Vice President Pence Expected to Attend UWS Fundraiser on Thursday; Protest Signs Go Up

Vice President Mike Pence is expected to attend a fundraiser on West End Avenue and 81st Street late Thursday afternoon, and at least one protester would like him to know how she feels.

One woman who lives in the building across from where Pence is expected to be hung signs from her window saying “Shame on Pence” and “Zero Tolerance for Separating Families.” She also hung a rainbow flag out one window.

Surrounding blocks have been shut down in preparation.

Pence also may have been dining at Harvest Kitchen around 1 p.m. on Wednesday — multiple people said that there were several secret service agents outside of the restaurant.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

President Obama received a slightly happier reception.

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    1. WestsideGal says:

      Obama/Biden separates families = good

      Trump/Pence separates families = bad

      • Jay says:

        ^ This is parroting the usual BS. Trump employs it as a strategy to deter asylum seekers and other migrants.

      • Can Tell Good from Bad says:

        Under Obama, kids were separated either out of concern that their well-being required it or the legitimacy of the family connection was in question. So, yes, “Obama/Biden separates families = good.” Under Trump kids were separated as a deterrent to frighten others from coming. So, yes,”Trump/Pence separates families = bad.”

      • Pedro says:

        WestsideGal is spot on, liberal elitists triggered

    2. Melissa Hurwitz says:

      Patently false. There are thousands of media and legal outlets that can tell you the truth. But those who want to rationalize this immoral action on our nation’s part will listen only to 2-3 propagandists who disguise themselves as news. You might as well be the idiot who goes to the one out of ten dentists telling you to go ahead and brush your teeth with sugar.

      • Sherman says:

        The only “immoral actions” are being performed by people illegally entering our country for a higher standard of living.

        There are hundreds of millions – if not billions – of people on the planet who live in poverty in dysfunctional countries. Should they all be allowed to enter the US?

        The current migrants are not Jews fleeing the Nazis. Their claims for asylum are very weak.

        Yes, family separation is harsh but it’s not “immoral”.

        • Melissa Hurwitz says:

          Separating babies from their mothers is not immoral? You’re out of your mind. Why are you arguing for this? People didn’t just wake up and plot the Holocaust in a day. It’s a gradual deterioration of the concept of what humanity is that leads to it. Again, why are you trying so hard to believe and argue something immoral is not? Seeking asylum is not illegal. Coming in despite not getting asylum is illegal. Families are being separated when they do the very legal action of applying for entry. This has been explained over and over and over. But you *want* very badly to believe this is OK. Why?

          • sg says:

            Nonsense…you choose to break the law, you suffer the consequences. As to separation, when citizens (and other Legal residents) go to jail for breaking the law they are separated from the kids…and there’s no outrage.

          • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

            hmmm, what about all those employers of undocumented workers? they’re not breaking the law? how come they never end up in jail?

            • Sherman says:

              I hate to admit it but I actually agree with you.

              Yes, there should be stiffer penalties and enforcement of these penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal, er, excuse me, undocumented workers.

              We might wind up paying $20 for a head of lettuce if there was a major crackdown on undocumented agricultural workers, however.

              That said, there should be better opportunities for guest worker programs. This would benefit both the migrants and the US economy.

              Unfortunately, guest worker programs are easier said than done.

        • realitycheck says:

          Seeking asylum is not illegal. None of this is new, it’s what our country is based on.

        • Terri says:

          It is most definitely immoral. Those young infants and toddlers removed from their parents’ care are not receiving anything close to the amount of contact and nurturing they need. At that age, crucial brain development is inextricably tied to time spent with their mothers or caregivers. Irreparable harm is being done and only the most cruel and inhuman among us would even dare to classify it with a word as tame as “harsh.”

        • Chrigid says:

          If the US meddled in your country’s economy and politics, then yes you should be allowed in, with our apologies.

        • Nicole says:

          Why is it immoral to apply for asylum? There are many applicants who have a credible fear of torture or murder in their home countries. There are multiple stories of people whose asylum cases were denied who were murdered by the gangs they feared shortly after they were forcibly repatriated.

    3. JerryV says:

      I first read a line in your article as, “One woman who lives in the building across from where Pence is expected to be hung…..” I thought that was going a bit too far until I read the rest of the sentence.

    4. Rodger Lodger says:

      This is an admirable thing, entering the belly of the beast. I am still impressed by what Pence told his familiy when he was booed in the “Hamilton” theater: “That’s the sound of democracy.”

    5. naro says:

      We love Trump/Pence who are doing fabulous job for American renewal. Are we allowed to say it here?

      • Kindly Dr Dave says:

        You can say what you want NOW. If the Goebbels Billionaire Family prevails in 2020, your words will be edited by your administration.

      • Melissa Hurwitz says:

        Who is “we”?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        naro, say it loud, I’m listening as apparently others who post here are too. Trump 2020.

      • Debra says:

        You can say it but most of us will think you’re
        pretty ignorant.

        • EGF says:

          Your words are exactly what is driving the wedge between Americans. If things don’t go your way you resort to personal attacks on those who believe differently. I did not vote for Trump and nor will I in the future but let’s have a little decorum when discussing politics. Being a democrat does not make us any better than a republican. Your actions and words define you and your beliefs so stop running around calling everyone ignorant lest you be considered the same for doing so.

      • Wlnyc says:

        Please elaborate (with better grammar) on what kind of American renewal they are responsible for improving. Or is that code for white nationalism? They are certainly renewing violent racism and cultural intolerance in this country.

    6. UpperWestSnide says:

      Of course you can, but seems odd that you’d want to.

    7. Sam Koo says:

      I wish, really wish the people of UWS paid their respect to the highest office of the nation.
      We all should show some class and etiquette.
      It is a joyous event that Vice President of the United States, our country, is visiting our neighborhood.

      • realitycheck says:

        Right after the president and VP do. Shame on them.

      • allie says:

        It would, indeed, be a joyous event to have the Vice President visit the UWS…….if only the VP in question wasn’t a hypocritical, evangelical lunatic who supports every corrupt, untrue and disgusting thing the President does.
        Pay respect? Respect is earned, and every day, no, every few hours, this administration does some horrific thing to make eaning our respect more remote a possibilty.

    8. Paul, former UWS now FL says:

      A fundraiser for the VP on 81st and Broadway on the Upper West Side, that great bastion of liberalism, socialism and communism?? That’s like the Jewish United Fund having a fundraiser in Vatican City!

    9. Karen Bruno says:

      Good for Pence..not afraid of entering the belly of the beast!

    10. Linda says:

      People have forgotten that we are all human beings at the end of day. Lack of critical thinking = tribalism in politics. That’s why we need a better school system so people can be taught to discern and ask questions instead becoming followers that don’t have the skill set to be able to discern all sides and come to an independent opinion.