Openings & Closings: Il Gatto Nero, Cashmere Store, 260 Sample Sale, New York Sports Club

Il Gatto Nero, the restaurant at the corner of 106th and Broadway, closed suddenly this week with a sign on the door blaming the economy. It had just opened a few months ago, replacing Macchina. Thanks to Charlie and Isabelle for the tips.

A pop-up Cashmere Store is opening in the first floor of the former Gracious Home on 68th Street and Broadway from October 18 to December 8.

A sample sale was getting set to launch in the former Barney’s on 75th and Broadway as of earlier this week. It’s being run by 260 Sample Sale, a site that advertises sales in NYC and LA. As of Friday, the one at Barney’s wasn’t listed on the website. Thanks to Naveen for the tip.

New York Sports Club is closing its location at 2162 Broadway at 76th Street on October 31 after 21 years. Thanks to Emilio and @srednass for the tips.

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    1. wombatNYC says:

      The corner of 106th and Broadway is cursed – Pop up shops – The wave of the future

    2. Guy Who Misses Macchina says:

      Il Gatto Nero had a lot of problems; I really don’t think the economy was one of them. Hope some folks who know how to manage a restaurant move in.

      • Tom D. says:

        Lemme echo that. I see the word “economy” and that either means “the rent is too high” or “we didn’t have enough customers”. (Well, okay maybe some combination thereof.) Based on what I noticed walking past Gatto Nero every evening on the way home from work, it was plainly the latter.

        Other comments here — allowing for the usual carping — seem to indicate that, yes, people weren’t eating there.

        Personally, I never went to the place when it was Macchina (sp?) because while i like pizza, I’m not willing to pay for “artisanal pizza”. If GN changed the menu, I didn’t take the time to notice.

    3. Sandy says:

      I ate at Il Gatto Nero for the first time approximately 3 weeks ago. It was terrible and my comment at the time was that it didn’t have a bright future. Sometimes things close for a good reason.

    4. Carlos says:

      What a depressing posting. Two businesses closing and two other previously robust retail locations being filled by temporary tenants.

    5. BW says:

      Il Gatto Nero blaming the economy is just an excuse.

      I went there for the first time on a Fri. night a couple of weeks ago. The place was less than half full. Could not have had worse service. The waitress – 2 of them blamed it on short staffing, but there were only 3 or 4 tables with people.

      The Pizza was at best mediocre and the dessert – 2 sliced strawberries, and a crepe that really wasn’t, rooled up and drizzled with Nutella for $12.00 was just terrible and I should have sent it back.

      With other places close by selling great, if not good Pizza and Pasta and not closing their doors, the economy is not to blame.

      With a new menu and chef, this place could be a winner.

    6. Ethan says:

      my gym noooo

    7. Francesca Turchiano says:

      Oh, West Side Market, please return to great new, affordable space in the rapidly emptying out, over-scaffolded West 70s. Am traveling to your West 97 Street store to avoid declining Fairway, processed foods TJ’s and self-important Citarella.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        your concise descriptions of Fairway, TJ’s and Citarella are beautiful.

      • lynn says:

        I was at the 92nd St. Y last week and went over to check out the West Side Market on 93rd and Lexington. It’s a huge beautiful store that takes up half of the block. Actually, that entire area is looking really good right now. Hard to believe that they can afford the rent there but not on the UWS. So depressing.

        • B.B. says:

          Location formerly was a Pioneer supermarket, who seems to have preferred closing than putting some money into the place, and improving service.

          Far as supermarkets go there isn’t much up in that part of Carnegie Hill. There’s a Gristedes (yuck) several blocks south on Lexington. That is about it unless you want to go over to Second or Third avenues. There is supermarket over on Madison and 88th; but that is a far walk as well.

          Pretty much is a nice captive market/area; especially with the 92nd Street Y right there who besides workers and whatever also offers residential accomodations.

    8. Rob says:

      Il Gato Nero was opened by a few folks associated with the previously failed Maccina. They couldn’t make it work either. It was essentially the same place. They couldnt find a decent chef. The couldnt retain staff. And they had a pedestrian menu. It was almost always empty. Good luck to the next owners. Word of advice – don’t open an Italian pizza-based restaurant.

    9. UWSHebrew says:

      all you have to do is read the reviews on yelp of Il Gatto Nero and you can see their closing had to do with their food, prices and service, not the economy.

    10. Paul Silverstone says:

      Gracious Home was my place to go for all sorts of household items. I miss it; it has not been replaced.

    11. Ego says:

      I don’t know what Francesca Turchiano thinks but Trader Joes is not processed food, it is actually very simple foods with limited ingredients and for the most part organic and cheap. Not the expensive old expired crap they sold at the west side market. This is a new generation looking for better foods and more innovative foods not the same overpriced things at the west side market. Just because trader joes is not your cup of tea or you think you are too high maintenance to shop there doesn’t mean their food is processed. I guarantee you west side market sells more processed junk than TJ. I hope another TJ opens near Harlem or Washington Heights!

      • Mark Moore says:

        I’ve been in Trader Joe’s probably 5 times a week since it opened and the food is really a mixed bag. A lot of the stuff has good simple ingredients but some of the stuff definitely does not. There are things I won’t buy there (like their “premium ice cream” and tzaziki sauce) because it’s filled with guar gum and carrageen and other fillers.

    12. Lisa Kadin says:

      Thanks for the mention, The Cashmere Sale will be opening on Thursday, October 18th at 11am! We are excited to be back on the UWS.

    13. Mark Moore says:

      Something’s happening at the Elizabeth’s spot next to Gabriela’s on 93rd and Columbus. The exterior has been painted black and there are work notices up. Something about a neighborhood bar and burger place, the name of which hasn’t been decided.

    14. Izzy says:

      Can we start a petition to get Westville on the UWS? In the old Gatto Nero space?!

    15. Matt radler says:

      No wonder Il Gato Nero closed. The two times we dined the service was very lax. So was the front desk. Each time had to wait 5 to 10 minutes before someone acknowledged us. Machinna was a great place. Sorry to have seen that one close.