Help Us Crowdsource the Best Rainy Day Activities on the Upper West Side!

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

It’s been a very rainy weekend, and some of us are feeling stir crazy! So we thought we’d crowdsource some ideas about how to occupy ourselves in the neighborhood when the weather isn’t cooperating. Help us! We’re asking for good activities for adults and for parents.

We’ll start.

For adults
Meeting a friend at Peacefood Cafe (460 Amsterdam Avenue, 82nd Street) for soup of the day and one of their awesome biscuits.

Now you!

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    1. James E Roberts says:

      Go to the park wearing full rain gear. You’ll have the place to yourself. No tourists!

      • Jan says:

        Excellent idea. Park smells SO good it’s Springtime!

      • dannyboy says:

        I go to Riverside Park, rain, snow, or sun. On days like these it’s just me and the squirrels.

        And folks walking dogs.

    2. Daniel says:

      Adults or kids- go indoor rock climbing at Central Rock Gym

    3. Jean Mensing says:

      That’s a great great great photo, Stephen Harmon. I took a photo of your photo. Will not use it for profit…understan copywrite laws. Thanks….. jean

    4. Nancy says:

      Go to celebrate israel UWS on 88 th and inside BJ

    5. Mamaebbes says:

      Rainy days = LEGO days on our house!

    6. Richard says:

      It’s Cinco de Mayo! The best margaritas are at Santa Fe on 71st and Columbus!!

    7. Mark P says:

      How funny…I actually did try to go to Peacefood myself today! I say try because too many others had the same idea, at least for me to sit at the counter! So instead I went to Elea on 85th close to Broadway. They have a wonderful bar in the round next to the front window, a great bartender in Virgilio, and awesome food. Not vegan of course, but I don’t discriminate 😋

      My other rec is to visit one of the many unsung older exhibits at AMNH. Full Moon is a great example of such gems. Amazing photographs from the Apollo missions that photographer Michael Light rescued from the obscurity of NASA archives.

      • J says:

        We ended up going to Peacefood Cafe as well, just after watching The Avengers at the 84th St Cinema. Surprisingly we didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes at the restaurant. It looked more like a 1 hour wait.

    8. Erin Morrison says:

      Go to Muse Paintbar in Tribeca

    9. Raised By Wolves says:

      As my Mom often said (in Yiddish, repeating what HER mother probably said, in Yiddish):

      “Klap deyn kop kegn di vant, es vet filn beser aoyb ir haltn”
      or: “Bang your head against the wall, it will feel better when you stop”

      (thank you, Mr. Google-Translate)

    10. We did all our summer planting this weekend. The best kind of rainy weather to plant your summer flowers and plants.

    11. dannyboy says:

      Here’s a tip I can share with the Commentariat:

      Inclement weather is a good time to go to those otherwise crowded food shops.

    12. dannyboy says:

      A habit that developed in childhood was seeing movies when it rained.

      I think you can’t go wrong with “Long Shot”.

      Of course, as kids we stayed in the theater all day. Usually surprised at the weather (or the darkness) when we finally left.

    13. dannyboy says:


    14. dannyboy says:

      Taking my wife out for a special dinner.

    15. dannyboy says:

      Right now I’m sitting in front of the fire crowdsourcing.

    16. dannyboy says:

      Play with the cat.

    17. dannyboy says:


    18. dannyboy says:

      Long conversation.

    19. Gretchen says:

      Gorgeous photo by Stephen Harmon. Looks like a French Impressionist painting. Thanks for posting.

    20. Wijmlet says:

      Children’s Museum of Manhattan, though it might be crowded. Go on a sunny day.

      • Subject says:

        Hello –
        Let’s keep on the subject please!!!!
        we’re talking about what to do on rainy days in New York City NOT SUNNY DAYS!!!!
        thank you !!!!

    21. Susan Epler says:

      Having exceedingly long brunch with two mimosas at Cafe Amrita 301 West 110th Street

    22. Melissa says:

      Take a nice long peruse in one of the Book Culture stores, and bonus if they are having a talk.

    23. Juan says:

      Spring cleaning – purge!

    24. Jacq Patchen says:

      Brave the rain a little. It, walk to the closest Goodwill or HousingWorks! Always a fun rainy day to be had.

    25. Susan S. says:

      Reduce your carbon footprint because NYC is predicted to have more rain and likely flooding because of climate change. Here’s a website about how to reduce your carbon footprint:

      This is good even if you don’t believe that climate change is contributing to more rain and likely flooding in NYS. See these articles about this:

    26. Ray says:

      Museum of Natural History…and lunch nearby.

      I love it on a rainy day. Check your rain gear and you are free to run around unencumbered. Go into the catacombs of the AMNH. There are monsters down there and…oh, wait. That was a book. Okay, but still there are monsters upstairs and all sorts of cool stuff. And teensy things and spiders. And butterflies. I’d go there with or without kids.

      And the Universe. It’s really big. It’s there too.

    27. chris woo says:

      that is a gorgeous photo! makes me want to paint it

    28. Seth G says:

      Sidebar: this photo is astonishing!

    29. Laure moutet says:

      Take an umbrella and raincoat,take the kids singing in the rain in central park while telling them rain is nature’s best friend which allows flowers and grass to grow . Basically transform rain in an adventure. Good for both parents and kids.

      Go to the ny museum of natural history, to the children museum of course. Catch up on shopping on the aol building and nieman marcus. Treat yourself to coffee and fresh croissants at krayser. Movies at city cinema or lincoln center.

    30. Seth G says:

      Bring camp chairs, the Sunday NYT, and a Thermos of coffee to the opening of one of the tunnels on the Bridle Path.

    31. That is a great idea! We’d like to remind everyone that Grand Bazaar NYC is open every Sunday, indoors and outdoors, rain or shine! With our various special events there are always lost of new vendors to discover. Come hungry and shop local!

    32. Mar a Mango says:

      Read the Mueller Report (cover to cover)

      you won’t believe what your Potus did.

    33. Eric Buckvar says:

      When my daughter was young, the AMNH Discovery Room was our go-to rainy day activity. I think some sort of reservation might be required, they only allow kids to enter at scheduled times.

    34. dannyboy says:

      Moderate a blog.