Signs of the Times: UWS Photographer Stephen Harmon Captures Their Diversity and Humanity

By Carol Tannenhauser

Stephen Harmon is an Upper West Sider, a retired lawyer, and a world-class photographer whose work is displayed in many of the city’s museums, including The Museum of the City of New York, The Brooklyn Museum, The New-York Historical Society, and The New York Public Library.

On Friday, he walked on Broadway from 69th to 79th and back taking pictures of the signs on business windows.

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    1. JS says:

      Signs of the times!
      Hope they come down very soon and all are back to work. Stay safe and healthy.

    2. Liifeoong UWS says:

      Everyone stay healthy. But glad everyone is taking precautions. And I love that so many people are helping others in greater need. Makes me proud to be human

    3. LONG LIFEER UWS says:

      Life as we have known it has changed and we are being called upon to adapt to different ways of doing things. For those of us who are rather set in our ways the thought of doing things differently or not at all can be challenging.

    4. Deni says:

      Please think of others and act like you have the virus and stay home , go out only for essentials , this will pass a lot faster if everyone would just cooperate!!,

    5. It came to me as I was trudging the half-mile home from Trader Joe’s in the pouring rain, beard dripping, half-watching the water run in rivulets off the brim of my hat & feeling the heavy can-loaded paper bags I was carrying getting desperately soggy, I was sure, in preparation for their sudden & complete disintegration, & then, as I heard and felt my toes start to squish while I continued to slowly eat up the endless inches on the way to my 5 flights of stairs, still some ways off in the future, I suddenly thought:

      When the going gets tough

      The tough should stay home!