UWS Target Store Puts Up Its Sign, and Now Has A New Neighbor

Photo via Lincoln Square BID.

The Target store expected to open soon at 1865 Broadway between 61st and 62nd Streets put up its signs a few days ago as it preps to open a new 34,000 square foot store. Last month, the company held a job fair to staff the new store. A spokesperson didn’t respond to a question about the opening date. Last we checked they only said “later this fall.”

And there’s now an indication of what will go in on the second floor of the building. Financial company Fidelity put signs up in the second floor windows, and records indicate that they signed a 10-year-lease this year.

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    1. Designaddict10023 says:

      Oh yesssssss I’m #pumped for Fidelity!!!! Woot woot!!!

    2. Mr. Monopoly says:

      Well, I don’t know who needs a target, but at least the upper west side finally has a bank!

    3. Eartha L Johnson says:

      Yes I can’t wait to see it 😊!!!

    4. HighFi says:

      Fidelity is a retail investment brokerage… not a “bank”!

    5. Richard Chused says:

      Hmmmmm. Very interesting. Remember that Target is replacing The Bible Museum. What does that say about contemporary life on the UWS?

    6. wombatnyc says:

      These new building are not meant for small, local businesses . They are meant for corporate , high-rent payers. SAD !

      • Sherman says:

        Target is a thriving business that will be providing jobs, paying taxes and providing goods (at a reasonable price) that people in the neighborhood need.

        How exactly is this “sad”?

        In case you haven’t noticed there are already plenty of empty storefronts on the UWS for small businesses to populate.

        • RF says:

          Agreed! I’m excited to welcome Target to the neighborhood. Local businesses charge an arm and a leg for basic household items, and spending $5.50 to take the train to K-Mart and back defeats the purpose of going there to save money, plus adds the complication of having to lug your purchases all the way uptown. And if this Target is like others in the city, it will also offer reasonable prices on grocery items, which will be nice in a neighborhood where additional grocery shopping options are very much needed.

    7. Marilyn says:

      What about the women’s Nordstrom on W 57(?). Target and Nordstrom are my two fave stores!

      Nordstrom to open last fall. It’d Be great if you could report on what’s happening, especially as Other NY landmark stores have closed. Thanks!!

    8. Elly says:

      So excited to have an easily accessible Target on the UWS. Haters to the left!

    9. Saul D. says:

      Isn’t that the building that was home to many dance studios and other arts organizations?