Openings & Closings: Il Gatto Nero, Joe & the Juice, Banana Republic, Surroundings Flowers, Floga, Team 7

Naughty pizza, prosciutto puffs and more are now available on the Upper West Side, as Banana Republic, a flower store and other shops close.

Il Gatto Nero has opened at 2758 Broadway between 105th and 106th Street, replacing Macchina. The Italian spot has a special menu just for pizzas, including the naughty pizza, which is almost too naughty to mention (okay fine, it has ham, mushrooms, artichokes and olives). It even serves dessert pizza, including one with nutella. Here’s the brunch menu, here’s the pizza menu and here’s the main menu.

Joe & the Juice just opened its latest location at 76th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Thanks to Tom for the photo.

Banana Republic is closing its location at 86th and Broadway on March 26, according to a manager there. “The decision to close a store is always a difficult one and we hope our customers will continue to shop with us at a nearby location or online, 24-7 at,” a corporate spokesperson wrote.

Surroundings Flowers on 102nd and Broadway has closed, after less than three years in the space. Thanks to Roger, Jacqueline and Elizabeth for the tips.

Floga on Columbus and 70th Street is closing with a big sale. Thanks to David and Rachel for the tips and photos.

A Sprint store is rumored to be opening at 2150 Broadway at 76th Street, the former home of EMS. Thanks to Sally for the tip.

Team 7, an Austrian wood furniture store, has opened at 2003 Broadway, between 68th and 69th. Check out some of their products on their website.

Signs are up at the Ansonia showing the new Mt. Sinai doctor’s officers on the second floor there are open or about to open. Thanks to Harriet for the tip.

An American Craftsman is closing its location at 294 Columbus Avenue at 74th Street at the end of the month. The longtime crafts store had been at its most recent corner for just a few months.

Salumeria Rosi has opened for breakfast service at 73rd and Amsterdam from  8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, with prosciutto puffs and more.

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    1. Tom says:

      86th and Broadway is where retail goes to die. Now two huge empty spaces.

      • Johnny UWS says:

        Yes and three empty storefronts at the same time. S.E. corner, N.E. corner and possibly at the same time As.W. corner. PC Richards and bank all that’s left.

      • Rachel G says:

        Make that 3 huge spaces since the Club Monaco closed as well. (technically 87 but same block. The only business left on that block of broadway is a …. bank. So depressing.

    2. Allison says:

      I ate at Il Gato a couple of weekends ago. It was really good! Much better than the place that was in there before!

    3. wombatNYC says:

      A Sprint store in the EMS space is depressing. I really enjoyed EMS while it lasted.
      86th to 96th on Broadway is a retail disaster – Sad about BR closing as well

    4. Sid says:

      Does anyone know why the Variazioni on 88th and Broadway continually says it’s going out of business, when it’s not? Is it some scheme for discounts?

      If you look at Google Streetview, every “view” since 2014 has shown the windows saying “Liquidation Sale” or “Closing” or having “for rent” in the window.

      • West88 says:

        That store actually closed after the holidays – finally. I thought the same thing but alas it’s now empty. I think the scaffolding did it in

      • MeInWhySee says:

        I’m so glad someone asked this!!! The Variazioni on 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus is ALSO always going out of business, and has been for the last 5 or so years. It feels a little scammy somehow.

        • Julia says:

          The one at, I think, 101st and Broadway, west side, did close recently after a long period going out of business.

        • Masha says:

          And now they “closing” their entire inventory in the newest location, somewhere in the 70s and Broadway.

    5. Leon says:

      Macchina should have been replaced by a store called Deus, thus being Deus ex Macchina…

    6. Juan says:

      Interesting about Banana Republic closing. Its former location across the street has been empty for ages – that should be a prime piece of real estate.

      The old EMS location seems really big for a Sprint store – it is two stories and a lot of square feet. I’m sure many will complain, but I would rather have that there than the space continue to sit empty, as it has also been empty for a really long time. I miss EMS.

      • Tom D. says:

        Exactly what I thought about the old EMS space. I have to think that if a phone store is going in there, it’s only the ground floor.

    7. West88 says:

      Very sad that the corner of 86 and Broadway will have yet another empty storefront. If memory serves right, that BR was the last tenant in the now years empty storefront before it moved across the street. With Club Monaco closed the entire strip between 86/87 on both side will be empty. What is happening?

      • says:

        Crazy landlords getting to greedy!! If for big retailers lo BR is hard to do business. Imagine for small business owners. Is impossible

      • Sherman says:

        You can blame me.

        I do my Banana Republic shopping online and at an outlet store in Florida.

      • joe says:

        Landlord asking a ton of $$ per square foot, and looking for a 10-year lease. Thats why.

      • Friend says:

        Another high rise?

      • Jess says:

        I work in retail/fashion… Sadly the retail space is changing dramatically. Online shopping, changes in consumer habits and preferences – it’s all adding up to one empty storefront after another. For retailers to survive now – even the big ones – they have to go above and beyond or present something new and different constantly. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 are doing ok – as are many of the super luxury brands. But these middling brands are being pushed out, at least within the women’s clothing world.

        • dannyboy says:


          Please use your “inside information” to explain something: How does the online shopper find the fit and drape of the garment on their body?

      • Carlos says:

        Banana Republic moved across the street into what was a Gap space. They are part of the same corporation. The old Banana Republic space on the east side of the street has been empty for a long time. As far as I know the PC Richard adjacent to it is still open, but your point still is well taken.

        The building on the NW corner is a condo. I believe the building on the NE corner is very high end rental, though I am not sure.

    8. Lin says:

      Too bad American Craftsman is closing.

    9. geoff says:

      the moment American Craftsman place that wonky giraffe—amateurishly welded together from poorly conserved material—for $850(!) outside its door, the secret was out; nothing worthwhile inside either. not at prices higher than a thrift shop, anyway.

      fake art. good riddance.

      • boopsie says:

        Im theory I would like to see more unusual stores like American Craftsman in my neighborhood, but what might of worked in 1975 doesn’t have a prayer in 2018.
        Who told them that opening a high rent store win Columbus Avenue was a good idea? When I saw the Giraffe outside American craftsman I thought “This place won’t last more than a few months”.

    10. Mark Moore says:

      Saw a cash register plugged in at Trader Joe’s on Columbus!

    11. Christine E says:

      An American Craftsman has a sign in the window that says Closing this location after 35 years. Huh?? They only just opened at 74th and Columbus. And their web site makes no mention of closing anywhere.

    12. Chase says:

      american craftsman never stood a chance in that location. wasn’t a fan of their reps inside either. felt mislead on pricing on a couple of occasions.

    13. Christina says:

      I remember when Banana Republic was a safari clothing store! Loved the theme. And loved there catalogues. I still have a couple!

    14. Baited Breath says:

      Would it be possible to get a weekly updated opening status for the Trader Joe’s on Columbus?

      I anticipate that TJ’s opening will euthanize D’Agostino’s, but I would like to see TJ’s sharpen Whole Foods Market’s game.

    15. Benjamin says:

      Good riddens surroundings. You’re flowers were over priced and died after a day.