Maisel Filming Again on the UWS This Week; The Show Loves This Stately UWS Building

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will shoot several scenes in Miami for Season 3 of the hit Amazon show. But they’re still shooting on the Upper West Side too, including prepping a scene this Tuesday on Riverside Drive. Lisa saw the Marvelous sign below on 113th and Riverside.

It’s likely a shot of the outside of 404 Riverside Drive, which stands in as Mrs. Maisel’s home. The stately building is known as The Stratmore and was built in 1909. The entrance has a very distinctive awning, and they have done some shots from inside the lobby too. Brick Underground has a fun piece on the “marvelously unreal” apartment that Maisel inhabits on the show.

The Strathmore was quite a luxury building when it opened, according to Streeteasy. “Originally built with two 10-room residences per floor featuring intricate plaster moldings, parquet floors with inlaid borders, high ceilings, walnut paneling and mahogany doors the Strathmore remains a Riverside gem a century later.”

404 Riverside in a Maisel scene.

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    1. C. King Reality says:

      Re: “Brick Underground has a fun piece on the “marvelously unreal” apartment that Maisel inhabits on the show.”

      Aaahhh, YES! NYC as viewed by Hollywood. Characters living hand-to-mouth, but doing so in a Classic Six.

      It’s about as ridiculous as the scenes where someone driving a car ALWAYS finds a convenient parking space directly in front of the building to which they’re headed.

    2. Lynn says:

      I’m curious to see how they will film scenes outside 404 Riverside since it has been under scaffolding and scrim covering the entire building since an extremely strong wind and rain storm destroyed the cornice in June, 2017.

    3. JVH says:

      The NYPL has three online images of the Strathmore from 1910, including two floor plans, such as

    4. Juan says:

      My memory of the show is a little rusty, but if I recall, the parents apartment is faculty housing for her father, a Columbia professor, which is why they live so far uptown. At one point he contemplates leaving Columbia and notes that he will lose his apartment if he does.

      And Miriam and Joel’s apartment was bought for them by his parents, who have done fairly well in the garment business. Also, as today, I’m sure you could get a lot more bang for your buck near Columbia than 30 blocks south.

    5. Peter says:

      What might be the real apartment on which that of Midge’s parents is based (compare the floor plan to the apartment on the show) sold last year for six million.

    6. Miriam says:

      Oh, how great! I grew up on the corner at 420 RSD! Amazing apartments and rents were actually reasonable for a long time. I don’t think an apartment here would have been out of reach for a Columbia professor. I learned to roller skate on that stretch of the park. Anyway, maybe I’ll walk over. That block holds such good memories for me.

    7. Kate says:

      I always assumed the floorplan was a classic 6 and thought it was very realistic for the UWS. Until the 1980s, the UWS was not expensive. My parents bought a classic 5 for $32K in 1975 30 blocks south, it was well less than a similar sq ft house in a nearby suburb. I don’t think it is unrealistic at all to think that they could easily afford that apartment at the time.