Morning Bulletin: Oyster Project’s Big Goal, Apartment Fire, Rare Duck Spotted, Swastika Arrest

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine’s Blessing of the Animals. Photo by Heidi Stubner.

October 15, 2018 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 67 degrees.

A “Millennials vs. Gen X” comedy show and more local events are on our calendar.

The Stephen Wise Synagogue will hold a concert on Oct. 28 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

There’s a domestic violence awareness event this Thursday hosted by the 24th precinct.

Students at the West End Secondary school on the UWS spearheaded the “Billion Oyster Project” to get restaurants to recycle oyster shells to be used for bulking up the city’s eroded harbor. Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal is trying to pass a bill to get tax credits for those restaurants. Crave Fishbar (428 Amsterdam) is one of the restaurants participating. “Rosenthal hopes to be able to get the bill passed within a year. ‘It conforms with the state’s interest in shoreline protection and shellfish reintroduction, it helps the local restaurant community and involves kids, so I am optimistic,’ she says.”

Five people suffered minor injuries in an apartment fire at 830 Columbus Avenue.

A rare Mandarin Duck was spotted in Central Park. No one quite knows how it got there, but it may have escaped from the zoo. “The colorful duck that is native to East Asia was a rare sighting for New Yorkers at the park Wednesday. Bird photographer Gus Keri spotted the gorgeous species near The Pond close to Hallett Nature Sanctuary and quickly recorded a close-up video of the bird.”

An arrest was made after a swastika was found on 104th and Broadway. We’re seeking more information on this:

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    1. Martha Weissberg says:

      I really do not understand who these people are who do these shameful things. I am thinking they do not know what their actions signify. This is my neighborhood, and I find it shocking. Am I entirely naive or is it just adolescent misbehavior? It does need to be stopped, but I bet a few hours with these kids, and I’m fairly sure they’re kids, would help them understand what their actions mean.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      thank you NYPD for the swastika arrest. can you release the suspect’s name please? I want to see what this creature looks like.

    3. Chrigid says:

      I get kinda pissed that commerce needs money incentives to do the right thing. What do you do when the kids want to be paid for spearheading the oyster thing?

    4. Jean says:

      Let them watch a video about the Holocaust. Mandatory.
      There are still Holocaust survivors on the UWS.
      I know first hand, seeing these folks who lived through this horrible time. I remember seeing them working in stores up and down Broadway back in the 1960s and beyond.
      My dad served in WW2, and he told me stories…

    5. Dissident says:

      Regarding the swastika matter, I present a comment I had posted back in May, to the story entitled Graffiti Outside Local Playground Says ‘Kill Jews’

      Below are selected excerpts to which I have made only slight modifications and additions. My full post can be read in its entirety at

      I know that there has been a sharp rise in the number of reports — more often than not highly sensationalized and nakedly politicized– of incidents labeled as “hate crimes”. The fact is, however, that many, if not most, of these have turned-out to have been hoaxes or at least very different from what they were presented as being. (Specifically, in ways that do not support the narrative being promoted. I.e., of implicating President Trump, his supporters, and even (non-cosmopolitan, non-trendy) white people in general of an alleged increase in so-called hate crimes against Jews, blacks, Muslims, women and other sacralized, designated-victim groups.)

      […]unjustly maligns and foments ill will toward white gentiles (particularly conservative and non-cosmopolitan ones), while breeding resentment and animosity toward Jews and other minorities. To say nothing of the other danger that sounding such false alarms creates for us: the same one that falsely crying “Wolf!” created for that foolish lad whose tragic fate was immortalized by Aesop.