Pupper West Side: Gracie Likes to Netflix and Chill

Name: Gracie

Age: 12 years old

Breed: Shih Tzu

Profile/history: Mom was going through a hard time when my grandmother was sick and she decided that she wanted to provide my grandmother with all the best things in life, including the joy of dog ownership. But, the twist – Mom is allergic to many things, including lots of dogs! I’m a hypoallergenic pup, but Mom felt she needed to conduct some highly scientific tests just to verify. The day she came to meet me, she picked me up, rubbed me on her face, and then we both paused and waited for a rash to develop…And it never did – huzzah! The rest is history.

Daily routine: I like to provide comfort and luxuriate in comfortable surroundings. Mom and I are both Netflix and chill types. Lov-ing “The Crown” Season 3 these days. Each morning, I act like I partied hard the night before and Mom has to literally peel me off the bed for our morning walk. Once we’re out and about in the city, I enjoy lounging in the park or sitting at brunch and people-watching with a side of eggs and bacon.

Loves: Scooting around town! Mom has an electric scooter and I ride along in her backpack. I love cruising around the city with the wind blowing in my beard. I also love salmon, gentle pats, and spending time in the park.

Does not love: Thunderstorms, firecrackers, and other loud noises.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: Chase Manhattan bank on 95th and Broadway. I’ll stop by when I’ve got some business at the bank, exchanging my nickels for quarters.

Favorite treat: I love treats from K9 Bros like the lamb with broccoli florets and flax seeds. But my guilty pleasure is day-ender of a brunch of Jacob’s Pickles.

Favorite park spot: Really any large patch of grass that is clean and dry without other dogs around.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Oh, so many things! First, I’m so thankful for my Mom. Additionally, I’m thankful for my cosmopolitan life in New York, my friends and family, fall leaves, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Of, and of course, the National Dog Show on NBC that comes on after the parade. I love seeing all the pups strutting their stuff. My vote is for the Shih Tzu, naturally!

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    1. Lisa says:

      Super cute!

    2. Caroline Jules says:

      Loved your interview with Gracie!!

    3. james says:

      i’m not always the most current on slang, but doesn’t “Netflix and chill” really mean to fool around? i assumed this article was about dog breeding.

    4. CAL says:

      Jacob’s Pickles allows dogs?

    5. Jeff says:

      I’m not sure you understand what “Netflix and Chill” means

    6. Rachel says:

      “I also love salmon, gentle pats, and spending time in the park.” honestly, same