Photos: Black Lives Matter Protests Have Become a Nightly Ritual for Some Locals

Upper West Siders in some areas of the neighborhood have continued a nightly ritual of advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Protests have continued throughout the city, despite Governor Cuomo’s statement that “You don’t need to protest, you won,” because of some reforms at the state level. On 111th Street, neighbors have been coming out at 8 p.m. to make noise and hold signs in favor of the movement. There’s also a group that gathers on 107th and Broadway. The photos above and below are by Elizabeth Lang.

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    1. Horizon run says:


    2. jean mensing says:

      The initial protests are just a beginning. Restructuring is more than just the Police. The future belongs to the young and they know what needs to change. Remember how long it took to make any progress in the Civil Rights movement in the 60s and the Anti war movement in the 70s…and we are still fighting those battles. Hurrah for those in the streets.

    3. David Ochoa says:

      Everything we’ve been protesting is not fixed. Nothing has changed. Gov Cuomo’s short sighted. Inequality, injustice and police brutality continue every where, and the passing traffic is supportive of the ten minute vigil.

    4. Robert Donohue says:

      Groups also gather nightly at 108th Street and at 104th Street, in addition to 111th and 107th. The response from passersby and motorists is very positive and heartening.

    5. blacklikeu says:

      BLM – for sure.
      But – as with all other “revolutions”, once some of the demands are met, what then? Most likely, in 2-3 years time, this too will be forgotten, and the “elites” will rule our lives, as they have done for 3 centuries.
      Until the next “revolution”.
      And in 30-40 years the battle cry could indeed be – WLM. My oh my.

    6. sg says:

      So glad I left NYC…it’s easy to “overthrow”, but govern not so much…as evidenced by the wholesale failure of the cities run by Democrats for decades (Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc.). NYC is the exception as it voted for Giuliani and Bloomberg…but I fear that will not happen again. Too many of the left have never been net contributors to the public coffers by being employed in the private sector (i.e. income not paid by the government…directly or indirectly, i.e. academia).

      • Sarah says:

        Well, sg, I hope you didn’t move to one of those sponger states whose bills New York pays every year.

        • sg says:

          SB – Aaaah, the standard strawman response. I moved to SC, a state whose residents are still proud, happy and appreciative of living in the US. For so long all I did was pay NYS & NYC taxes to only see both (especially NYC) to the dogs.

          • Sarah says:

            How is it a strawman? New York literally pays for you to have a functioning society. South Carolina is one of the top ten states mooching off the federal government. Now I don’t mind because I personally believe that we should all look after our fellow Americans, but if you don’t like people drawing from the public coffers we fill, give us our taxes back first.

    7. Taylor says:

      Funny this is the new fad. First it was clap for the hospital workers and “stay at home for them” and now it’s go outside for black people. What’s next?

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    9. Justine Blau says:

      So happy to see my friends and neighbors protesting!

    10. Al says:

      I fully support the right to protest, but the idea that getting cars to honk for your cause is a meaningful protest is misguided. The noise from nightly honking is rivaled only by the fireworks that go off at all hours. I wish this was a more thoughtful protest – if you goal it to get cars to honk and make noise, consider doing it on RSD where it doesn’t exacerbate the noise pollution on this block and keep everyone awake. It would be greatly appreciated by your neighbors.