Five Life Skills Tennis Teaches Your Child


Kids’ Tennis Class

With all the excitement that the US Open brings this time of year, it’s not surprising to have the game of tennis on your mind as both a New Yorker and a parent. Tennis is a great sport to start at any age, but is truly the best to learn when you are young. With so many after school activities it may be hard to choose the sport that’s the right fit for your child. Here are a few of the key life skills tennis teaches children:

1. Self-confidence: The sport teaches kids to trust their own instincts, plan ahead, and anticipate instincts and behaviors.

2. Accepting Responsibility: Tennis requires commitment, practice, and skill-building if kids strive to become the best version of a player.

3. Problem-Solving: Strategy and dealing with adversity is key to the game. Learning to reassess a situation or look at it differently is key to the game and life.

4. Sportsmanship: Your child is going to win and lose, and in either case, friendly competition can teach them to improve their own game. Tennis is not about winning or losing; it’s about what you learn from each match and how you play the game.

5. Improved Mental Strength: Participants learn how to compete at different angles of the court using applications of geometry and physics, a skill they will carry into the classroom and beyond

The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan offers tennis classes in our indoor gymnasium for ages 3-9. Small group instruction and practice drills allow children to receive more attention and sharpen their skills under the supervision of the JCC’s best coaching staff. Register now for fall classes.

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