Tweet of the Day: The Upper West Side Isn’t ‘Feeling the Bern’ Anymore?

Former New York Times columnist Clyde Haberman was at an Upper West Side comedy club last night, and noted the lack of enthusiasm for a certain Vermont Senator:

The tweet was met with some anger, with one tweeter calling Haberman a “fancy Upper West Side gentleman.” That used to be a compliment!

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    1. Rob G. says:

      The UWS may lean left, but it doesn’t mean we’re Socialists. Sorry, Bernie, go find another party to hijack. See ya!

    2. Pedestrian says:

      Don’t bet on it. Bernie is the real deal. He has mass appeal and he’s proved his fidelity to progressive policy while others are busy flogging books and meeting with corporate donors.

    3. Woolworth4Ever says:

      The only thing more odd than Clyde’s tweet is a WSR post solely about it.

    4. ann bluestein says:

      just a reminder that the UWS did NOT go for Sanders in the primary, which really shocked me. Made me want to move.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        not everyone on the UWS would support a socialist who actively wrote letters during the 1980’s to Cuba and met the mayor of Havana. Communist lovers (which is what many Socialists actually are), are anti-American. I would choose anyone (even Hillary, which for me, is saying a lot), over Bernie.

    5. Sid says:

      Wow! What a sample size!

    6. SU says:

      If I wanted to live under a socialist regime, I’d move to Venezuela. Why doesn’t Bernie do that? And take the dim witted Ocasio with him.

    7. UWSSurfer says:

      Bernie 2020!

      It was the people who work on Wall St who pushed Hillary. Most of the rest of us voted for Bernie and will do so in 2020.

    8. Not sure what depth of political analysis one can glean from a comedy club…
      Plenty of democratic socialists still on the Upper West Side.
      Proud to be one of them!

    9. Chirpy says:

      Miss Maisel’s dad was definitely NOT a Bernie fan

    10. Jean says:

      Vermont and Manhattan are two different animals.

    11. ZoomZ says:

      Bernie old dude that you are:
      Get Ocassio-Cortez out of your crowd and maybe you’ll get more support.
      She’s poison to many left/center leaning friends.
      If she’s really the face of the new left, than Orange Head is sure to get re-elected.

    12. ScooterStan says:

      Sadly, one thing at which Democrats seem to excel is dickering, in-fighting, and shooting themselves in the foot.

      REALITY-CHECK: “Bernie” may be super-popular in liberal zip-codes, but in others he smells like two-week-old fish. And should he run, Trump’s vicious mouth will destroy him.

      BUT, if past-proves-prologue, in 2020 the “morally-correct” ultra-Librul crowd WILL run him, or Warren, or even Ocasio-Cortez as a 3rd-party choice….just to-do-the-right-thing, and thus easily handing the election to U-know-who.

      Precedent for 3rd-party-upsetters:
      1. 1992 election –Ross Perot’s runs as a 3rd-party different-sort-of-Republican, siphoning votes from President George H. W. Bush and allowing victory for Clinton-Gore.

      Okay, that gave us Bubba Bill. But in 2020, whomever the Dems nominate, (s)he is going to need EVERY Democratic vote to beat U-know-who, and any left-leaning 3rd-party candidate will just give us 4 more years of The Orange Monster.

      Ahhh…can picture fingers flying over keyboards in response. Bring it on!

    13. Lauren says:

      Hmm…must have been a crowd that can do basic math.

    14. Bob Lamm says:

      This is utterly bizarre. OK, so Mr. Haberman was at a comedy review on the Upper West Side and the audience wasn’t enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders. What should we conclude from that? We don’t know what proportion of that audience actually LIVES in the Upper West Side. We don’t know what proportion were from any particular generation. We don’t know what proportion were women. (I find the comedy club scene very male and very sexist.) We don’t know what proportion were Republicans. So I find Mr. Haberman’s observation meaningless.

    15. West70th says:

      Bernie preaches about climate change then flies private lol

    16. Karen L Bruno says:


    17. debcoop says:

      In the 2016 presidential primary, the UWS supported Hillary Clinton over Sanders by margins of 2-3 to 1. Manhattan supported her over him by large margins. Brooklyn also supported Hillary Clinton over Sanders as well. NYC in general voted for her over him by a large margin.

      Upstate NY was where Sanders found support.

    18. david says:

      A lot of people woke.

    19. B flat says:

      Well Haberman certainly doesn’t speak for me.

    20. Kay McFadden says:

      The thin applause might have had less to do with support for Bernie Sanders than with an audience alert to pandering by some comedian.

    21. Denton says:

      too old and too cranky.

    22. Old Judge says:

      Bernie was popular mainly because he offered a refreshing alternative to Hillary Clinton who was — and is — rather synthetic and off-putting. Famously, it has been said Hillary was the only Republican who could lose to Trump and Trump was the only Republican who could beat Hillary.

    23. sludgehound says:

      Maybe Dems could throw a Bernie Warren pity ticket that would preserve Cuomo Someone for 2024.

    24. PaulCons says:

      We never saw any complete tax returns from Bernie…

    25. Davie says:

      Actually, it was me. Yep. I’m the guy you’re looking for. Me. Why? Well, I was the only person who lives on The UWS who voted for Bernie Sanders in The Primary Election of 2016. Yep, that was me. Longtime registered Democrat. I’m also the one person who never ever votes for Jerry Nadler. I always vote for the person running against Jerry. Every time. Why? Because you take my vote for granted. You just assume that I will vote just like you do. But, sorry I never do. I’m your neighbor. But I’m different.