Silver Stars Fitness: Want To Lose Weight But Need A Coach To Help? Try Our Boomer & Beyond Boot Camp Classes And Coaching Programs


Are you over 50 and have tried to lose weight but have failed to accomplish your goals? If so, you’re certainly not the only one.

Losing weight, or the more politically correct term “fat loss”, is a goal that is quite different from improving balance or strength.

Improving strength and balance is quite simple as opposed to losing weight or more importantly keeping it it off. To improve strength, you need to be consistent with your training program (suggested training twice per week) and gradually increase the weight when it’s no longer a challenge. To improve balance you need to perform various balance exercises and focus on strengthening specific muscles.

But fat loss is a different animal. You need to have the right mindset and be disciplined. Also, when you’re over 50, loss of muscle tissue and hormonal changes make things a bit harder, but certainly not impossible.

Proper nutrition is 80% of the equation. And the right fitness program that includes strength training and cardiovascular exercise should obviously be included to help increase metabolism, hold on to muscle tissue when there is a caloric deficit and maximize calories during and after the session.

One of the reasons why people have such a hard time losing fat is because not only their eating habits could use a make-over, but their strength training and cardio program isn’t very efficient. If you perform the same type of cardio exercise at the same intensity and the same duration, the body will adapt and not burn as many calories as it once did when you first started. If you sit on machines and take long rest periods between sets or do the “wrong” strength exercises, it makes the fat loss process even harder.

At Silver Stars, we design fat loss strength and cardio circuits in our private sessions and our boomer & beyond boot camp classes that are based on research, not fads.

Our program will not only set you on the right path to achieving your goal, but we will also give you nutritional advice and hold you accountable.

Class schedule is as follows:

Monday: 30 minute circuit 6:30pm
Monday: Balance & Fall Prevention @1230
Tuesday: Yoga @1030am
Tuesday: 30 Minute Circuit @12pm
Wednesday: 30 Minute Circuit training 1030am
Thursday: 30 Minute Circuit Training 10:00am
Friday: 30 Minute Circuit training 12:30
Sunday: Yoga @12pm

Silver Stars Fitness main location
850 7th Avenue (West 54/55 st)
PH: 646-573-9724


Boomer & Beyond boot camp will occur at the following times.

Monday 7:30- 8:15/ 12:30pm- 1:15pm

Wednesday 730- 8:15/ 1230pm- 1:15 & 530-6:15 6:30-7-15pm

Thursday 11am -11:45pm/ 630-7:15pm

Saturday 1:15-2:00pm

FIRST SIX CLIENTS WILL GET $20 PER CLASS/$80 per month Boomer & Beyond Boot Camp promotional price.

Silver Stars Fitness is the premiere fitness company that specializes in working with women and men over the age of fifty. We don’t just offer training sessions, we prvide you with a program and accountability that will ultimately accomplish your goal. We offer personal training, small group classes, private Yoga, Tai Chi and massage therapy. Mmebers and clients also receive fit tips, home programs and accountability.

In – home session are also available. Ask us about our cost savings no comittment personal training memberships and our new list of small group classes.

Contact us now to set up your free consultation.

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