Cyclist Looking for Photos and Video of Crash Last Week

A photo of the scene by a passer-by named Lisa.

Bicyclist Sean Kyler was hit by a driver on Riverside Drive on Sunday, June 7 and is asking for the public’s help in finding out more about what happened. Kyler said he is “slowly recovering” and thankfully has no broken bones.

“On Sunday, June 7, 2020, at approximately 6 pm, I was traveling northbound on W. 98th Street and Riverside Drive when I was struck by a gray BMW making a u-turn. I collided head on with the front driver’s side of the BMW and was thrown over the handle bars and the hood of the BMW; I landed in the southbound lane.

I am looking for help from the community and anyone who witnessed, photographed, or videoed the biking accident and/or the accident scene.

There was a female doctor who immediately came to my assistance but I cannot remember her name and a male who left me water. I want to say thank you for your humanity.”

If you have information, please reach out to Kyler at

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    1. Joe says:

      So many WSR readers are always quick to vilify cyclists and call for major changes when there is an accident in the park. Where are those voices now standing up for cyclists and calling for changes in rules for cars when a law-abiding cyclist gets hit by a car on the road?

    2. Larry K says:

      Glad you weren’t seriously hurt. No doubt a car making an illegal u turn might not be expected but Riverside Drive is not the best north/south road to bike on. No bike lane, parked and double parked cars. Don’t know where you were going from/to but Riverside Park might have been a better and safer choice.

      • Lisa says:

        Riverside Drive SHOULD be safe for cyclists. Instead of telling this cyclist where he should have been biking, let’s make our streets safe for all cyclists of all abilities.

        Instead of making this roadway safe, we choose to give away our streets to car owners so they can store their cars for free. This policy choice is one that needs to be reversed so we have the space to build infrastructure that keeps people safe.

    3. Ellen says:

      This is shameful. I’m glad you’re ok.
      As a runner, I am there every morning & I often see drivers making illegal turns, going through red lights, and speeding. Someone else was hit the same way on CPW a few weeks ago. Due to Covid, more people are driving & parking in Manhattan, and it will be treacherous for EVERYONE if moving violations continue to be ignored.

    4. LivableCity says:

      I cannot even imagine what this driver thought then or must be thinking now. I hope he or she reads this and gets in touch – or is persuaded to get in touch, or is outed by someone who recognizes the place / vehicle / story – and makes amends. Any security cams in the area??. Good grief. Good luck Kyler with recovery.