New Morton Williams Gets Swanky With Its Own Wine & Beer Bar ‘Morty’s’

Whole Foods may have its “On Tap” bar in Columbus Circle, but now Morton Williams has taken the trend one step further.

Morty’s Wine & Beer Bar has opened next to the new Morton Williams supermarket on the ground floor of One West End (between 59th and 60th). According to its web site, Morty’s Wine & Beer Bar features “seasonal wines, various beers on tap and mouthwatering eats.” The menu has lots of higher-end bar food, including Lobster Rolls, a chicken avocado panini, and a jumbo shrimp cocktail. Happy Hour is from 4:30 to 8 on weekdays and 3 to 6 on weekends, with specials of $5 beers and $7 wines.

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    1. How is the supermarket shopping?

    2. woodcider says:

      They’re going to have a nice captive audience since there’s nothing in that commerce wasteland.

    3. Wendy says:

      Not true,@Woodcider – there is a Western Beef supermarket down the street on West End. There are also other liquor stores around.

    4. B.B. says:

      Morton Williams seems to be stepping up their game of late. They also just opened a nice “organic” supermarket on 72nd and Third, the long closed Talbot’s store, and previous to that a bank.

      That location also will do well because there isn’t a supermarket from Fifth to Third at all on Fifth, Madison, Park or Lexington in that area. There is a horrible DAG on 76th and Lexington.

      • Sam says:

        Oooh. I’m glad that 72nd street location opened. I know it’s on the east side, but sometimes I take the east side bus uptown and then head west on the m72. it could be useful to pop in for a few groceries before hopping on the bus home (and certainly easier than waiting on line at Trader Joes)

    5. Uncle JoJo says:

      I work around the corner and its absolutely a commerce wasteland.