Openings & Closings: T&R Pizza, Tea Magic, Malia Mills, Bluebird London

T&R Pizza on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th Street is back open, more than a year after closing because of a gas-line problem in the building. T&R was one of four restaurants that closed because of the issue and was the only one that hadn’t reopened as of three months later. Several tipsters were pumped that the shop was finally open again. So go in there and get a slice and say welcome back! Thanks to Kevin, Bob, Brian, Guy, Chris, Marc and Eric for tips.

Tea Magic is opening in place of Cafe Bee at 239 West 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue. Tea Magic has another location in Morningside Heights at Broadway and 112th Street. that serves lots of food, including steamed buns and dumplings. Protein shakes too. Here’s the menu. Photo by Joy, and thanks to Melissa and Brett for tips.

Malia Mills, the swimsuit store on 70th Street and Columbus, has closed with a promise to “open in a new space,” according to a sign written on the window. The location of that new space isn’t clear right now. There’s another Malia Mills shop on Lexington and 73rd Street. Thanks to Elke for the tip.

Bluebird London is opening on Sept. 14 at 10 Columbus Circle at 58th Street. The menu is here. Twenty-five clams for fish n’ chips!?

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    1. Adam says:

      I like how T&R kept the “temporarily closed due to gas leak” sign on the window for the past 3 years. LOL. Do you know if it’s the same or new owners?

      • Brian says:

        I think it’s new. When I went in there the guys were wearing shirts for Bardolino Pizza, which seems to be a place on the east side:

      • BillyNYC says:

        It’s the same owners they’ve had a lot of hiccups with the City Of New York of re-opening after the gas main leak in the building not due to their fault or errors it was due to the City Of New York‘s buildings department. It was not the restaurants fault that they were not corrected to the new standards of the city New York buildings codes. T&R Pizza has always been a cult pizza store for the younger generation millenniums for that late night snack. We’re glad you’re back.

    2. Tom says:

      “The new Bluebird will span over 10,000 sq. ft. on the third floor and feature breathtaking views of Central Park and the City. Bluebird Chelsea is a London landmark on King’s Road renowned for its modern European with quintessential classic British dishes.”

      • David says:

        1) 58th Street is barely the Upper West Side

        2) Nineteen dollars and up for eggs? Fifty-five dollars for steak? Would we be paying for airfare to have each meal flown here from the UK?

        I’ll stay home and cook.

    3. Juan says:

      Great news about T&R. One of the best places to get a slice in the neighborhood. Really good real NY pizza.

    4. Wendy says:

      Are there, similar to Food Stamps, in London, England ? hake, haddock for Bluebird London ? It ain’t a caff ? Shall their workers speak Received English language ? What of th’overfishing of Cod ? Shall B.L. give leftovers to a certain local soup kitchen ? What would Heston….; &, Nigella L., &, jaimie Oliver think ? I suffer in 4 slums.

    5. UWS_lifer says:

      T&R has been a staple of the neighborhood for decades. So glad to have them back.

      Now is a great chance for everyone to head over there and support a local, small business….and get some really good grub!:)

    6. Nj says:

      I went in and said hello to our familiar faces at T&R. So happy to have them back! Some faces still the same for 15 years!