Oh Mama Meatball! Mama’s Too Rolls Out New Sandwiches to High Praise

The new sandwich. Via Mama’s Too Instagram.

Mama’s Too Pizzeria at 2750 Broadway between 105th and 106th Street has gotten high praise for its pizza, which is considered by some to be one of the best slices in the city. Now the restaurant is adding a new item, and it’s being met with the same kind of accolades.

Mama’s Too is debuting $9 meatball parm sandwiches whose arrival Gothamist treated like the birth of a new Dalai Lama, calling it “a meatball parm for the ages.”

The details include “a proprietary beef blend from the Romeo Brothers out of Bensonhurst for the balls”, a sauce that includes “San Marzano-style tomatoes, with rosemary and carrot added as it slowly bakes down” a “slightly-charred mozzarella” and “a focaccia that’s a version of his legendary pizza crust (among other things, it has a slightly higher hydration rate), the dough seasoned with garlic olive oil, parmesan, pecorino, and mozzarella before being placed in the hearth oven.”

The sandwich debuts on Wednesday at noon and will be available until it sels out. They may also roll out other sandwiches, including a Roast Pork with Rabe, a Chicken Parm, and a Jamon Iberico, according to Gothamist.

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    1. Tony B says:

      Looks outrageous! Drooling at the thought of trying one soon.

    2. WombatNYC says:

      Assuming the picture is 2 sandwiches .. Would be nice to have the whole thing for $9

    3. UWS_lifer says:

      Wow, that looks amazing! Count me in on that meatball AND chicken parm sandwich ASAP.

      Someone better check in on UWSHebrew…he is gonna have a heart attack when he finds out about this.:) Say what you will about his politics, the dude knows his food. If he recommends a place on the UWS, you would be well advised to listen.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Ha! Unfortunately I can’t partake in any of these beautiful sandwiches because of religious restrictions…if you want to be amazed at some delicious food close to our nabe I suggest Africa Kine. The staff, the setting, the price, just wonderful. BTW I’ve been a fan of Mama’s Too! since the day it opened when he had almost no customers…before he blew up with the NYT he offered the house pie with bruschetta. I still dream of it (he has not brought it back).

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Correction: I meant to recommend “Teranga”, which is a different African place. I have ordered delivery from Africa Kine and it was delicious as well, but I’ve never been there.

          • geoff says:

            Teranga is in The Africa Cultural Center near 110 and Fifth Ave.

            very cool place.


          • UWS_lifer says:

            Yes, I know how much you love Mama Too’s, and rightfully so. I have to admit I’m not that familiar with African food but I’ll check it out.

            Anyone remember The Blue Nile?? It was an Ethiopian place on Columbus Ave somewhere in the upper 70’s or lower 80s? Might even be the current Shake Shack place. I can’t remember the 1980’s that well anymore.:)

    4. Ju Lesser says:

      Basta pasta!

    5. Merri Kingsly says:

      Way to go Mamas…way to go Frank!!!! Keep that creativity coming.

    6. al chimenti says:

      No Doubt they will have the same lousy attitude towards their customers. They seem to have the same two speeds no matter how busy they are. Slow and Reverse. The last time I was their I asked for a slice and requested that I would like it warm. “The owner said well how long do you want me to heat it??”
      What kind of question is that to ask your patrons?

    7. Chase says:

      Thank God for Momma Too’s

    8. Billy Amato says:

      The worst food in the world you could be eating!!!

    9. stu says:

      I have to say – I have been a critic of Mamas Too from the get-go because they ALWAYS burn the crust. I hate that. But this picture, at least, looks like the bread will not be burned and an amazing sandwich. Unfortunately, the cheese is “slightly-charred mozzarella” (i.e. burned) which I cannot stand… What is their deal with burning everything???

      • MushyKurt says:

        “Burnt and caramelized” edges on crust is the best thing about pizza. Sorry you don’t like that.

        • stu says:

          There is no such thing as “caramelized” edges on crust. Its simply, “burn” (or “toasted”, or “charred” if you want to be fancy). I bake bread and have studied bread baking, and we were told on day one “if you see black on the black, you f—ed up”).

    10. FERDIE says:

      looks like something I ate and lost

    11. Lauren says:

      Oh my God that photo. I picked the wrong year to give up meat!

    12. Toppack says:

      Thank you for your information. They looking good.

    13. Billie says:

      Does anyone know how to order the sandwich? It is not on their menu and they don’t answer their phone. I emailed them, but no response.