Morning Bulletin: Silent Wedding, Inspiring Blue Sweater, Sesame Street Dispute, Shots Fired

Photo by Melanie Einzig.

May 6, 2019 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 68 degrees.

Concerts, readings and many other local events are on our calendar.

The Times had a very fun story about a wedding planned for this month at the West Side Community Garden on 89th Street. “So Ms. Eng suggested that everyone at the wedding wear earbuds to privately listen in unison to the music — including “Pachelbel’s Canon” and a duet version of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and Barry Manilow — so the normal garden activity can go on undisturbed.” (story at bottom of newsletter)

Helena Weinrauch, a local Holocaust survivor, has a blue sweater — knitted by another survivor — that has “gone viral” on the Internet. ” The sweater — which [friend Gail] Dubov described to “Good Morning America” as “gorgeous,” was knitted for Helena by Ann Rothman, a young woman and Auschwitz survivor who she met in the Sigtuna hospital in Sweden, where she spent time recovering…According to Dubov, upon giving Helena the sweater, Ann said, ‘We have no family, we have no home, we have no money but we can celebrate Passover and honor our families.'”

A judge has signed off on a homeless shelter for Billionaire’s Row just below Central Park.

After Sesame Street is certified as being on the UWS, Queens residents claim that “Sesame Street is clearly in Queens.” “In a literal sense, the show really is in Queens: Sesame Street has filmed at Queens’ Kaufman Astoria Studios since the 1990s.”

There were shots fired near 100th and Columbus on Friday night. West Side Rag writer Carol Tannenhauser has the report: According to an NYPD spokeswoman, a 911 call was received at 7:15 pm on May 3rd, Friday, from 792 Columbus Avenue, stating that shots were fired “in the street.” Three vehicles were hit. The windshield of one was shattered; the two others were shot in their “side doors or rear panels.” Police are looking for three suspects, who “seemed to be aiming at the vehicles.” No one was injured, and the investigation is ongoing.

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    1. ben says:

      Surprising that the billionaires buying up empty condos on Billionaire’s Row haven’t just bought that building outright.

    2. dannyboy says:

      Sesame Street is definitely UWS!

      (And I’m from The Bronx originally, so am completely objective.)

    3. ST says:

      Shots fired at 100th and Columbus means steps away from the 24th Precinct. Audacious.

      • dannyboy says:

        A shout out to Carol Tannenhauser!

        Here reporting included direct quotes from the NYPD. A real rarity in reporting these days.

        Kinda’ makes me believe that real investigative reporting can make a comeback.

    4. Alan Myers says:

      Actually Sesame Streets first location, world wide, was at the Teletape Studio located on 81 St. and Broadway, the present location of
      an apartment building and a Star Bucks. The year of the first year of production was 1969 and remained at that location for two years. I was a young Local 1 stagehand, just two years with my Union card. It was an exciting experiment that continues to this day. Thursday’s were devoted to the Muppets. What a treat to be part of.

    5. Gail says:

      Unfortunately you missed the main point of the original story about Helena Weinrauch. The blue sweater was knitted for her and presented right before Passover. The one request by Ann Rothman, the knitter, was that Helena wear it on Passover that year. Helena has worn it every Passover since.

    6. Arlene says:

      I would really like to know what our mayor is doing to prevent the rise of crime & homeless on our streets- has he done anything regarding gun violence which is reported daily on all the local tv stations. Never a word – too busy thinking he is presidential & 76% of New Yorkers don’t.

    7. AC says:

      Old Upper West Siders remember when Sesame Street was born in the late 60’s at Reeves Teletape Studio on West 81 Street, off of B’way. I remember growing up and seeing Mr.Hooper, Maria, Luis, as several of them parked their car at nearby Apthorp Garage (West 80th).

      Reeves Teletape Studio was home to Beat the Clock in the 50s/60s and home to Love Sydney (with Tony Randal) back in the early 80s.

    8. It's going to get worse says:

      The area (Park West Village) enclave is no longer safe between 97th to 100th covers address 784, 788 and 792 Columbus Ave. The three buildings security consist of 24 hr door person but with unlocked door. When the gun shots were fired Friday evening it was devastating. Never experience this behavior in the many years living in the area. Better patrolled especially after sunset.