More Quarantunes Offer Laughs and Thanks

Musically inclined West Siders have been posting more songs to keep their neighbors entertained amid the quarantine. We posted one batch of “Quarantunes” a few weeks ago. Here are a few we got more recently.

Marilyn Taylor and some neighbors on West Harlem sang ‘Sunny Side of the Room’. She explained how it came about.

“My husband, Ken Samuelsen, and I have lived in West Harlem and been roaming the UWS for almost 7 years. We rewrote lyrics to “Sunny Side of the Street” to reflect the shutdown times we’re living in now, and we made a little video of us singing it. A neighbor in our building liked it and thought it would be fun to take our song and make a goodwill project of out it. He asked people in the building to film themselves singing along to the song, and he put those videos all together in a Zoom-like configuration.”

Madie Polyak made a parody of the song ‘Hey There Delilah’.

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Some people bake banana bread. I write parodies. #quarantine⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Original song by @plainwhitets & @higgypop. New lyrics by me. Killer accompaniment by Jay Rosen. Lots of support from @jenn005 and @truss405 (@innovativevoice).

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Broadway stars Dee Roscioli and Annaleigh Ashford made a video about vowing not to defy quarantine with some Dr. Fauci shout-outs.

And Shari Goldenberg wanted to make a tribute to nurses and other frontline workers. “I live on the UWS and have been staying safe at home. I recently got off the phone with a friend who is an ER Nurse after her 13 hour shift. She called me crying after spending the day watching too many people die from this awful virus. I immediately called a musician friend of mine and said we need to do something to cheer people up and let all these frontline workers know that they are appreciated. What better way than through music. We rewrote the lyrics to the Golden Girls theme song ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’ by Andrew Gold and teamed up with our community to create this musical tribute.”

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    1. Martha says:

      So creative! Thanks for the upbeat messages and laughs! GO WESTSIDERS!

    2. JC says:

      Strangers do not equal DANGER. We are all trying to be as careful as possible, but these lyrics are not accurate. There needs to be a slow desensitization to all of those people who think that Strangers are Dangerous. Terrible lyric.

    3. Marilyn Taylor says:

      That is so amazing! Thank YOU, Drew!

    4. Tim says:

      Sadly and predictably, within a minute of the first one, TDS reared its ugly head. Ugh. So much for helping to bring us all together. Try to let go of the hate. Masking one’s bitterness in a homemade video is beyond transparent, fyi.

    5. Karen says:

      Loved Sunny Side of the Room! If you make another video, please add West Side Campaign Against Hunger to your resource list. Despite the name, it serves the whole city.

    6. Karen says:

      Actually, kept listening and all of these are great!

    7. Chris says:

      UPbeat? After they made it political i felt they are all idiots.

      • neighbor says:

        Why, because they don’t support Trump and you do? The response to this crisis IS political–no way around it. None of us can honestly say that so many Americans would’ve died had COVID happened under the Obama administration.