Flood Causes Temporary Closure of NYSC Gym on 73rd Street

By Joy Bergmann

Fitness seekers this weekend got an excuse for breaking their New Year’s resolutions when a water leak Saturday evening caused a flood of the New York Sports Club [NYSC] at 23 West 73rd, forcing the gym to send members to other locations.

FDNY responded to reports of the leak at 7:47 p.m. Saturday, officials said. There were no reports of injuries, FDNY said.

Sunday morning, WSR spotted workers using towels to mop up the lower-level workout area. The ceiling above showed water stains and at least one ceiling tile appeared to have fallen out. A man answering the phone at NYSC said, “No comment,” when asked about the flood but did say they were hoping to reopen on Monday.

Susan Schwartz, who sent in the tip about the flood, said she’s lately been disappointed by conditions at the location, including non-working TVs and treadmills. NYSC has another branch at 62nd and Broadway. The NYSC location on 76th Street and Broadway closed in October after 21 years.

Upon spotting the red “Closed Today” notices at 73rd Street, one spandex-clad woman saw a silver lining. “I’m going to get a bagel. At least I can blame them,” she said.

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    1. Len Charney says:

      You forgot the branch at 80th Street and Broadway which has the same awful conditions, namely, non-working TVs, non-working treadmills, leaking roof on second floor and poor hygiene conditions. I and many others are available to discuss and substantiate further. In many instances these conditions have existed as long as 8 months. It is my understanding that all levels of management have been non-responsive. Just send some one to look at the awful conditions. This is not meant as a criticism of the staff who work at the Club. Their hands are tied

      • Rich says:

        the location at 94th and Broadway is not significantly better. Only reason i go is that i really have no other reasonable option.

    2. DudeDidNotWorkout says:

      Thanks for this update, WSR! I stopped by there this morning after a run and was surprised to see the door locked. Since none of us read signs (posted in red on the doors!), we were all incredulous that he gym was CLOSED. The woman behind me said “Oh, this is most inconvenient” and so we all went out separate ways….likely not to another NYSC location…maybe to eat!

    3. ST says:

      Gave up NYSC membership because of horrid management and filthy conditions. West 80th was once the best managed location and then manager was replaced. The new manager actively tried to get rid of older members. West 94th Street infested with mildew.
      Couldn’t bring myself to look at the dirt and hair everywhere so I never went. Makes “health” in health club a total joke.

    4. uwsider says:

      I’ve been going to NYSC for 3 decades! 80 st mainly. What a shame that it’s so different now. . In the 90’s people were SO fit and energized and the classes where really challenging and the teachers were amazing. Now almost all the classes are for beginners; or for men who want to strengthen their arms. Another gentrification has taken place obviously.
      The UWS used to be so dynamic! Very sad.

    5. wombatNYC says:

      Love some of the instructors at NYSC – It’s the only reason I stay . I wish they made Hazmat workout gear. The facilities are nasty – pretty much across the board .
      I do wish members would have more courtesy as well. Towels and sweaty gym clothes on the locker floors are NOT COOL !

    6. WS says:

      It’s a really crappy gym, sad to say. Lots of broken or half broken machines, towels and debris scattered everywhere, sinks with busted faucets and soap dispensers, and sometimes music playing so loud I can’t hear my podcast. Why have any music? 90% of us are wearing ear buds.