Openings & Closings: Sneaker Pawn, Trek, Tani Shoes, Fred Marcus Studio, Get Smart 99 Cents, Kitchenette

Sneaker Pawn, a shop that sells high-end and unique sneakers, could open as soon as Thursday (today) on Broadway between 105th & 106th street. An episode of the series Sneaker Hustle was being filmed in the shop earlier this week. “Is this really a place to pawn your sneakers?” our tipster Naomi asked them. “Yeah, kinda.”

Trek bicycle store, which sells and services bikes and gear, posted earlier this week that it would open at 156 West 72nd, in the former home of Le Petit Kids, on Wednesday. Thanks to Michael for the tip.

Tani shoe store on 72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam appears to be closed. The store is cleared out and they’re not answering the phone. Thanks to Emily and Amy for the tips and photos.

Fred Marcus Studio, the photo studio at 245 West 72nd Street, has closed up shop, moving to 340 West 58th Street. Fred Marcus had been on the block for more than 78 years. It wrote a farewell note to customers. Thanks to Jesse for the tip.

Kitchenette, the restaurant at 1272 Amsterdam Avenue near 122nd Street, closed a few days ago. “We had a good run and thank everyone who supported and dined with us for close to 20 years,” the restaurant wrote on Facebook. “It has become impossible to survive the economic climate in New York City. We will miss you all. Thank you all.” For those of us who have depended on their goat cheese omelettes, this is a sad day. Thanks to Christopher for the tip.

Get Smart 99 Cents has moved to 2669 Broadway near 102nd, the former home of Grape Collective, which also moved down the block. Thanks to Naomi for the tip.

If you see any openings and closings, be sure to email westsiderag at gmail!

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    1. Rob G. says:

      Nice. A sneaker pawn shop and a 99 cent store? The West 100’s is really stepping up it’s game.

      • Kay McFadden says:

        Sneaker Pawn buys and sells high-end and/or hard-to-get vintage kicks. The “Pawn” is just to sound snappy. Guessing this spot was chosen for proximity to Columbia students. Other locations get bad reviews, see Yelp.

    2. Anon says:

      Chase Bank on 76th and Columbus is closing. Not a huge lose itself, but will leave that area even more barren. I’m not sure what’s happening with the new Asset restaurant (next to Chase), it had a soft opening and then has been papered up for weeks.

      • Michelle says:

        Yes, I’m ready for Asset to open and give some more life back to that block on Columbus! Hoping once Asset opens that some of the empty storefronts will be more desirable to rent there.

        • George says:

          Does anyone know if ASSET will have a relatively approachable menu? Or is it more in line with something upscale like 8th Hill that’s a few blocks north?

          I agree that ASSET could help contribute to some new life on that stretch of Columbus. Between the empty Saffron storefront, the former Starbucks space papered up, Chase closing, and all the construction and empty space near the museum, Columbus in the high 70s really needs something special. Not to mention that Calle Ocho is no longer at 81st.

      • geoff says:

        that’s interesting because they occupy six store fronts, if i’m thinking of the correct location.

      • pumpkinpie says:

        I received an email (or a letter) saying that the Chase Branch at Broadway and 70th would be closing September 24th.

    3. Lisa says:

      Any idea what happened to the Citibike stop at 88 and West End?

      • Just Jamie says:

        This morning they were installing a new citibike stop in front of the newly-condoed high school on West End and 87th.

        • Paul says:

          It was originally on 87th, but it moved to 88th when construction at the high school began.
          That renovation took forever, far too long

    4. lyriclark says:

      Tani is closed? oh no! We’ve lost Rickys now Tani…what’s going on? Nothing left for those of us who enjoyed imported shoes that look edgy and stylish and make-up out of the mainstream. This neighborhood doesn’t seem to want younger residents. Depressing to walk up 72nd St.

      • JW says:

        Oh man – I liked Tani and would pop in every once in a while and purchased a few shoes from there over the years. 72nd street is a wasteland!

      • Patty says:

        It was open last week and says that they’re open today…

    5. msgrandoni says:

      The Kitchenette really went downhill the past few years. I am not sorry to see it go-surprised it lasted so long

    6. Miriam says:

      I wondered why Uptown Kitchenette suddenly disappeared from Grub Hub! Will miss the egg and chorizo on a biscuit. Yeah, I know. But damn it was good.

    7. Miki Fiegel says:

      We loved Kitchenette. What a sad commentary on small businesses that such a lovely restaurant had to close due to the present economic climate

      • allen swan says:

        When the economy of the country is doing well, it’s a shame that the local economy under this administration is doing so poorly. I’m surprised that there are any small businesses able to thrive in NYC.
        And why are they building all these store fronts…Amsterdam & 96th, Columbus & 93rd, the buildings along Amsterdam in the low 100’s, where Associated Market was open for a short while, and aside from TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Whole Foods, and the few other chain stores, there are all those empty stores on Columbus as well.
        And the next election will come up and most likely, if not DeBlasio, someone just as bad will be sitting in Gracie Mansion. Nothing will change. Even the complaining will be the same. And those that vote those people in will continue to wonder what went wrong.

        • B.B. says:

          BdeB, nearly entire city council, the comptroller, council speaker, most if not all borough presidents, and perhaps a few others are all term limited out in 2021.

          Only question is who will win game of NYC political musical chairs as former council members, speaker, comptroller et al look around for something else to run for.

    8. Jan says:

      Major loss of Ricky’s. I am now thinking where will I get
      the Wella hair products? I’ll have to chase around NY
      to find it. And, Ricky’s 2nd Avenue and 74th is also
      closing. A very unfortunate trend in our city that will
      have unwanted consequences probably.
      Are the store owners aware they may not be able to re rent
      at those prices?

    9. Karina says:

      Kitchenette will truly be missed!

    10. TC says:

      Did WSR write about Burrito Mariachi closing (72nd between Columbus/Amsterdam). Cheap, good food, quick delivery. There’s a dearth of Mexican food on the UWS, and this was a good go-to. Apparently closed early July (I’m seriously crushed about this)

    11. B.B. says:

      Before the usual rants about “greedy” landlords being the cause of all this retail vacancy, it just isn’t true.

      Department of Planning released a study last week showing retail vacancy is not a blanket citywide issue. Some areas are doing fine to perfectly well, others yes, are having issues.

      But where there are issues even then it may not simply be a matter of rents. Factors such as location, local area economy, etc… all must be considered.

      • IH says:

        Thank you for this link which analyzes the 5 boros. If you look at page 6, you will see where the UWS (and the UES, and SoHo/NoHo) fall — and it’s pretty grim.

        Hot Corridors (Medium/High Vacancy)

        • These are more established or rapidly changing Manhattan and Brooklyn corridors where rents have increased notably in recent years.

        • Some owners kept spaces vacant while seeking high rents; in many cases, they had promised certain rent levels and a “credit tenant”* to their lenders in order to secure favorable loan terms. Many other owners did not hold out given ongoing costs that must be covered by rents.

        • A market adjustment may be occurring. High asking rents are proving unattainable and a large supply of vacant property has increased competition for tenants. Many owners are now settling for lower rents and providing other concessions.

        • B.B. says:

          Don’t know how “grim” things are overall for UES, but Third Avenue from about 61st to 80th seems fine.

          Both former Gracious Home spaces are being prepared for occupancy by new tenants (Target and Long’s Bedding).

          Former Ricky’s space between 78th and 79th just opened as a nail salon.

          Nordstrom is opening also in a former vacant space on Third avenue.

          New pizza place opened this week in a long vacant storefront across from former Ricky’s on Third between 78th and 79th…

          What *might* be confusing some numbers is a good amount of ground floor retail on UES was vacant because buildings were slated for demolition, and property redeveloped.

          Nearly all of Third between 83rd and 84th is coming down. Half or more of Lexington between 78th and 77th was vacated, and now torn down for a new project.

          First Avenue between 79th and 80th (entire east side block) was vacated, and now totally torn down for redevelopment (Extell).

          Will say the UES like UWS is in midst of a transition as demographics change. Wealth is pouring into Yorkville (area east of Lexington), and the Second Avenue Subway has meant easier access to that once sleepy part of UES.

          As a result rents from roughly Lexington going east for both commercial/retail and residential are rising. Old businesses that had been in Yorkville for ages are finding themselves being priced out.

          UES/Yorkville also resembles UWS in that you have no small number of buildings sitting on tons of unused air rights (allowed FAR is greater than what currently exists), which is like catnip to developers.

          Like UWS the side streets are mostly protected (brownstone zoning), but along the avenues and major cross streets is another story.

          • IH says:

            Meantime, back to the NYC Planning PDF that you helpfully provided, the vacancy rates are: UWS (12.8%), UES (12.5%), and SoHo/NoHo (13.8%).

            The PDF also includes annotated maps for each neighborhood.

    12. lisa says:

      Petland Discounts at 103 st and Broadway is closed.

      • B.B. says:

        We’ve been though this; owner of Petland Discounts passed away. His family simply shut things down instead of trying to run the business, and or finding someone else willing to do so.