. Shame on the youth in these photos of our neighborhood. And we’ve been doing so well.

    23. Bill T says:

      Jacobs Pickle should be shutdown

    24. NY152 says:

      All of you judgy shamers should get over yourselves and if you’re worried about contracting the virus stay home. And maybe just stay home through all of flu season too.

    25. I live above that bar that you’ve highlighted with your photo (The Gin Mill).

      They were closed recently & were even boarded up, due to riotous fears, I suppose… Anyway, they recently fired up their humongous exhaust fan on the roof (right over my head)and I thought: UH OH!

      The peace and quiet was beautiful while it lasted.

      But when I went out later and saw them all cheek by jowl, as in your photo, I’d another thought: Oh man; now I’ll NEVER be able to get a haircut! They’re NEVER gonna open this city again… and I now look like Sideshow Bob, from The Simpsons, so this is almost a tragedy. I said: almost.

      Maybe this picture will get back to them & they’ll take action. As the president of the small co-op directly above the bar, I have to say they have a history (for the most part) of being responsive and responsible, so I have hope that this is only a clumsy beginning & they’ll soon right this situation.

    26. uws30years says:

      How about the restaurants breaking the rules? i.e. . Cafe Fiorello having outdoor seating when they are not allowed. Why is that allowed? I love outdoor dining, but not more than the life of health care workers. Report them to 311.

    27. Nicole says:

      People are just done with the pandemic, even though it’s not done with us. I totally understand the desperation for socializing but this is too risky. I walked home from work at the hospital up Amsterdam and I had to walk in the bike lane to avoid the throngs of unmasked drinkers.

    28. David Rapkin says:

      Brace for Wave 2 but don;t say you weren’t warned

    29. Susan Karp says:

      Many (young) people are not wearing masks. It’s very disheartening to see this lack of consideration for others, especially after everyone pulled together during our status as the epicenter of the pandemic. It seems as if no lessons were learned. And unbelievably it’s still not understood that talking —. not just sneezing and coughing — releases particles and, in the open air, can spread up to 8’ if windy. So walking and talking on cell phones and to others when not wearing masks can infect others. How many times and ways did Dr. Fauci have to say this before it sinks in? And by others wearing masks, they are protecting those who elect not to wear them but not the other way around.

    30. JerryV says:

      Actually, NY State rules do not require a mask outdoors if people are social distancing (at least 6 ft. apart except for members of the same household). What should worry the people breaking the rules is that if they get sick with the virus, emergency workers will not likely go down into the trenches with them again. These brave and dedicated workers have already gone through the gates of Hell and risked their lives. They may not do so again. I can understand risks taken by working people who have run out of money and are trying to feed their families. I cannot understand young, privileged people who takes such risks to show how bored and how brave they are. They will also end up infecting and killing other people.

    31. Roger Wolfe says:

      I understand that people are weary of being isolated and dislike wearing masks.
      Some have expressed that they have a right not to wear a mask. Along with that right, comes a responsibility to others.
      I frequently ask what branch of the military they served in and where they were in combat.
      For those of us who served, we are now senior citizens and are at greater risk of co-morbities and more likely to die if we contract the virus.

    32. s. demarco says:

      You can’t predict what person you may come across outside. I took my mask off just as a runner spit in front of me and ran on. As long as there are entitled people (like Trump) who don’t care about protecting the community health, then you can only protect yourself with a mask.

    33. MAD says:

      What is going on with all the helicopters this evening (from about 6 p.m. on)? Is this surveillance of social distancing problems? Just asking …

      • davidaron60 says:

        It’s air tourism that has started flying out of Kearny,NJ again. I heard them,too.

    34. Moishe Pupik says:

      PMP I couldn’t agree with you more. We don’t tolerate tobacco smoke any more, but bikers and runners without masks can spew invisible droplets that we can’t avoid.
      I think that there should be heavy fines imposed on individuals without masks.

    35. Mike says:

      Put on the damn mask, it’s what the Governor mandated, it does make a difference in transmission rates and it protects the vulnerable around you. And put your freakin’ nose inside the mask, do you let stuff that’s supposed to be covered by your underwear stick out when you’re walking down the street? Geez, it isn’t so hard and is a whole lot less inconvenient than you or a loved one dying.

    36. Arthur says:

      What these non compliant people need is an actual viewing of a case account of a person infected, how bad it can get, and if it really goes bad, how alone the individual is at time of death because of visiting restrictions within hospitals. Let me tell you, dying alone is horrific. As a frontline worker in health care that deals with these poor souls I tend to show non guideline adhering people video of what the final days of someone dying from covid looks like in the hope to “shock” people back to reality and perhaps help them realize SARS Cov-2 hasn’t gone anywhere. I try educating people that not only do they risk themselves and loved ones but the healthcare workers treating them for a condition that can be mitigated. Quite selfish of people if you ask me but certainly far from surprising. The medical community has an acute understanding on what’s to come, it’s the lay person that doesn’t adhere to guidelines who will be surprised and I wish I can be empathetic but I can’t when the information is there for them and they decide to for go it. This pandemic won’t last forever, these sacrifices and resilient patience NEEDS TO BE SUMMONED AND ADHERED. Thank you for listening to the reality of the situation.

    37. Adrienner says:

      I don’t understand. Restaurants have been serving drinks on the sidewalk for weeks now. If we can’t have open containers on the street, and we can’t sit inside the restaurants, and we can’t sit at tables on the sidewalks outside the restaurants, what are we supposed to do with the drinks the restaurants are legally selling us? Did I miss the lesson on teleportation?

      • MaryC says:

        Drinks are sold for takeout. If you can take your food home, you can take a drink home. It was already a concession to allow restaurants and bars to sell alcohol to go to make some extra money, not so that people who are understandably sick of staying home could hang out. If you want to support your local small business, why cause them to face heavy fines or risk their liquor licenses?

    38. bibiana M Ammatuna says:

      It is very unnerving to see people on the elevator not using a mask. I think that soon the police will have to patrol the areas.

    39. Beth says:

      It’s hypocritical to applaud health care workers every night at 7 PM, and at the first opportunity, hit the streets without masks or observing social distancing. None of us are happy about quarantine and lockdown, but the more people behave like the threat is over, the longer we’ll all be stuck in this nightmare.
      As New Yorkers we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished together to “tame the beast,” as Gov. Cuomo recently said. If we don’t want to revert back to the dark days of March/April/May we must continue to be vigilant. Maybe it’s time for NY Tough to become NY Smart.

    40. Missy says:

      You think the police that Cuomo and DeBlasio refuse to support during the 2 weeks of protests that have no end in sight are going to waste their time with social distance policing? Cuomo can threaten but he cant do anything. The police are too busy babysitting our daily protests. NY is also broke. If businesses don’t get back to normal soon, this state will be hurting for a very long time.

    41. Susan c Kupferberg says:

      No masks,wearing them under their chins, and what about bike riders on sidewalks, and not following traffic signs. They do what they can get away with.

    42. LK says:

      I doubt this is going to be enforced for many reasons. Do you really think a cop would now approach a person about not wearing a mask? This is asking for a confrontation. Have you seen a cop wearing a mask? I feel bad for school cops that were asked to assist at subway stations with social distancing – not a good situation…

    43. PracticalSider says:

      When are the corrupt leftists who originally said that masks won’t help the spread going to apologize? The hypocrisy is BANANAS. Resignations should be coming by the boatload.

    44. Westsidegal says:

      I literally don’t care at all about this anymore.

      Not one bit.

      After seeing ongoing protests in the tens of thousands across the country and even just the past few days.

      There is literally nothing you can say to make me care about COVID.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Everyone on here should go to that twitter link. Stunning hypocrisy, for all the WSR readers mask hysterics.

      • Adrienne says:

        For real. That East Village video is like a little family dinner compared to this madness. I had a neighbor tell me yesterday that we have to separate the two (protests from socially hanging out on the streets). Well, I don’t think coronavirus separates them. You can’t criticize a few revelers while excusing thousands of protesters.

    45. Renate Bridenthal says:

      I see people mostly observing the rules, but a minority are flouting them. This is around 116th St.

    46. Albert says:

      Jesus wept.
      Where is our humanity?
      It’s so simple. Wear a mask. Protect those of us who need protecting.

    47. Emailie says:

      I don’t think there is a clear divide between a “mask wearer” and a “non-mask wearer”, unless you’re just never wearing one. I’m 39, always wear a mask inside stores, when out walking the street, if no one is around I’ll pull it down. When I see someone approaching, I pull it up. When I’m riding the loop in the park on my road bike, I’m usually clocking at 13-20mph (I’m a safe biker unlike the others who ruin it for us and you all hate, which is another subject altogether), and I don’t wear a mask while biking because my doctor (from a prominent medical group who is now doing citywide covid testing), said I didn’t need to- there is enough social distancing while biking, in that case. I’ve been tested for covid and was negative, so still have to be careful. I’m generally a mask wearer, but let’s not shame everyone here in a broad generalization. I think some people are trying, and some people just aren’t. And the people that just aren’t- will they ever listen to your complaints? I think we just all need to do what we feel we need to do to protect ourselves and others.
      Oh and another thing- please be kind to others. I’ve seen people in the neighborhood yelling at each other on the street. Let’s have a little more class.

    48. Ak Zimmerman says:

      More and more people are walking in the streets with masks off or down. People outside restaurants are being seated and served “take-out” at tables set up on the sidewalk, and gathering in groups drinking outside restaurants serving alcohol. This is on the Upper West Side

    49. Christian says:

      These people are the very reason some are still terrified to go outside of their apartments. We look at this irresponsible behavior and wonder where their care for other human beings is. The states that have opened have rising numbers, and yet here in a densely populated city that was a hot spot, the overly-eager people are setting aside all caution despite the fact that theu may be hurting others unknowingly.

    50. Steven says:

      Ever since we went into phase 1, the entire UWS (the only area I stay in) has gone totally lax. It’s as though people feel it’s over. The photos tell the truth in what I saw within the past several days. So many people walking around without a mask. Packs of people hanging together on the street, in front of restaurants, no mask, no social distancing, just hanging out as though nothing is happening. I see people take their mask off once they’ve entered the market or the Duane Reade. I even took a short bus ride 15 blocks & 3 people on there had their mask down. I feel this will only put us all in jeopardy again & the numbers of new cases will soon rise. I want this to be over as much as we all do, but if this is how people are acting now, I can only see that prolonging everything.

    51. Charlie says:

      Police amass without masks regularly. This is the worst type of violation. Can’t they be ordered to wear them? Doesn’t look good especially when protests are about out of control policing. It’s just arrogance. Mayor get it done!

    52. Joan says:

      I’m not going to participate in this mask/no mask argument. A more pressing question for me is, What are all those guys in the Central Park photo doing in their underpants? What’s going on there?

    53. Brenda says:

      In their defense (?) that particularly strip of sidewalk outside of The Gin Mill is usually 3x as dense.

    54. anonymous says:

      The picture that Judy submitted is an LGBTQ event for Pride Month. The fact that you are targeting this specific group is very telling of the homophobic tendencies of the elderly UWS population. Additionally, if you are concerned regarding the virus spread then STAY INSIDE. No one is forcing you to leave your apartments and if you fear your weakened immune system or that of your neighbors than stay in your own homes. Peaceful assembly is a constitutional right. If you were truly concerned about the virus spread you would have voiced the same concerns and sent in the same images of the massive protests occurring throughout NYC where many of the participants were not socially distancing let alone wearing masks.

    55. Alex M. says:

      Now that I’ve read all of the comments posted so far, I have come to my own conclusion (as everyone else has). By definition, Civilization is defined as that derived from city-dwelling citizens and those who congregate therein who accept that civilized behavior requires that they follow the rules and laws of behavior which exist for the common good of all regardless of individual opinions concerning personal and private rights which they have rights to practice on or in their own private property outside of public common space belonging to all. When in Rome, do as the Romans do was something that civilized people other than uncivilized tourists have learned from experience is the only civilized way to behave in order to be accepted as a fellow citizen and neighbor. What I have observed these days is a breakdown in the civilized behavior on the UWS as well as elsewhere in our country where ALL LIVES MATTER.

    56. Jim Story says:

      The coronavirus pandemic has abated somewhat in New York City and we are all glad for that, but it’s not over yet. All the experts agree that we are likely to experience a surge, and even earlier than usual if people discontinue wearing masks and practicing social distancing. If the rules of these different phases are not followed, those failing to perform safe practices are threatening not only themselves, but their neighbors and we will see an uptick even sooner than predicted. Please think of others besides yourselves!

    57. Lurker says:

      There may never be 100% immunity or protection from Covid19 so people need to get used to some level of uncomfortableness. We cannot stay hiding in our apartments, behind masks, out of work, etc. because people are scared.

      There may never be a vaccine, it may not work for everyone,etc. Assess what risk you’re willing to live with (pun intended) and get on with it. To expect the entire city to stay on pause for people who are waiting for something that may never happen (e.g. pandemic over/vaccine) is just as selfish as those people who think not wearing a mask is selfish.

    58. Diana says:

      It should be made a law to wear a mask until a vaccine 💉 is found. The Chinese are doing it and it’s helping.

      • Jay says:

        In China, if you don’t wear a mask you’ll find yourself in a work camp for five years. I’d say the work camp is what really motivates folks. Here, people get out of prison for Covid…

    59. Ruth Bonnet says:

      This is worrying. The virus has not gone away. I doubt that the US will get to phase 2 of the spike, since we’re unlikely to get out of phase 1. I had a spirited discussion with (the only!) non-mask wearer in a dog run yesterday. Unless you know of someone who has died or almost died of this disease, and I do, people tend not to take it seriously.

    60. Chris says:

      Darwin in action… In a way it’s good we have people volunteering as human lab rats so we can get data. I’m convinced that wearing a mask cuts the amount of virus someone may inhale, so just wear a mask, and avoid hanging around in these crowds.

      I’d like to see people wearing masks in parks and outdoors, but this is NOTHING like them with no masks on subways, in elevators, waiting in long lines, etc that contributed to the original epicenter. The primary place to pick it up now will likely be indoor bars where sloppy drunks have to yell in each other’s faces to be heard above the din.

    61. Allison says:

      I call this block “Douchbag Row” because it is filled with bars that are patronized by complete douchebags. Everyone here deserves what they’re going to get. They should be identified and quarantined to their homes for two weeks. Absolute madness

    62. helas says:

      I live on the Upper West Side. Lately when I go out I see many people wearing masks on their necks instead of faces.

    63. Kevin says:

      Some thoughts after reading 129 comments:
      1) “People Are CONGREGATING OUTSIDE (emphasis mine), Without Masks” was the title. Probably less than 50% of you stayed on topic.
      2) The congregating is not an UWS side thing. We saw it in the E Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Montauk, etc.
      3) To wit, this Is a NY mindset that skews younger – “we are healthy and unafraid of the consequences. we also don’t spend significant time w older, at risk people. we will not wear a mask while congregating in this way, meaning when we protest most of us DO wear masks. (for reference, pls see the May 2 controversy when we were caught outdoors along the Hudson River parks in the same manner – we were vilified on social media but there have been no spikes 14+ days later.)”
      4) Cuomo allowed much lenience in allowing restaurants to expand DINING outdoors. What I don’t get for the DRINKING-ONLY crowds is, across NY Metro, who allowed “to go” drinking = drinking in the streets? That is awful optically and legally. If “government” (unfortunately incl the police) can’t figure out who to rein this semi-white-privilege in a little, this is going to be a very volatile summer, from a societal POV.
      5) The coronavirus will pay zero attention to points 1 thru 4.

    64. Big Earl says:

      Are those pictures from a protest march? Couldn’t tell as they are no different than the average protest marchers, except marches contain thousands of people. This is much safer.

    65. Ray says:

      This picture’s are completely accurate with what’s going on! I live in the 80’s off of Amsterdam and the sidewalks are so packed with people, most of them not wearing masks, that I actually have to walk on Amsterdam to get past the crowds!