Openings & Closings: Daily Provisions, Rancho Tequileria, Boulevard Seafood, MACC, La Vera Pizza

Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and Amanda Wilson of Daily Provisions.

Daily Provisions, Danny Meyers’ cafe chain, is getting set to open in September at 375 Amsterdam Avenue (at the corner of 78th Street). Daily Provisions is known for a wide variety of baked goods, including crullers that people line up early to buy and a French pastries called gougères that are like savory cream puffs. They have sandwiches and other lunch fare too. Eater went through some of the most unique food here.

Rancho Tequileria just opened on Thursday at 718 Amsterdam Avenue at 95th Street. The Mexican restaurant and bar has a happy hour from noon to 7, and the menu is the same as at its Hell’s Kitchen location. It’s open until 11 Monday through Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday. See the menu here. Thanks to Robert for the tip.

Boulevard Seafood, which replaced Henry’s on Broadway and 105th last year, is closing on August 18, a hostess told us, citing high rent. “Henry’s was a local place and the move to more high end seafood restaurant did not really ever work,” wrote our tipster Denise.

A new restaurant/cafe called M.A.C.C. is opening at 51 West 106th and Manhattan Avenue, previously the home of Jazz Gourmet. Megan tells us she hears it will be a cafe during the day and serve pastas (and more) at night.

La Vera Pizza is now open in the former Two Boots space on Broadway between 95th and 96th streets. La Vera is part of a chain with an extensive menu beyond pizza.  Thanks to Keith for the tip.

Rocket Club, an after school program that teaches kids (9 -14 years old) entrepreneurship, coding, and robotics has opened on the Upper West Side, operating out of The Yard at 157 Columbus Avenue. It’s now accepting new members for the Fall semester. “The program is created with the unique goal of molding kids to build and operate their own real businesses, problem solve like an entrepreneur, and think-critically like an engineer,” they tell us. And they say they’re almost booked up for next year, so interested parents should get in touch.

Wine store Grape Collective is back, opening a new location 2675 Broadway at 102nd Street. It was formerly at 2669 Broadway, just down the block. Thanks to Celeste for the photo.

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    1. julie says:

      Boulevard Seafood was a terrific venue.. And the food was amazing. How sad that nearly every restaurant these days is a chain serving pizza or hamburgers. Rents will never be reversed so we’re living in what resembles a suburb in the mid-west these days.

    2. Grace says:

      Every time WSR has opening and closings I play a game called NOTHING in the 80s except closings. The Broadway area is vile. Empty stores everywhere.

      • George says:

        Broadway is really what is struggling in the 80s. But Columbus and Amsterdam have a variety of openings on the horizon. Coming soon to 80s Columbus: Tasca (Spanish-Caribbean restaurant), Pasta Franco (Italian restaurant), Big Gay Ice Cream, and The Consulate (French restaurant). Coming soon to 80s Amsterdam: Barachou (cream puffs), the Jacob’s Pickles Tiki Bar (cocktails), Pekerna (Slovenian restaurant), and the new location for Amsterdam Ale House.

    3. Molly Gordy says:

      I am heartsick that Boulevard Seafood is closing. Their food is outstanding and their Musical Tuesdays were on including ballroom dancing were onthe cusp of becoming an Upper West Sode phenomenon. We are losing something remarkable

      • NYC via Believeland says:

        Agree. Seafood entrees here quite good. Yes service always was slow but so was Henry’s. Was overpriced. Sad to see it go.

      • Nina says:

        Yeah this is too bad. I thought it was a great replacement for Henry’s.

    4. Janice says:

      I’m sad to hear Boulevard is closing. I thought the food there was really good and went there on a fairly regular basis. Too bad. I hope someplace nice opens in its place.

    5. Lynn says:

      So sad. I liked Henry’s, but really liked Boulevard Seafood. The tables were not on top of each other, and one could carry on a conversation.

    6. Susan says:

      Boulevard will be missed
      Ah too bad
      Another good one bites the dust

    7. SoSad says:

      I don’t get it. Is the upper west side where restaurants go to die? Henry’s into Boulevard Seaford was a good concept. The prices were similar to Henrys. The food was good, the ambience good, the wait staff good. All good. Why gone?

      • Steen says:

        Speaking as a vegetarian, Henry’s was one of our go-to as he had a number of choices for us in the menu. We tried Boulevard, but there takt wasn’t much beyond appetizers for us to eat.

        In this day and age, when more people than ever are trying to move into a plant-based diet, it felt crazy that there wasn’t one entree to pick from.

        It’s also my understanding that the rent as compared to other locations in this area was incredibly reasonable, so I think it was the concept of a fish restaurant that was the issue more than rent.

        Now the Manhattan diner is gone, maybe a diner will want that location. The neighborhood could use one!

    8. MQue says:

      $22 for a burrito and $18 for tacos wtf! I’m always excited to welcome some Mexican food to the neighborhood but that is outrageous.

      • Kate says:

        We actually contemplated eating at Rancho Tequileria and could not get over the taco prices. I’ll just get mine from the truck. Thanks.

      • George says:

        Their chicken burrito is $14.95 according to their website (though they do have other burrito options that sail past $20+), and the $16-$18 taco platters come with 4 tacos. I do at least appreciate they have a solid happy hour menu, which I can’t say for a lot of other Mexican restaurants in the area.

    9. iz says:

      Bummer about Boulevard closing, but is anyone truly surprised? I don’t think I ever walked by there and saw it busy. Just a huge space meant for a much larger crowd than it ever received. Hopefully something good and popular will take over so the space doesn’t just sit vacant forever.

      • Mark Moore says:

        I saw it busy once on Saturday night. What’s the deal with The Boilery? How does that place stay open? Has anyone gone there?

    10. Don (General) Ize says:

      Re: “How sad that nearly every restaurant these days is a chain … we’re living in what resembles a suburb in the mid-west these days.”

      REALLY ?????

      So WHY does the foodie website “Zomato” list “565 restaurants in Upper West Side”?

      Amongst them, where is OUR California Pizza Kitchen, Long John Silvers, Olive Garden, or all the rest of that crowd???

      Maybe in the Theater District to catch the tourist crowd, but not up here!

    11. Nicki C says:

      Not surprised. Food was great, but service was awful. They needed more servers- it was always understaffed-waits were ridiculous.

    12. Nina says:

      Well, I never liked Two Boots, so I had high hopes for La Vera. I tried a slice, and it was just so-so. I like Little Italy on 92nd better.

      • Mark Moore says:

        I went to La Vera and they have like 20 pies sitting around on display that they cooked hours ago. The key to good pizza is that it should be fresh so I left. Little Italy is pretty good.