City Marshal Seizes Burke & Wills Restaurant

A city marshal seized Australian restaurant Burke & Wills at 226 West 79th Street on Tuesday, returning possession to the landlord on the basis of a court order.

The restaurant, which opened in 2013, is known for its unique Australian cuisine, including a kangaroo burger, as well as less exotic fare like steak and chicken.

It’s not clear if the adjoining bar, the Manhattan Cricket Club, is also closed, though no one answered the phone there on Tuesday.

Burke & Wills was seized in 2017 by by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, but reopened afterwards.

The restaurant hasn’t yet responded to our requests for comment.

Thanks to Jonathan and Eric for the tips.

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    1. Table's Edge says:

      Manhattan Cricket Club was a unique sophisticated spot. Another one bites the dust. Too bad.

    2. Brenda says:

      Kanga and Roo will be thrilled!

    3. Ben David says:

      Very messy and ugly job of taping the sign to the door!

    4. S Barron says:

      oh no. love Burke and Wills. fab bar& lovely dining room. Great drinks and food.

    5. Wiki says:

      An elephants’ graveyard (also written elephant graveyard or elephant’s graveyard) is a place where, according to legend, older elephants instinctively direct themselves when they reach a certain age. They would then die there alone, far from the group.

      The Upper West Side are the restaurant graveyards very similar to the elephant graveyards.

    6. UWS Dad says:

      The entrance to Manhattan Cricket Club is inside Burke & Wills (through the “secret” green door which leads upstairs) so presumably it is also closed.

    7. Disorganize says:

      Doesn’t the Marshall’s office have “scotch tape” or just a side job and he uses his painters tape…

      • B.B. says:

        In cold, windy and or damp/wet weather as we’ve had past few days cello tape isn’t always best. There are better choices that not only will adhere, but remain keeping whatever is posted where it belongs.

    8. FERDIE says:

      will miss the kangaroo burger w/cheese and fries

    9. Troy says:

      Serves them right. Used to enjoy coming here but last few times manager and new employee were incredibly rude and inhospitable to us.

      • Mohammad says:

        hi troy, funny you say that bc i also noticed that they got more unpleasant, and that this should serve as a cautionary tale to restaurants and bars who think they’re better than their customers. well if they drive their customers away how are they to pay the rent?

        • B.B. says:

          Just as with residential it can take several weeks to maybe a month (or longer) for legal action against a business (recovery of premises by owner) to play out.

          Equally as with residential owners of a business know (or should) that a final judgement has been issued against them, and notice to evict sent to marshal.

          In short these sort of actions aren’t result of missing one or even two months rent. That just begins process…..

          • your_neighbor says:

            Correct, they most likely haven’t been paying their landlord rent for 3 to 6 months before the court order was issued.
            Landlords get scammed too, this is why the big landlords who can afford it wait around for big name tenants.

      • iworkedfortheguy says:

        The change in atmosphere happened because the owner ran off his senior management and service team. Pure narcissism, megalomania and ego. He chased away almost everyone and everything that was good about the place. To his own hurt as near as I can tell. Some people just can’t stand to share their success with others.