Openings & Closings: Oath Pizza, Birdbath Bakery, Nexa, Turkuaz

Oath Pizza has begun a soft open at its new location at 2169 Broadway between 76th and 77th Street. The shop serves 11-inch pizzas and you can buy a whole or a half. For its grand opening on Thursday, the shop will sell a whole pizza ($11) for the price of a half ($7), an employee told us. And they’ll have tote bags and other goodies. What’s more, there’s actual produce growing inside the restaurant, the CEO said on LinkedIn. “Thanks to a partnership with our friends Jean-Paul Kyrillos and Andrew Shearer at Farmshelf we’re able to continue pushing the boundaries of serving our guests the freshest food possible, by farming inside our restaurant.” Checkout the menu here. Thanks to Flash for the photos.

Birdbath Bakery on Columbus near 73rd Street closed suddenly on Monday, with a note on the door telling people to visit the downtown location. “Someone mentioned they were open as late as yesterday. I was in there in the past 3-4 days and there was no evidence of their imminent departure,” Laura wrote. “Truly sad about this.” Others were less surprised. “There are only so many customers for $5 cookies,” wrote Paul. Birdbath’s location on 85th Street also closed this year. Thanks to Geoff, Paul and Laura for tips and photos.

Nexa, a pilates and fitness studio, is opening on Columbus and 82nd, the former home of Robert Stuart Salon. Thanks to Lisa and Kate for photos.

Turkuaz Restaurant, located for years on the Upper West Side, moved to 255 W 55th Street last year. It is now opening a second location at 310 West 53rd Street, with a private room for events.

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    1. UWS-er says:

      The Birdbath that closed is the one on 72nd and Columbus, right? There’s still one on Bway and 80th/81st.

    2. BillyNYC says:

      Birdbath Bakery is no big lost.. everyone is waiting for Billy’s Bakety that will be opening up at West 80th St. on Columbus Avenue is a icon spectacular Chelsea bakery branch to open sometime in October.

    3. EricaC says:

      I did like the raspberry bran muffins at Bird Bath. Wish I could get the recipe ….

      • Jenna says:

        Raspberry bran muffins were the best! Let me know if you find the recipe!

        • Noma says:

          Totally, i actually just stopped by there yesterday to pick up one of their raspberry bran muffins to find out they had suddenly closed. Bummed about this, their salads were great too.

    4. UWS Neighbor says:

      Truly sad. The Broadway location does not have the same friendly neighborhood feel as the Amsterdam and Columbus locations did. I hope it steps up now that the other locations are gone. The pastries and savory offerings are all yummy and add to the variety of options for fresh, tasty food on the UWS. The raspberry and vegan muffins are delicious, are the croissants, open faced sandwiches and salads. A great place for a light meal or coffee break – and we need more of those!

    5. young man! says:

      Walked by Oath one day last week. They must have been testing their ovens/recipes and had their door ajar. Smelled great.

    6. Joe says:

      I really miss Turkuaz up where I live. I used to eat there and order in from there regularly, and now they’re too far away for delivery. I’m glad to know they’re thriving in their new location, maybe they can open a new spot farther up again some day.