Maps: Macy’s 2018 Balloon Inflation and Thanksgiving Parade Route, and Street Closures

Photo by Scott Lynch.

The Upper West Side is the center of the Thanksgiving universe starting on Wednesday afternoon.

The balloon inflation party long ago ceased to be a sweet neighborhood affair and became a major destimation event. This year, you’ll have to enter on 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue. Pro tip: make sure the kids pee in advance, it can be tough to find a bathroom on the route!

One other pro tip: PS 334 holds its fall carnival starting at 4 on Wednesday across the street from the inflation on Columbus between 76th and 77th Street. “Oh, and there will be hot chocolate to warm everyone up!” a parent tells us.

On Thursday, the parade itself starts at 9 a.m. at 77th and CPW but people line up (on the building side of CPW) well in advance. The route is below:

These are the streets that will be closed:

Manhattan: At the discretion of NYPD


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    1. Carol says:

      74th street is completely clear of parking starting today.

      Last year it was closed Weds & Thurs. Are you sure it’s 73rd and not 74th for the inflation and closed for the parade?

    2. m.pipik says:

      Why, why, why? Don’t the residents of the area get a voice on this expansion of balloon expansion? This is a major imposition on the entire UWS.

      • Sean says:

        Party pooper?

      • Leon says:

        You are probably the same person who complains about empty store fronts. Guess how the stores around here stay in business? I agree that this has gotten a bit out of control but I really wish this was my worst problem in life.

      • Bill says:

        Blame cable news. This used to be a low-key, friendly neighborhood event until it got national publicity.

    3. Darwin says:

      Watching the balloons be inflated USED TO BE fun. Now it’s just another NYPD-curated nightmare . . .

    4. mcvb says:

      For all of the comments that the parade “used to be nicer”, I would bet that the same thing could be said of you. And also you probably used to be more thankful for what you have too. Children whose faces are filled with wonder as they look up at the balloons know nothing of your What Used to Be!

    5. K Mulock says:

      It’s all a giant free commercial for Macy’s

    6. Adam Idris says:

      The new route was highly diruptive to all of the tenants living in small brownstoans on west 73rd street, who ever came up with this idea needs to be fired. The noise from the sirens and police on bullhorns all day was worse tjen the spectators. This needs to be resloved before next year.