Basketball & Volleyball Games With NYC Pickup Sports Start This Saturday on the UWS!


Saturday evenings, September 21st – December 14th

Our fall programming slate at the Marlene Meyerson JCC is set to begin on September 21st, and includes Saturday evening pickup sports games for both boys and girls ages 9-15. Programing includes:

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Pay for only the games you play in! 

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This season we are introducing a new “flex package” where parents only have to pay for the number of games their child plays throughout the season. This is all a part of our mission to provide children with a safe environment to be active without the pressure and commitment of a traditional sports league.

About NYC Pickup Sports:

The concept of our program is “Pickup Sports”. The program’s founder, and fellow Upper West Sider, Zach Abecassis says “The difference between pickup sports and league sports is that the pressure is off. We pick new teams every week and there are no drills or standings. All we do is play the games. You are not committed to a single team and there is no obligation to show up every week. We encourage kids to experiment on aspects of their game that they would not normally be able to do in a league setting, and “have fun with it.” NYC Pickup Sports is a fun, safe, casual program for any kid who wants to play the sport of their choice without having to worry about the pressures and commitment of a traditional sports league.” 

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