Videos: New Spooky-Amazing Light Show Over the Hudson River Starts Wednesday Night

Yes, that’s a horse’s head.

A very unique show called “Tear of the Cloud” opens tonight. The show by experimental artist Tony Oursler uses projected light cast against the Hudson River and the old Transfer Bridge at 69th Street in Riverside Park. Dr. Seth Gopin sent in the photo above and two clips below of the show, which runs from October 10 to October 31 every night except Mondays.

It starts at 7 p.m. each night and it’s free! We first covered it here. Learn more from the Public Art Fund here.

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    1. Sherman says:

      I went running last night on the Hudson and saw this. It was really cool!

    2. Harris says:

      Anyone know how long a run through of all the clips last? 1-1.5 hours?

    3. Leslie says:

      Where is the best place for viewing?

      • Matt McClanahan says:

        At pier i. Come in at 68st and riverside blvd and you will see everything, or ed bbn get at 72nd and make your way to the river, then head south along bike path

    4. Zee says:

      Went there tonight and I found it kind of disjointed, confusing and without any explanation. I really thought it was an ingenious idea, clearly a new concept but for me it fell short of it being interesting. My favorite was the Marilyn Monroe look-alike figure in the water swimming around, very nice! The best place to watch is at the Pier and by the benches after the cafe. The show seemed to repeat after about an hour. Go see it, I’d love to see other views and opinions.

    5. Zee says:

      Went tonight

    6. Jeff Gardner says:

      Is that the same Dr. Seth Gopin who was a professor/dean at Rutgers in the 1990s? If so, I’m glad to hear he is still around and enjoying the arts – I remember him very fondly from my days on the banks.

    7. Allen says:

      Nothing is “very unique”. Something is unique or it is not.

      • dannyboy says:

        Your comment reminded me of something commonly said years ago…

        “Unique New York”

        Haven’t heard that phrase in some time.