Morning Bulletin: Fundraiser Update, Rentals Switch to Condos, New Playground, Shrinking Duane Reade

Photo by Joenna Sayler.

November 19, 2018 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 51 degrees.

A film screening with Jesse Eisenberg at the JCC and more local events are on our calendar.

A question from one reader to all readers: where is the best place to recycle plastic bags now that Lowes has closed?

Scientists would like your help: “Researchers at Columbia University and Barnard College are looking for people in the Upper West Side who are interested in a free soil-lead test. In the past they have worked in Northern Brooklyn, which has a long industrial history and elevated blood lead levels in children. They are now looking to collect soil samples in backyards from the Upper West Side to better understand what soil lead concentrations are in other parts of the city with low blood lead levels in children. Sampling will be scheduled through November and early December (weather permitting), with additional times in 2019. They will provide each person with the soil test results for lead for the samples. All data will be kept confidential. If you are interested, more information and an online sign-up can be found at As well, specific questions may be sent to”

The fundraiser for a local woman who was brutally attacked on July 4 had raised over $22,524 as of Monday morning, about $17,000 more than when we first posted about it one week ago. Upper West Siders have been extremely generous. The goal is $65,000.

AvalonBay will sell condos instead of rentals at its new development on Broadway and 61st Street (that’s getting a Target.). “Prices will start at $1 million for studios and going up to $6 million for four-bedroom units. According to Fisher, 83 percent of the building is priced under $5 million.”

The newly renovated Billy Johnson playground just opened on the east side of Central Park near 67th Street.

Duane Reade will be shrinking its Manhattan footprint, and opening smaller stores instead. “One source familiar with the business said that the new locations will be in the ballpark of 6,000 to 8,000 square feet rather than the typical Duane Reade lease of 10,000 to 15,000 square feet.”

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    1. Nora B says:

      Barnes and Noble on Broadway between 82/83 has a bin for plastic bags.

    2. sherry says:

      Staples has a plastic bag collection box.

    3. Cato says:

      “Prices will start at $1 million for studios and going up to $6 million for four-bedroom units.”

      A million dollars for a studio apartment. What has become of this neighborhood?

      • Jen says:

        Or any neighborhood for this matter. Bankers rule! Of course some would say it is strictly supply and demand rule. Yep, that’s why 3rd world lives either in shanty towns or mansions. We are going this way as well.

      • Revvvv says:

        Here is what has happened to the neighborhood: it has attracted a lot of highly paid, highly educated successful people.

    4. Rob Kudyba says:

      Most Duane Reade’s have a plastic bag recycling bin near the entrance. At least the one’s near me on 94th & Amsterdam and 94th & Columbus do…

    5. David says:

      Duane Reade – “Let’s open smaller stores where the average shopper will continue to overpay for an item because there are no real supermarkets in the neighborhood”.

    6. Billy’s Bakery says:

      Visit our new Upper West Side store on Wednesday, November 21!

      Our newest Billy’s Bakery will open for a Pop-Up Pie Shop
      at 410 Columbus Avenue on Wednesday from 12-6PM (or until supplies run out).

      Stop by, say hello, and pick up some of your Thanksgiving favorites:
      – Apple Crumb Pie
      – Bourbon Pecan Pie
      – Pumpkin Cupcakes
      – Holiday Sugar Cookies
      …and more!

    7. Plastic Free says:

      I recycle my plastic bags at Staples!

    8. HHH says:

      Best Buy on Broadway & 62nd takes plastic bags.

    9. Mark says:

      Fairway takes plastic bags. Drop them off at the customer service counter on the second level, where the organic checkout is.

    10. angieuws says:

      there is a plastic bags recycling bin at Gristedes on Columbus @84

    11. B.B. says:

      So many of the current large DR stores have “shrunk” already in terms of using interior square footage.

      If you stand outside and look in at how the aisles/shelves are arranged you’ll notice many stores just aren’t that full of merchandise. Much like moving furniture around a large apartment to make a room seem more full of furniture than it really is otherwise.

    12. Sue says:

      You can recycle plastic bags at Staples and Barnes and Noble

    13. Gretchen says:

      RiteAid on Amsterdam & 69th has a bag recycling bin in the entryway.

    14. wombatNYC says:

      I’d love to follow the journey of a plastic bag. I’m going to guess that these so called ” Plastic Bag Recycling Centers ” end up in the regular garbage . No chance a DR/BB or Staples sees this process through.

      • Mark says:

        This is a common belief, but it is fake news unless you have evidence.

        Film plastic is not something we will soon do without. Maybe you never use plastic bags from the store, but what about dry cleaning bags? Plastic overwrap on the things you buy? Plastic air cushions from your online shopping? Do you throw them away? If so, your sole focus on plastic bags is hypocritical.

        New York state has laws that require retailers to track their plastic film recycling, not just provide bins. Of course it’s possible some aren’t doing their duty, but my position is, I’m not aware of evidence (instead of cynical suspicion) that recycling isn’t happening, so for me that’s not an excuse not to do it.

    15. NYYgirl says:

      At the Gristedes at 103rd & Bway, just inside the first door, there is a place to put the plastic bags.

    16. B.B. says:

      Avalon Bay going condos instead of rentals is interesting. Guess developers see a chance to make their money at once rather than the long haul of being a landlord.

      Close to Lincoln Center and theatre/performing arts district building should sell well if units are priced right.

    17. UpperBestSide says:

      Whole Foods also recycles “stretched plastic”. So, not only your plastic bags, but plastic wrapping of any sort.

    18. Howard Wigg says:

      rather than recycle then don’t use them in the first place.

    19. michael stearns says:

      The Gristede’s at 103rd and Broadway has a garage can at the entrance for receiving recyclable plastic bags.

    20. Wendy says:

      Duane Reade collects plastic bags. You’ll have to ask the clerks where the bins are located. N.B. all stores that give out plastic bags to shoppers making purchases are supposed to provide a recycling bin for those bags.

    21. Julia says:

      When we can, we get paper. We re-use any plastic bags in our kitchen and bathroom garbage, places where using paper creates a mess. Otherwise we’d be buying new plastic bags.

    22. Mark says:

      My above comment notwithstanding, not all plastic films can be recylced. has the scoop.

      I’m not against reducing plastic bag use. I just think the focus should be expanded to all plastic film products, and being pragmatic instead of reactionary about it.