Upper West Sider Will Unicycle 100 Miles Around Central Park on Saturday to Raise Money for Art

Upper West Sider John Stone plans to unicycle 100 miles around Central Park on Saturday to raise money for arts organization The Paper Bag Players, where Stone is the musical director and composer. The money will go toward scholarships for children to attend Paper Bag shows.

But what about the incredibly steep Harlem Hill, you ask? He’ll be bypassing that hill — c’mon he may ride a unicycle but he’s not nuts!

“Riding the unicycle 100 miles will be a challenge. But I’ve done it before and am excited to do it again. It’s for a cause I care about deeply: helping ensure that all children have equal and ready access to our performances (and the artistic, educational and inspirational benefits therein). I truly hope you’ll give generously for this fabulous cause!”

He’ll be taking rest breaks at 100th and Central Park West, if you want to stop by and talk.

As of Tuesday, he had raised $2,500 of his $5,000 goal. You can learn more and donate here.

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