‘Roseanne’ Makes a Bus Bench Fake-Cozy

The TV show Roseanne is coming back and the marketing team came up with a fun way to generate buzz — and yes we’re biting by giving them publicity.

In any case this faux-couch is apparently drawing all sorts of gawkers and selfie-takers at the stop at 69th and Columbus. And yes it even has realistic-looking “tears”.

Thanks to Amy for the photo.

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    1. Jean says:

      What is it made out of?

    2. PedestrianJustice says:

      Very clever.
      Take note, advertising honchos: Providing something nice to the public is good business.

    3. jezbel says:

      I wouldn’t watch this reboot if they paid me big money.

    4. Suzanne Davis says:

      Do you know about this? Sounds cool, but….xxx, sd

    5. Jay says:

      I will not be watching the Trumpian Roseanne reboot but this was well-played 🙂

    6. Lorene Farnsworth says:

      You don’t use quotation marks around the word ‘tears’, unless you’re pointing out the mistake.

    7. poortomarnold says:

      The show was unwatchable 25 years ago…

    8. Karen says:

      Full “Roseanne” living room on the Times Square-GCT shuttle. It’s very cute – with afghan and thread-bare sofa benches, homey family portraits on the walls, and roaring “fireplace” at the end of the last/fist car!

    9. Chase says:

      viral marketing at its finest

    10. Nelson says:

      One of my all time favorite sitcoms. Can’t wait to see the cast reassembled.

    11. Amy says:

      It’s made of printed plastic. No fabric but very realistic-looking “worn upholstery” with “tears.” (Proper use of quotation marks.)

    12. Amy S says:

      It’s made of printed plastic. No fabric but very realistic-looking “worn upholstery” with “tears.” (Proper use of quotation marks.)

      • dannyboy says:

        Can one of you “Amy’s” put your Comment as a Reply to Thread #1:Jean says:
        March 14, 2018 at 2:54 pm
        What is it made out of?

        Makes for Discussion that way. Thanks

    13. Wendy says:

      How I like some ‘granny squares” crochet designs. Would like yarn ; made in U.S.A., or, from Canada. Been impressed with some person[s] charity knit/or, crochet for : penguins; homeless [citizens ?]; prayer shawls [Christian]; short jackets for nursing homes; preemies; a throw for those recline-a-seats….; Norwegian caps [a chap’s book]; &, some of Denmark’s designs for knitting. Whew, 3rd Snowmageddon/Nor’Easter/Norbeasters : over. n.b. Samoyed dogs : yarn of…

    14. UWSHebrew says:

      Thank you Roseanne for being such a staunch supporter of President Trump, and using your platform as a celebrity to point out the serious flaws the Democrats have presently and the “Messiah” President we had 2008-2016 who was truly awful both domestically and for foreign policy. Welcome back to TV.

    15. Amalia says:

      There is no room for bigotry and hatred on the UWS. They need to take that couch to the East side or down South where is belongs.

    16. dannyboy says:

      Not much of a Rosanne fan (in real life or teevee life), but

      Happy St Patrick’s everyone!