Pupper West Side: Oliver Helps Manage the Building, Loves Southern Home Cooking

Name: Oliver

Age: Almost 4! I’ll turn 4 in October.

Breed: Goldendoodle

Profile/history: Mom’s first words to me were, “Who’s dog is that?” Naturally, I was a surprise gift to her from my Dad. Mom had always wanted a dog and Dad secretly arranged for me to be a gift — which, of course, ended in happy tears.

Daily routine: [Oliver] Dad is the building manager and I’m assistant building manager.

[Dad] Assistant to the building manager.

[Oliver] Same thing. Anyway, each morning our family takes a walk to the park before Dad and I head to the office. We make sure everything is in good working order. Each day can be different from the next. One day I might be overseeing some renovations, the next helping a new tenant get settled in. At first I was an only child, but now I have to (sometimes begrudgingly) share my parents’ attention with my brother and sister: Jack, 2, and Vera, who is 6 months. The five of us spend lots of time in Riverside Park and on the weekends we’ll head to the beach or go hiking in Westchester.

Loves: Two of my favorite people in the world are the building’s handyman – Sam – and our doorman, Bobby. Guys, if you’re reading this, please make sure to give me extra scratches and head pats later on! I am also in a serious, long-term relationship with my girlfriend, Frankie. She’s a beautiful Bernedoodle who lives nearby. Sometimes, I’ll spend hours just sitting on the windowsill, waiting for Frankie to walk by, at which point I’ll throw myself again the glass in excitement. Hi, Frankie!! Love you!

Does not love: Blowdryers. Blegh.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: Some of my biggest fans work at Belleclaire Cleaners on 76th and Broadway. I love stopping by to say hello.

Favorite treat: Anything meaty. I’m really not picky. Pretty hungry at the moment, actually. Hmmm, I wouldn’t sneeze at a nice plate of coq au vin from Amelie or one of those fennel sausage pizzas from Pizzeria Sirinetta.

Favorite park spot: I’d have to say the dog run in Riverside Park at 87th Street. Once, when I was little, I escaped my collar and took off running toward the park. Gave my parents quite the fright! But I just sprinted to the dog park and waited there for them.

What’s your favorite meal on the Upper West Side: Oooooh, so many scrumptious possibilities to choose from. I’ll vote for a classic: brunch at Jacob’s Pickles. Nom, nom, NOM! Always a lively crowd there and the hot chicken biscuit sandwich is to die for. It’s definitely a “day-ender”, but that’s ok. I like to eat it and then head home to laze around on the windowsill, waiting for Frankie.

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    1. Adam says:

      MY BOY !

    2. Ev says:

      Seriously, one of the best columns out there. Thanks SO much for celebrating our little loved ones and for bringing such smiles to all of us.

    3. sg says:

      This is my favorite column…what a cutie Oliver is!

    4. Marci says:

      I always look forward to Pupper West Side. Best idea for a weekly column ever!