Seafood Spot and Hotel Seek Liquor Licenses; What Will Go Into Former Westside Market?

The future home of Mighty Catch.

A seafood restaurant and an historic hotel are applying for liquor licenses and will go before Community Board 7 on October 30 to make their cases.

A restaurant called Mighty Catch is planning to open at 940 Columbus Avenue at 106th Street, which was once the home of Chirping Chicken. The restaurant is planning to open next month, the owner Tom told us on Saturday. Mighty Catch is a Cajun-style seafood chain that serves baskets of fried seafood and fish cooked in all sorts of other ways too. On its liquor license application, the company is listed as Fujiya Ramen & Sushi, but the restaurant is still Mighty Catch. See the full menu here.

The Hotel Belleclaire on Broadway between 76th and 77th is also seeking a liquor license for an as-yet-unannounced bar or restaurant in the former home of Westside Market. Last we heard, the hotel will also be leasing space to Buybuy Baby, a subsidiary of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The hearing is on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m., and will be held at 250 West 87th Street.

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    1. Steven Eldredge says:

      Nothing they put into the Belleclaire can ever make up for the lost of our Westside Market. Nothing.

    2. Madeline R says:

      I guess the “mall-if-ication” of Broadway will go on unabated. What’s better/worse? Another chain store (BuyBuy Baby) or empty storefronts? Sigh.

    3. Kathy says:

      we will miss them very, very much. Come back soon!!

    4. lyriclark says:

      Hotel Belleclaire has brought more tourists and crowded streets to our neighborhood. They took our favorite West Side Market which was so essential to our senior neighbors life. They left us with a useless soap store and now they are leasing to Buy buy Baby which will go bankrupt shortly. Who are these people? Hopefully no liquor license is forthcoming. I do not allow my visitors to stay there.

      • sg says:

        Wow, pretty self righteous. Commerce is good…academics, government workers and activists cannot sustain the UWS (i.e. they don’t pay for themselves), much as they’d like to thin’ they so.

        • Bill H says:

          The idea that the West Side is only or mostly students, activists, and government workers who don’t “pay for themselves” (whatever that means) is absurd. Despite gentrification, the neighborhood is considerably more diverse than that. And there are certainly more than enough people to support a good grocery store if building owners weren’t charging preposterously high rents. So far I haven’t heard a viable plan for addressing the from any of our elected officials.

      • Wha? says:

        How dare a hotel have guests and bring such “crowds” to the neighborhood! Everything should be arranged to best tend your needs!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        I’ve been in one of the rooms for a night. It’s an awful, very old building.

      • WLnyc says:

        Sorry to break the news – but hotels generally have tourists. In fact, I welcome more hotels to the UWS, so I don’t have to send guests to Times Square. I doubt the Belleclaire forced the market to close…enlighten me.

    5. UWSSurfer says:

      I say to Mighty Catch,
      “laissez les bon temps rouler”
      (let the good times roll).

      Give me Cajun crab cakes over a cronut or unicorn frappé.

    6. UWSSurfer says:

      Westside Market had fruit that was actually ripe, unlike our other offerings.

      I thought Hotel Bellcalire wanted to open a sidewalk bar. You can smell the heavy scent of Lush a block away, so I don’t think a sidewalk bar will ever happen.

      Bed Bath & Beyond is trying yet another
      spinoff? The 2nd try is worthless unless you want to buy eyeliner and diapers.

      Babies,yoga moms+mountaineers don’t outnumber normal UWS people who need groceries 24/7.

      • Mark P says:

        They surely don’t – and I sorely miss Westside Market too. But, the mountaineering/yoga/baby raising types are probably spending the money that can pay for these stores and the $10K+ rentals in the new highrises…

    7. Jack Glass says:

      Try broadway farm. A bit more expensive but great produce, deli, small prepared food section. Lovely people work there. Nowhere near loco as fairway, 10 steps above the local key food, gristede’s, pioneer, etc.

    8. Ted says:

      Interesting only if Buybuy Baby is applying for a liquor license

    9. Zanarkand says:

      A lot of these “The Boil” type restaurants opening recently in our neighborhood. They are all quite good. I checked the page for Mighty Catch…hopefully they don’t expand too quickly and catch themselves closing up fast like the Japanese steak place did. They have one location in Oceanside but their website has about 8 other locations coming soon. That seems like a really quick expansion, especially in the NYC and Philly areas. Good luck to them.

    10. Jan says:

      I believe the Belleclare is an historic bldg
      And it was a total wreck before. Now after
      Extensive renovation it looks spectacular!
      A great addition to the UWS. Check out the
      exquisite original floor in the lobby!

    11. uwsresident says:

      I think given the amount of families in the neighborhood, the BuyBuyBaby makes a lot of sense. The baby “boutiques” that already exist in the neighborhood are insanely expensive. There was a baby store on Amsterdam and 76th that closed almost two years ago, and the storefront is still vacant. So it’s not like we need another vacant storefront. Them choosing a historic hotel as the location is a little odd – but the vicinity seems right. And West Side Market was nice to have (certainly more convenient to residents that most alternatives), but Fairway and Cinderella are a block away to the South, and Zabar’s a few blocks North, and Pioneer a few blocks East. Their closing was probably due to lack of profitability if anything. Had there been fewer alternatives, they might still be there.

    12. UWSGrump says:

      Why are they even bothering with ANOTHER kids clothing store after Giggle and The Children’s Place closed in the same neighborhood?

    13. William says:

      I certainly do miss the West Side Market at 77th & Broadway! It really would be nice to have an old fashioned supermarket somewhere on Broadway between Fairway & 86th Street. A ShopRite perhaps. Oh no, landlords would charge them a sky high rent. Greedy Landlords!! Fairway has extremely high prices and the employees there are really surly. Don’t you dare ask them a question!!

    14. William says:

      We do not need more Condos on the UWS.
      We are so overcrowded now! Look at the subway station at 72nd & Broadway! You can hardly walk up and down the stairs. Plus, the elevator often is out of service!