Delivery-By-Trike Business Opening on UWS

A company called Bond that delivers goods by electric trike ride is setting up shop at 896 Amsterdam Avenue and 104th Street.

Bond is “an ecommerce startup that is solving last-mile delivery issues for D2C brands (from meal kits and dessert-only brands to fashion/luxury brands), operating around the 5 boroughs of Manhattan,” a spokesperson tells us. They work with businesses to speed delivery.

They’re owned by people who own an Israeli company called Shookit that delvers fruits and vegetables, but they’re not the same company. (A previous version of this article, based on reporting from the Commercial Observer, said Shookit had rented the space, but a spokesperson contacted us on Monday to say it was rented by Bond.)

Here’s the website.

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    1. Sue L says:

      When do they open & what’s their website/email

    2. Matan says:

      Love this!

    3. Larry M says:

      Just what’s needed. Another fruit and veg store to compete with West Side Market , Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, sidewalk vendors and numerous smaller food stores. I wish them luck but how many slices can one get from a pie

    4. Lesli klein says:

      Cool. looking foward to learning more.

    5. Alison Pepper says:

      Website is in Hebrew with shekels prices.
      Need local web address

      • Jack says:

        Click on the upper right hand side of the website where there are three horizontal lines. There is an option for English

    6. j says:

      Really hope that able-bodied people will walk to local stores and Greenmarkets – not utilize delivery.

      It is a shame that Shookit is not serving underserved areas, where residents don’t have easy access to fruit and vegetables.

      Sorry fellow WSR readers, but IMO Shookit on the West Side just seems like unnecessary entitlement….

      • M says:

        I wonder if this would be your opinion if it weren’t Israeli owned. Which other UWS businesses do you feel this way about? Or do you reserve this vitriol just for this specific company?

      • UWSbacksliding says:

        This is a business not a charity, plus they deliver. New businesses open were they think they will do best in order to succeed, wouldn’t you? Once established sometimes they venture into underserved areas – Whole Foods opened on 125th, a gamble IMO, but they can lead the way for others. But I’m sure many here will say that is gentrification.

      • Scott B says:

        How is a for profit business an entitlement? Troll

    7. Kayson212 says:

      Does Shookit participate in a SNAP program like our local NYC Greenmarkets? Amsterdam and 104th sits right at the nexus of working-class tenements and NYCHA projects. How will Shookit serve those communities?

      • Boris says:

        Super annoying to always hear nobodys telling businesses how to operate. Why should it become this company’s responsibility to serve markets it doesn’t want to? Put your own money on the line, start a business, and then make your own decisions whom you want to focus on.

    8. Wendy says:

      For high risk people, this seems like a great service. Even low-risk people. It depends on the quality of the produce, and the price, of course.

      This will be at least one less empty storefront, of which there are PLENTY up there.

      Naysayers, please shut up.

    9. Barbara says:

      Is there an English translation of Shookit website?

    10. Marion Harris says:

      I hope the prices are reasonable for seniors. That would be my one hope since we are the ones mostly effected by inability to shop and often paying so much for delivery while living on fixed incomes

    11. julia says:

      Great! In these “Covid “days,
      we need fresh produce which we have normally found at our local market or our “fruit stand” on the street. These avenues are closed to us – for the moment(?)

      I love Israeli ingenuity! The “souk” or “shouk”
      is a wonderful, amazing outdoor market in Israel! I welcome the idea – and I hope the reality works and prospers!

    12. Susan says:

      Kim’s Vegetable Market (and bodega!) has long been on my list of go-to spots at 900 Amsterdam on the North corner of 104th. It has budget prices, GOOD fresh produce, and lots of variety that are approachable for folks both inside the projects AND OUT! Plus being an Asian market I get all my Asian condiments and cooking bits there: ginger paste, sauces and other necessary ingredients that are very overpriced elsewhere. I go although it’s 6 blocks from me. Also KIM’s fish market around the corner is EXCELLENT. And I’m so glad I found it, as is the only place in my mind that could’ve replaced the fabulous (and on my corner) JOON fish market on 98th St. at Amsterdam, which sadly fell before landlord greed some years ago. (to be replaced by a weird restaurant whose cuisine I never could figure out ? Sushi?) But it seems to be mostly empty and also closed Friday nights and Saturdays… Please DON’T DRIVE AWAY the KIM’S family businesses!

      • rs says:

        Hmm, closed Friday evenings and Saturday? Could there be perhaps a religion that treats those times as a sabbath?

        • UWSHebrew says:

          what’s your point rs. spell it out. What. Is. Your. Point. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back, go full throttle on what you want to express.

    13. Bunny says:

      If you click the three lines at the bottom right corner of the website, there is an option to translate to English!