Upper West Siders Clap for Health Care Workers; Shall We Make This a Nightly Thing?

In other countries, people have opened their windows or stood on balconies to clap and cheer for health care workers. It’s a symbolic gesture, but a very poignant one as doctors, nurses and hospital staff spend days and nights away from their families trying to save our lives.

One local woman who lives in the West 90s attempted to start a similar trend on Sunday night. The woman who goes by @an_uptown_girl on instagram but asked that we not use her name, wants this to be a nightly ritual at 8 p.m.

“I live alone so this 5 minutes of connectedness really brightened up my day!” she said.

See the video below. And join in tomorrow night!

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    1. Alice says:

      Not all New Yorkers fortunate enough to have a terrace or even a window that opens without a screen.
      But it’s a nice gesture, a nice thought.

      • mary caplan says:

        I can clap loudly behind the screen and my dog will likely bark.

        I will do it.

      • Kate says:

        In other places people are also turning their lights on and off if they don’t have balconies/windows that open/etc. Join in with your lights

    2. Wendy Moss says:

      Our synagogue has asked people to do something similar. At 8pm to take a moment of silence to think, respect & pray for those heath workers on the front lines risking their own lives to help others.

      I like the clapping idea as a loud & clear message that will get people curious & wonder & hopefully join in. I guess anything we can do will be a loving gesture of appreciation. This whole Coronavirus thing is very hard to wrap ones head around. Very sic-fi, but unfortunately it’s for real!!!

    3. Nancy says:

      I wanted to do something like this for park west village from our balconies..was thinking g of a song we could sing from our balconies at 6:30 pm

    4. BillyNYC says:

      Never have anyone ever seen this before…😷
      It is wonderful how New Yorkers are handling this.
      This generation has endured a lot and is commended how they’re dealing with this horrific experience in life and a perfect example showing the world… I❤️NY

    5. Georgina Kelman says:

      We did it on 67th Street but we were all alone!

      • Linda says:

        I am on W67th St – have just also mentioned to others tennents so see you at 8pm this evening.

    6. martha says:


      We are clapping on West 105th, CPW-MAnhattan Ave. Please join us!!

    7. Gingie says:

      We could all sing “NY NY” or play it on our phones? Or “NY State of Mind”?

    8. Linda says:

      YES – 8pm nightly ritual if all can do it. Something that is now happening worldwide and our city needs to come together and thank those that are putting their own lives on the line for US….. Will see you all at the window, balcony, roof top – what ever you can.
      STAY SAFE while doing this though……..

    9. Monica says:

      I live miles away from NY, it is
      Bucharest, Romania.
      We did the same for the health care workers. We all agree they are the heroes of these days.